Nova Cat Patrol Oathbreaker


Title – SaKhan| Affiliation – Nova Cat Exiles, Jaguars Claws
Name – Dillon | Age – 28 | Sex – Male | Height – 180cm | Weight – 78 Kg
Hair Color – Brown| Eye Color – Blue| Skin Tone – Tan

Fighting Style – Patrol/Control, Patrol/Kill

Language Proficiency – English, Japanese

Specialty – Precision Strike


Born on Hoard in the Clan Homeworlds to Tech caste parents Dillon showed great initial promise in technical skills but was accepted into a Paramilitary Sibko. During an excursion into the badlands of Hoard a large sandstorm caused the cadets to lose track of one another. Dillon tracked down some of his lost SibKin and most of the group survived until they returned to the enclave. Dillon went right to Paramilitary Training Camp H-2 after Sibko where he scored high marks in all fields. He was selected for additional training in the Patrol Active Team as a Marksman, a highly respected job for a Nova Cat Patrolman.

His first tour was right before the Abjuration of Nova Cat, Dark Caste had taken up residence in abandoned outposts throughout the Badlands. These Dark Caste were later found to have been running mining operations supported by Clan Burrock. Nova Cat Warriors were being lost to the DCMS at a high rate and Patrol filled in low risk assignments while Warriors kept Ice Hellions and Burrock/Star Adder at bay. Thus Hoard’s Active Teams and Dezgra Infantry were responsible for clearing them out over many months.

During the Burrock Absorption Dillon’s Active Team was kept busy on Outpost duty and dealing with deserters or over-zealous Adder Watch infiltrating Nova Cat Enclaves. During that time Dillon’s 6th Active Team became masters of the Badlands, a skill that would play a clinch role during the Nova Cat Abjuration. After the Nova Cats fought alongside the Second Star League during the Great Refusal the Clan Grand Council Abjured the clan and were supposed to give them three months to vacate their holdings. The Wolves, Ice Hellions, and Former Burrocks didn’t wait however, they began issuing trials against the isolated Nova Cat Enclaves within two weeks. The Nova Cat Warriors fought valiantly but were eventually ground down to nothing.

In the resulting Chaos large quantities of records were lost and infrastructure heavily damaged as the Wolves and Ice Hellions continued their long standing feud on the planet. Clan Hell’s Horses joined in as well and the remaining Dark Caste terrorized civilians regardless of Affiliation. Dillon and a small number of survivors survived for months in the badlands surviving by predating on Dark Caste and maintaining a low profile. The group grew and smuggled themselves on-board a series of Hell’s Horses and Diamond Shark transports that eventually made it to the Wolf Occupation Zone and then to Port Moseby.

There he met Ash and joined up with her Jaguar’s Claws betrayed by Nova Cat and resentful of the other clans.


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