Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Selene pt 3

11/31/3063 Location – O.C. Selene in orbit over Boreal, Niops Association

Commander Alera was having difficulty adjusting to living on the station. There were almost no space stations left in the Inner Sphere that were mostly used to made Endo Frames. Sajjad and her had become fast friends considering he was their escort throughout Selene. She couldn’t shake the fact that he moved a lot like her fellow MIM operatives. What need would the Association need for covert operatives? They had only just opened themselves up by the slightest bit but most of their business still went through the Magistracy.

Regardless she had been informed by Doctor Madhavi that her next assignment was coming through with the M.J.V. Glory Rising which had just jumped in system. Her time here had been productive there was a new set of Magistrate operatives that were going to be tasked with this assignment. She was eager to get off this station, even with her experience in covert operations something felt wrong about this place.

Doctor Madhavi, Colonel Nicole Menzi a senior FAC commander, and Alera’s new task force were waiting in a secure briefing room, Alera and Sajjad were the last to arrive.

Right to the point operatives, your next assignment is an undercover bodyguard operation.

Isis Marik was last seen heading to the Outworlds Alliance with a young boy, we want you to gain her trust and ensure that no harm comes to her or that boy. Additionally we want you to gather intelligence on the Outworlds Alliance.

The Magestrix would like to open channels with them to ensure we don’t run out of allies should we need them but needs more data not filtered through the interplanetary news networks to ensure such an opportunity would be beneficial.

Back to the primary task though, we think the boy might be a Y-chromosome match to our mystery man. If the kid is not a match however neither of them is of no use to us.

Your cover will be a Magistracy Development Corps Medical Detachment you will join the rest of the group in the Confederation on the border with the Commonwealth. The Niopians will be sending a pair of agents with you during the operation. The Directorate would like to see how we do long term missions, I trust you will teach them everything you know.

To repeat, Find Isis Marik, gain her trust, test the boy, and gather intelligence. This is the sort of operation the Foreign Affairs Corps are designed for; your drop-shuttle leaves in two hours. Any questions can wait till we are underway


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