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Katherine, Dawn of the Second Star League III

The Return of the King and St Ives War (3060-61)

Isis Marik narrowly escapes the Blackwind Lancers and is let go by First Lord Sun Tzu Liao. Heartbroken and in tears she runs away to the Palace of Summer Winds on Luthien, home to her friend Omiko Kurita, unwilling to return to Atreus after spending so much time away. Sun-Tzu begins courting Magestrix Emma Centrellas’ daughter Naomi and solidifies her realm’s assistance to the Confederation. In the process Sun-Tzu has to reposition some forces to check the now former Allied Free Worlds League. Insurrections rage across the New Colony Region even as Magestrix Centrella and Protector Calderon plan a summit on Detroit concerning the Trinity Alliance.

SLDF Peacekeepers occupy the St Ives Compact despite George Hasek II’s protests, Yvonne as Princess-Regent refuses to allow him to launch an unauthorized action to support St Ives especially against the Star League. As far as she, Katherine, and the Star League are concerned right now the SIMC was the aggressor.

INN Update

Precentor Martial Anastasious Focht and the rest of the Task Force has returned with heavy hearts from the Clan Homeworlds. While news of The Great Refusal and death of Morgan Hasek-Davion was released the full casualty list had not. When the Task Forces returned to Luthien on March 15th the sheer scale of devastation was revealed.

General Victor Steiner-Davion perished during The Great Refusal fighting against the Jaguar Khan Lincoln Osis in single combat. His family Archon Katherine, Princess-Regent Yvonne, and Leftenant Arthur Steiner-Davion have called for a month of mourning. Their fallen brother is be buried on Tharkad at the end of the Second Whitting Conference in November.

His body will remain on Luthien for three months, then go to New Avalon before returning to Tharkad so that all may pay their respects to him for his noble sacrifice.

Archon Katherine despite her succession of the Lyran Alliance has decreed that she will not condone any demonstrations that celebrate his death. He died protecting the Inner Sphere from the Clans and is deserving of respect.

End Transmission

Second Whitting Conference

Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion has been with her fallen brother and the rest of her family since it landed on New Avalon in June on the anniversary of the Battle of Coventry. Despite what Bishop Sortek, Tancred Sandoval, or George Hasek thought; she had a right to share her grief with her brother and sister. Her reception on New Avalon was cold and met with many protests from her critics regularly requiring her Diplomatic Guard personnel break up crowds so that she could pass.

Returning to Tharkad, a pall was cast over the entire conference, there was much less enthusiasm and everyone wore black armbands to show solidarity to the sacrifice of so many. Duchess Candace Liao’s requests for intervention against the Confederation were voted down; although the 2nd Star League did vote to withdraw the Peacekeepers from the St Ives Compact and classify the issue there as an internal Liao problem rather than a foreign invasion.

The vote for new First Lord came down to a tie between Coordinator Theodore Kurita and Archon Katherine Steiner (-Davion). Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht resigned and appointed the Commander of the Com-Guards 2nd Army Alexander Crocus in his place who votes for Kurita.

There is no Gala celebrating the Archon’s birthday this year, the Royal Ballroom instead hosts the fallen Victor Steiner-Davion dressed in his 2nd SLDF uniform with his katana. The room is always filled with mourners and an honor guard of 10th Lyran Guards, 1st Crucis Lancers, and 1st Genyosha stood in silent vigil.

11/28/3061 10:07 Location – Cathedral of the Heavenly Host, Tharkad City

The Cathedral of the Heavenly Host was built during the reign of Richard Steiner nearly 300 years ago, Modeled after the ancient Cologne Cathedral on Terra, its Gothic spires are just as majestic as the original, which still stands today even after the Amaris Crisis. The whole edifice carries a solemn weight, its intricately carved stones having witnessed too much tragedy. A light dusting of snow covers the ground and the guard is heavy, the LAS Yggdrasil loomed above almost visible to the naked eye, having sped across the Alliance following its launch ahead of schedule, all three Royal Guards regiments, and Polizei from across the Alliance were on high alert around the Cathedral.

An Honor Guard of all five Successor States and COMSTAR served as Pallbearers. A seat was left open for Peter Steiner-Davion in case he showed up for his brother’s funeral but it remained empty another solemn testament to loss. The Church, capable of holding two thousand comfortably was packed with dignitaries from across the Star League and the service was being recorded and broadcast throughout the First Circuit courtesy of COMSTAR, at no charge to the Lyran Alliance.

Archon Katherine was to give the final eulogy and it choked her up. The last time she had wanted to be in a church was her wedding day nearly five years ago but that was so long ago. She had avoided them since then, afraid her many sins might suddenly burst forth in some divine revelation; so that she might face her judgement in hell like she deserved. Too many good, noble people had been taken instead of her, every casualty of the Clan War was more worthy then she believed herself to be and so many had fallen, or were fated to fall before it was all done.

As she walked up to the lectern she saw Omiko Kurita weeping in her black kimono sitting next to the rest of the Kuritas. Katherine was envious and angry at them; they knew her brother better than she did and that was wrong.

Her eulogy was filled with praise for her brother’s deeds but only in the third person. There were precious few first person anecdotes she could deliver and that made it even sadder, because there would never be any more.

He was gone forever

“May he rest in peace and the Inner Sphere strive to be worthy of his sacrifice”


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