Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Katherine, Archon-Princess VI

10/22/3065 22:33 Andrew Davion Memorial Spaceport, Avalon City, New Avalon

Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion and her daughter Morgan arrived at New Avalon at record speed. Katherine couldn’t take more than one jump per day because she had a bad case of TDS, again the medicine had gotten better but it still wasn’t pretty. Morgan did not though, the Wolf Scientists having removed that particular weakness along with others during her creation on Tamar.

It was good to be the Leader of the Federated Commonwealth and thus capable of putting together a twenty Jump-ship Command Circuit in place across the increasingly stable Chaos March, slowly the AFFC was reclaiming loose worlds lost during Guerrero, Loki and Rabid Foxes joining in to deny the Word of Blake a new Terran Hegemony.

Her Monarch drop-ship FCS Princess of Avalon landed at the Spaceport occupied by the 19th Arcturan Guard and 4th Royal Guards. The New Avalon Grenadiers (consisting of a Battle Armor and Vehicle Battalion supported by a Regiment of Infantry) locked down her route to Castle Davion, Dark Blue Fenrir’s with Dual Grenade Launchers and Cavalier Battle Armors were holding back protesters waving signs while NAG Riot Police maintained the crowd.

_“Mommy, why are those people mad?”

“Not everyone loves your Mother Morgan, some of them are unhappy about all of the things I broke last time I was here.”

“What happened?”

“I saved a Princess from a Castle”, Morgan looked at her mother incredulous, “No you didn’t”

“Oh I did Morgan, ask your Aunt about it”_


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