Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Katherine, Dawn of the Second Star League IV

01/19 09:27 Location – Parliament, Atreus, Free Worlds League

The League Parliament Building is a massive structure, it’s Neo-Gothic brightly polished chrome pillars were covered in purple eagle banners. All the Representatives were in town for the annual session and Atreus was bright and busy with the Affairs of State. Two days ago Thomas “Marik” had received an urgent message from his “daughter” Isis currently staying on Luthien, officially as a representative. Unofficially she had spent such a long time away from home that she didn’t wish to return after Sun-Tzu Liao tried to kill her and sent her away, a move that Thomas found reprehensible despite the fact that the young woman wasn’t really his daughter. Nevertheless he had spent the past two days digesting it and figuring out what he should do. The League had a long tradition of not getting involved in other nation-states business but some things needed to change in this new world.

As he walked along the hallways leading to the Hall of Lords itself, he could just order what he wanted but chose this time to make a statement. He wanted to rally all the League together in order to ensure the Second Star League wasn’t just paper, the Free Worlds League had grown too powerful to be content with dealing with itself.

_“Fellow Citizens of the Free Worlds League, I come bearing grave news this day. I have received a message from my daughter on Luthien informing me that Clan Ghost Bear has launched a large and fearsome strike against the Draconis Combine.

My daughter fears that they will not stop and will instead restart the invasion and she is afraid they will take Luthien either by force of arms or orbital bombardment. At the same time the military adventurists of the Federated Commonwealth have attacked the other side of the Combine. She has implored me personally for aid and I am willing to offer it.”_

Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones shouts out, _“What should we care for the Dragon? You would have us send our military to fight their wars, surely you are mad.” Other MPs nod and mumble in agreement

“You know that I may deploy the FWLM at my pleasure Duke Cameron-Jones. What I really want is to know how deep Parliament’s commitment to the Whitting Accords is? If our faith in this Second Star League is so weak as to allow a member to fall under a clan then it has failed its purpose.

You may not believe in it but I do. I strongly believe that the Free Worlds League must step up in order to be recognized as the power we truly are. No longer shall we face ridicule from the other Successor States over our divisions we must look to our strengths.

When the Clans come to Atreus or Tamarind or Regulus, who shall we call upon to aid us? The Capellans? The Canopians? The Commonwealth? There is no doubt that the Clans have designs beyond Terra, they seek to enslave the whole of the Inner Sphere.

I shudder to think of Clan Warriors using the Lyran or Combine’s war machines, factories, and resources to give them the strength they need to accomplish this goal. We saw what they did to the DCMS and AFFC in the initial wave, these were the best armies in the Inner Sphere. The FWLM hasn’t fought a real war in a generation. We won’t stand a chance against such a juggernaut alone.

Then there is the chance that others come to reinforce them? You have all seen the intelligence reports of the Clan’s strength, if they see weakness the whole of them will strike anew Truce of Tukayyid or Great Refusal be damned. The only thing that holds them back now is their own sense of honor but honor is such a fickle thing.

We must strike them now! We sell the Draconis Combine weapons, time for us to have courage enough to put men behind them. If we do not then our sons and daughters should be afraid of the Clans for we have failed them.”_

02/15/3062 Location – Hanger 517, New Glasgow Military Reservation, Skye

Archon Katherine Steiner had seen the press reports from Atreus and Luthien apparently the Dragon stirred the Bears up into a frenzy and Duke Sandoval started a fight with the Draconis Combine. Her own task force was nearing assembly, all 15 Regiments of the Jaeger Brigade, 5th, 6th, and 7th Donegal Guards, 3rd Royal Guards, and another three regiments of mercenaries from Galatea and Outreach were beginning their trek across the Chaos March. The Jaegers were already ahead in the Chaos March, she had sent them forward with the Yggdrasil and its escorts to Tikonov to establish supply depots there in the event this turned into a longer war. Thus far she was impressed with the tenacity of the new officers, they would serve her LAAF well in the future, time for their true baptism in fire. This was the Jaegers first major operation and she hoped they would work together nicely with the four Guards RCTs.

She was ecstatic that Yvonne was still alive and unharmed as of four days ago; she knew sending Nikolai there would pay off. Bishop Sortek had isolated her in the middle of the New Hebrides, very clever such a position would be difficult to find and potentially assault. Her LIC operatives already in play were spreading propaganda and provoking demonstrations that Yvonne and the Privy Council oust Bishop though it was very difficult for anyone not a First Prince to dismiss a Prince’s Champion, in fact it was unheard of another byzantine mess of the FedSuns Succession Law. The good news was that her influence agents had the Admiralty on her side, sometimes all it took is a budget line to sway someone.

Nikolai was working his magic in the periphery to give her another force to fight the Davion Guards Brigade. She wasn’t too picky when it came to that they were mostly support for the LAAF units. No matter how many forces she had the Guards are the crack elite of the AFFC and they’d be on their home turf. They knew almost every aspect of the New Avalon Self-Defense Force and knew this was going to be one hell of a fight if they all stayed loyal to their commander.

Katherine had spent a lot of time thinking lately, this was going to be a dangerous mission, she would fight and might die. Even though it was for her sister she still second-guessed herself.

As she was walking along the tarmac to the hanger in front of her one of her aides ran towards her with a noteputer.

_“Archon, message from Commanding General Photon Brett-Marik”

“Play it”

“Archon Steiner, I am informing you that we are sending a large task force of FWLM Warships and Jumpships through your territory. We are here to stop the Ghost Bears and not cause problems. The FWLM and DCMS would both appreciate any aid you might be able to offer.”

“Response – You may utilize the recharging stations at no cost but I regrettable cannot provide any other aid to you at this time. I shall of course consider the Coordinator’s requests once the current situation has passed as a good member of The Star League. End Response

Sophie please inform Admiral Moretti that a large Marik force is coming through and I want them carefully escorted through Alliance Space. Additionally inform Marshal Regis that CRYSTAL CHAPEL is approved and may launch immediately.”

“Right away Archon”_

She never through she’d see the day that the Free Worlds League did anything good for the Inner Sphere. Not that she though saving the Dragon was a good thing.

She passed the Union-X “Avalanche” that was to be her ride to New Avalon, it was serial number 003, the Shipil Yards here rushed to fulfill demands from the Jaeger regiments for a better combined arms transport. This would be its first full combat operation but she trusted the Lyran Military-Industrial Complex to deliver results and they had never failed her yet. Walking into the reinforced hanger she saw the fruits of their effort, eight mechs stood ready painted in White and Blue marked with a distinctive crest of a White Wolf howling against Dark Blue Background.

An Uziel Prime (2 PPC, TAG, 2 SSRM2), 2 Hollander IIs (40t, GR, 3 ERML), 2 Falconers, a Cobra II (45t 6/9, CASE, 2 LRM15, 2 ERML), Thanatos 5S (ERLL, LRM15, 2 ERML, MPL, GECM), and Barghest 2T. Within the same hanger were a pair of Rapier 300s and Lightning G15s and 20 suits of Fenrir Mark II Armor (10 points of armor, improved sensors, still heavy payload) as well as their operators.

The hanger door was secured by one of the battle armor operators, a smallish darker skinned man that would not be out of place in any Lyran Armor company. Another that fit right in with the Skye Islanders came forward,_ “The White Wolves of Tamar await your command, Star Captain”_

Katherine smiled remembering something about Wolves using Lyran war machines to take over the Inner Sphere in Captain-General Marik’s speech to parliament. The Wolves were on the hunt and they would take over the Inner Sphere one Successor State at a time.

Starting with New Avalon.


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