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Yvonne, Princess of Camelot

12/06/3062 04:19 Location – Castle Davion, New Avalon

Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion was sleeping, she had long moved into the First Prince’s apartments although she never used Hanse’s Office, to many bad memories. She was however eager to move out she needed a change of scenery, maybe somewhere in the nicer planets of the Outback far away from all the responsibilities thrust upon her.

When her brother Arthur completed his five years of service in the AFFC he would be First Prince and she could do something different, she just wasn’t sure what that was yet. She was scared for his safety when she heard about the DCMS incursion but was relieved when Arthur told her he was unharmed. Yvonne had tried to talk him into taking an assignment on New Avalon or Argyle or somewhere safer but he was adamant about staying in the Draconis March.

Yvonne was roused by one of the castle staff, who respectfully stayed out of her room though yelled into it. “Princess something terrible has happened that requires your immediate attention.” Yvonne got up dressed quickly, if it was something terrible that required her personal attention rather than Bishop’s it was bad and she was dreading it. “What happened?”

“I’m sorry Princess, this just came in from Robinson.” Turin pressed a data chip into her holo-viewer

{Prince Arthur Steiner-Davion stands addressing the people of Robinson concerning the threats posed against them and speaking of what kind of First Prince he will be next year. A small explosion engulfs the stage as the camera cuts out.}

_“What! no, not Arthur, Why?”

“I’m so sorry for your loss Princess.”_

12/8/3062 Location – Castle Davion

Yvonne had taken a few days to deal with the loss of her brother, she still couldn’t believe he was gone, was still expecting a message from him in his goofy voice like old times. It unfortunately got easier but she wanted it to feel worse. Arthur and her were so close but she had already been to so many funerals with Steiner or Davion on the tombstone. Yvonne didn’t even have a body to bury, at least Katherine had Victor’s corpse to lay to rest, all she had was memories. She had already attended the state funeral at the Cathedral of New Avalon, her brother’s death flag now was encased in the Princess-Regent’s quarters.

Katherine had offered to come but Yvonne turned her away for now. She was the Princess-Regent for real now, there was no one else, and that actually made her feel worse than the loss of her brother. Despite all the help her sister had given her she was going to have to find a way to deal with it herself.

Intelligence Secretariat Tancred Sandoval walked into the Office of the Princess-Regent, it had once been her room as a girl but now was a fully furnished office, mostly with leftovers and painted a pale green but it still had a great view of the sunrise. Since he had been trusted as an adviser to her by Victor Yvonne had been growing more accustomed to the work of First Prince, there was no training like on the job training. Her desk was made of Mahogany and Cherrywood, she sat behind it in a high backed chair looking very small in comparison wearing a cream and pink dress that neatly complimented her shoulder length auburn hair.

“Count Sandoval, please sit down”

_“Certainly Princess, what did you want to discuss?”

“Tancred I am concerned that your father will overreact to my brother’s death, he treated him just like a son and both of you are as close as brothers so this must be just as difficult for you. I want you to go to Robinson and make sure your father doesn’t do anything rash. I don’t want to start a war with the Draconis Combine while there are so many questions left unanswered, I already have one rogue March Lord. You will leave tonight understood?”

“Of course Princess, my agents are working diligently to answer all of these questions. I would already have been en route to make sure we don’t miss anything were it an option but I can’t make the Jumpships run on my time.”

“I’m glad we’ve come to an understanding Tancred, please report anything you find that can be verified immediately.”

“Certainly, I’m sorry for your loss. This must hard for you, if you need anything please ask.”

“Thank You Count Sandoval”_

Count Sandoval departed the office, Yvonne triggered the room security system, they read green, no signal would depart this cage and the door was locked. _ “You may come out now Nikolai”_

A false door opened on the far wall, out of sight for anyone but Yvonne, momentarily breaking the security grid but quickly closing and resetting the scrubbers. Nikolai Makari was dressed very fashionably, handsome, black hair, brown eyes looking every bit the wealthy Free Trader that was his cover. In reality he was a former Tikonov Cheka agent sent to assist Yvonne by Katherine.

_“Good evening Nikolai, what word do you have from our fellow travelers?”

“Good evening Princess, I’m afraid I haven’t got enough sources in the Draconis March to give you a better picture. My focus has been elsewhere as I believed your brother had it under control.

Otherwise Sun-Tzu and Candace are close to coming to an arrangement ending the St Ives War. Duke Hasek has been forced to pull back or risk it becoming a bigger meat grinder. I’m not sure how he will take your brother’s death but he has bigger problems if Trinity and St Ives keep fighting. He will nevertheless maintain the border and prevent Sun-Tzu from getting to adventurous especially in the Disputed Territories.”

“Nikolai I want you to go undercover with Tancred to Robinson, investigate what happened parallel him. I would like you to keep an eye on the Sandovals for they have long coveted the Throne of New Avalon and tried to influence me and my brother to that end. Had James a daughter no doubt she would be betrothed to Arthur, as such Tancred has attempted to seek my hand these past five years. If you find anything verifiable that this is some Sandoval conspiracy to seize the throne…well there are other Sandovals that might be more amenable though it would be unfortunate to lose such a valuable retainer.”

“Understood Princess”_


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