Battletech Mercs Unleashed

After Action: REDLINE

09/10/3065 05:17 Location – Mercs Unleashed Command Tent, As’Sab, Astrokaszy

Major Grey and the Command Council stood around the map table. A DEXTRAN recovery team rolled back north under guard with Tack’s Guillotine to Al’Sur’s Repair Depot, again, along with the headless Hammerhands. Mechwarrior Green’s Penetrator was returned was ready for action with a new set of leg actuators.

Fine Work Mercs Captain Reyes was going to continue being a problem if he was still alive. The Headhunters have sent a message informing us that they are sitting this one out but will continue to occupy Warawi. I don’t trust them but they are no longer a threat to our continued operations.

Unfortunately we were unable to recover your missing Mechwarrior, he is either dead, picked up by local scavengers, or soon to be dead of exposure. Your Aerospace leader has informed me they are maintaining 24 hour readiness in the Slayer and Stingray because she is concerned Top Shot or the Titanfellers will come back with a vengeance. Both Sabres have been put aside for now unless we need them for a recon overflight.

Commander Arachne please give the mercs your scouting report"

Mercs we have been continually challenged by Titanfellers but while they were away we managed to get a peak at what is going on at Despair and Grimhide. Lieutenant Nyx observed a fight between Jaguar’s Claws and Titanfellers north of the line of control, it was a minor skirmish but the Jaguars have vintage SLDF mechs but Hotfoot knew that already. We don’t know where they got them but it is a concerning development.

Both Despair and Grimhide are forts attacking them will be costly. If we give Despair enough time to become like Grimhide it will be a mess. Prepared lines of fire, earthworks, pre-plotted artillery, minefields, etcetera.

However, according to the locals the winds are only going to pick up before the season is done ruining already unpleasant conditions. This might force the Titanfellers to return to Al’Jafir Station until the weather improves. We don’t know whether they are aware of this but if not it will be an unwelcome surprise.

Thank You Commander, Lieutnenant Ilonka and Liason Officer Karras will keep you abreast of current situations.

Please forward your force tables to me, I have to leave with Chief of Station Idlewood to pursue a lead in Shervanis. Commander Arachne will be your point of contact in my absence.

Till Next time Mercs"

OOC: Post you damage and ammunition consumption so I can adjust the Quartermaster Tab


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