Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Yvonne, Princess of Camelot II


The Black Dragon Society bomb claimed responsibility for the bombing but questions still remained and dark rumors spread. There was no body, the explosion was small, the holovid cameras had cut out frames before the explosion completed. There were too many unknowns but nevertheless Duke Sandoval swore swift and terrible retribution for the attack. Yvonne had sent both Tancred and Nikolai out to make sure he didn’t do anything rash but it left her with few even unreliable allies on New Avalon.

Yvonne was grateful that her sister had sent Nikolai as a seed for her own personal network. In the few years she had worked with him they managed to build a network of “fellow travelers” and engaged in an influence operation to rally the slumbering Warrior Cabals in the Outback. Those idiot noblemen gladly martyred themselves to make Marshal Bishop Sortek look like a bastard.

It was a double win, he looked like every bit a warmonger but still dealt with a possible future problem especially since Battlemech production had increased dramatically over the past thirty years. After all it was the Davion Brigade of Guards (currently commanded by Bishop) that killed the Cabals the last time they made themselves known nearly a hundred years and four First Princes ago.

20:17 Princess-Regent’s Office

Yvonne was watching the rising moon after a long day of work, to many things needed to be done and even though she had once been a heavy sleeper there was scant time for sleeping in. She normally would have retired to her apartments by now but taken to long a lunch break. While the Ministries, whose lights were rarely off, were responsible for all the day to day she still needed to provide guidance to them. A loud knock on the door broke her out of her concentration, no one should be here right now.

“Who is it?”

The very large door opened to reveal Prince’s Champion Marshal Sortek in his Garrison Uniform followed by a squad of infantry.

_“What is the meaning of this Marshal Sortek?”
“Princess, I would apologize but I believe it is the right thing to do. Yvonne Melissa Steiner-Davion, you are under arrest for conspiring with Enemies of the State. If you go quietly, we will allow you to remain in Castle Davion under guard, for your own protection of course.”

“What! How dare you?” Yvonne stood up from her chair,_ “I am the Princess-Regent of the Federated Commonwealth a title I did not seek but was given to me, one that I would be eager to shed in fact, and you are supposed to be my Champion.”

“I am not your Champion Princess, I would have been your brother Arthur’s but I am Victor’s Champion and a Champion for the people of the Federated Suns. As such I believe you are far too close to the usurper Katherine Steiner and have been compromised by her malevolence.”

“What proof do you have of my sister’s supposed malevolence? The Lyran Alliance is prosperous and strong while the Federated Suns wastes its strength on War while the Outback starves. It would be lucky to have her as a Ruler, I am lucky to have her as a sister. You may cover your actions with alleged justice but this is nothing more than a coup.”

“Very well Princess, off to the New Hebrides for you then”

“It shall be a short vacation then. This will not end well for you Marshal Sortek”

“Lieutenant help the prisoner pack, she won’t be back in Castle Davion for a long time”_

12/12/3062 04:39 27km NNW of Villa Azur, New Hebrides

Yvonne Steiner-Davion had spent the past two days on the Rapier NASDF Bonaparte, fitting considering she was currently en route to her own exile. Officially her absence was the result of the “protective measures” put in place to ensure that she was safe. Bishop Sortek may be a fool but he didn’t have proof for his accusations or he would have made them public. He just wanted to rule like Victor had let him before he made her Regent.

With Arthur now gone and her allies away attempting to prevent the Draconis March from starting a war there was never a better time for a coup. She only wondered what he told Jackson or how long he would keep her in exile until she committed “suicide”, grief-stricken at the loss of her brothers and estrangement from her beloved sister. He may be a bloody bastard but she didn’t think he was that bloodthirsty. Regardless she was going to have to do something, Katherine would come but she needed to make sure it was sooner rather than later.

Her quarters were spartan, formerly those of the third officer mainly because that was the smallest independent room there was. They hadn’t handcuffed her during this journey the door was locked and guarded by a squad of unarmed but highly trained 2nd Necedah Jump Infantry. She couldn’t overpower them having received only the barest of martial skills training. Supposedly the ship was traveling in radio silence so she couldn’t make contact with Jackson or any of her friends even if she did somehow sneak out, no she would have to wait for the right opportunity.

12/17/3062 Location – Skye, Lyran Alliance

Archon Katherine Steiner landed at the Inverness Military Starport in the Claymore LAS Blue Molly 7, the assault dropship was a pleasant change of pace from her Monarch. It was sleek and deadly something she was increasingly trying to become and make her LAAF forces into.

She was on Skye because something was going on in the Draconis Combine but the Coordinator refused to speak of it. Expecting trouble she posted the Ygg and her escorts to Port Moseby, capable of responding to a situation within two weeks. Even the LIC lacked answers, the Combine was a difficult place to operate and while her intelligence service could best anyone given time the ISF and O5P were equally capable when they worked together.

Being on Skye also put her closer to New Avalon, while her sister insisted she was all right after the death of their brother Arthur she hadn’t spoken to her in more than a week despite sending many messages. Normally Yvonne would respond within a day or two, something was wrong she just didn’t know what. To that end she sent messages to Jackson Davion, as well as Ardan and Bishop Sortek, they could not deny that she speak to her sister even if it was through proper diplomatic channels.

Returning to the Villa where she was staying she checked her inbound messages on the house’s console. Jackson replied that her sister was fine just under protective measures for her safety. Ardan had not seen her of late but sent his condolences for the loss of Arthur.

Bishop on the other hand said that Yvonne refused to speak with her. Suddenly her pattern recognition kicked in, the secret to keeping an operation undercover is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Yvonne would never refuse to speak with her and with Bishop Sortek as Prince’s Champion he was the second in charge of the Federated Commonwealth. That meant that he had done something to her.

She sent a message to her General of the Armies Maria Esteban on Tharkad

“Green Light FALSE DAWN”


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