Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Survey Report - Points of Interest

Report is North to South prepared by Li Shou Dou

Old Travel Station 43km NE of Al’Sur
Some of Al’Sur’s militia accompanied our Battle Armor infantry while they investigated the facility. The group used one of the MULE Cargo transports. There is some evidence of transient scavengers but they didn’t leave anything salvageable behind. The militia lieutenant did find some intelligence at the site but it is not applicable to our current situation.

Ruins, 60km N of Warawi
I conducted a recon overflight of these ruins that Ilonka spotted during our initial burn to this position. There is substantial evidence that an unknown group is active in the area, while I didn’t spot any vehicles there were numerous tracks leading to and from the site and evidence of recent VTOL activity.

The Half-Buried Town 40km North of Tai’Iqih was to close to enemy lines and far away from As’Sab, we didn’t wish to risk it

Abandoned Settlement, 20km SW of Waypoint Alice
This abandoned settlement appears to be made of prefabricated housing units unlike the others. These units are also very old based on the wear but remain in good repair, presumably it is used by scavengers as there are a few worn tracks leading to and from the site.

Ghost Town, 70km SW of Waypoint Ruby
FO Roman only had enough fuel for a single pass over this town but it was intriguing. There are multiple tracks leading into and out of the site but no vehicles were visible in the open.

Its proximity to the Jaguars opens up interesting possibilities, if it is a Jaguar logistics base it would be the best chance to retrieve materiel out of the potential candidates. Even if it is not we might be able to utilize it to very forward base units to harass Titanfellers and Jaguars or gather scarce intelligence on our opposition.

It is very close to Neo-Szabo and our Blue Hawks can carry a full bomb load to the city and return in good order.


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