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03/15/3063 Location – “Dreamland”, Selene Station in orbit around Boreal (Niops VII), Niops Association

Eight young women sat in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) their yellow and orange clothing a contrast to the white room whose walls were adorned with a series of organic looking patterns they were sitting in. The complete circle showed no sign of entry, exit, or ventilation in the dim light of the room, all of them breathed in perfect coordination.

The whole group wouldn’t have looked out of place in a trendy yoga study on Crimson except each of them has the short hair of a Mechwarrior, unit tattoos from elite military or police units, and cybernetic components. One of their number stopped and banged a pair of wooden blocks together which snapped the whole group out of their patterns. They reorganized themselves into loose lines and faced the speaker.

Ladies we move back to explaining Interface to our newest members. Electra, you begin explain the history of the program so they may be.

Yes, Callisto. Nearly twenty years ago Burke Kale of the NAIS developed a neural implant that would allow him to control a Battlemech with his mind. Ten years ago he did it successfully but the Federated Commonwealth chose not to pursue that path. COMSTAR’s ROM did copy the technology en route back to New Avalon but put it aside to focus their efforts on building the COMGUARDs.

When the Word of Blake seized Terra; ROM reactivated the program eager to seize an advantage over the more mainstream and supported COMGUARDs. While they had access to fine medical minds on Terra they chose instead to partner with Precision Instruments of Luxen to advance portions of the technology, eager to find some kind of holistic process that would alleviate the crippling problems inherent to the technology. Needless to say we did good work but couldn’t fix all their problems.

Sabrina, go over the details of Project: Aether for the others

Project: Aether was commissioned by the Magestrix as part of the Ebon Magistrate Initiative shortly after PIL connected the dots. An ARC team grabbed a copy of the DNI from a ROM double unfortunately costing that agent their life rather than risk exposure. MIM Agents sent with BULLDOG grabbed several copies of Clan Smoke Jaguar’s Protomech interfaces and captured three members of their scientist caste and some techs right under the Star League’s noses, truly an incredible operation and testament to our ingenuity

Our partnership with the Niops Association made here the best place to conduct research and fine tune the hardware. The Aether PAL was one of the missing components it acts as a bridge between your mind and the Battlemech’s computers. Magistracy medical knowledge, Niopian technologists, and Jaguar scientists we have finally fixed most of the problems we know the Word are still dealing with. You figuratively sleepwalk your way to victory

Psh, I didn’t sign up to fight a war on my back

Arachne you are a MIM operative we have won more battles on our backs than any other nation in the Inner Sphere

09/10/3065 Location – As’Sab, Astrokaszy
Commander Arachne was secured in the darkened chamber of her Battlemech’s interface cockpit; there were no visible buttons, levers, or gauges just strange organic looking patterns, an isolated pod, and computer equipment.

The commander executed a series of gestures and the Neurohelmet’s visor dropped into place, unable to actually move it down herself due to being secured in the interface “cocoon.” She could hear the tech close the cockpit’s hatch and see him quickly descend the mobile stairs attached to her Battlemech.

She relaxed her mind and body while voicing a series of unintelligible mutters interspersed with controlled breathing until she triggered Interface with another gesture command. Liquid cold poured into her mind, a feeling like ice on her spine provoking a moment of fear as her body was paralyzed but was replaced by a steady warmth as she entered a REM trance and became “embodied” in her Beowulf.

She could “feel” the heat of a small star replace her heart, hundreds of kilometers of fiber optic sensors and coolant circulating through her Battlemech’s heat sinks replace her “nerves” and “blood”. She flexed “her” arms and legs checking their full range of motion and mentally checking off vital systems that she just intuited were green without knowing. Content that everything was in good order she joined the rest of the Strike Force ready to fight.


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