Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Yvonne, Princess of Camelot V

05/27/63 02:28 Location – NASDF Air Station Cliff Key, Isle Azul

Yvonne and three squads of the Tikonov Republic Commandos waited in the palms outside Cliff Key’s perimeter, standard AFFC procedure was a 30 meter clearing from the fence-line but there was plenty of tall grass for them to get within 15 meters of the fence. The gravel ring roads around the facility was worn with tire treads from the 33rd’s patrol vehicles but was still in good condition. Captain Vasiliev’s flash goggles were on his forehead as he looked through the rangefinder binoculars.

“Foot patrols are light, they have a gun truck coming once every five minutes, we need to get rid of those sensor towers.”

Nikolai pointed them out to his 3rd squad who took up firing positions. Yvonne noticed they were wet but didn’t know what they were doing while the first two squads busted her out. She felt better not knowing what was going to happen, or where the 4th squad was.

“Blue squad with me, Green take out those sensors on my mark, Red prep charges to blast that fence. After the blast Green you move to us we’ll cover your approach” The squad leaders confirmed and the Blue and Red squads crouch walked into the tall grass. “Yvonne, stay down and stick with me”

Yvonne’s legs burned as they approached, her drop leg rig had slipped and was uncomfortable, she was in poor shape and would need to hit the gym after this, and stretch more. The masked group stayed low and moved slow making as little disruption as possible as they threaded their way through the clumps of rough grass.

Nikolai called for a stop and dropped prone, he whispered, “Yvonne draw your gun now, things are about to explode, watch my back and keep up we’ll get through this fine.” She did so nervously, the last time she had fired a gun was with Nik nearly a year ago, he was amazed that The Guards hadn’t taught her how to defend herself, afraid she was to “delicate”. _ “I know you’re nervous but keep that weapon toward the bad guys and your eyes open.”_

Nikolai signaled to his team to ready their weapons,_ “when the next Pintel comes by take it out”_, the squad was ready to pounce. _ “green mark”_, six invisible laser beams disabled the three sensor towers overloading their optics with light focused into a deadly lance of energy. Everyone wearing the flash goggles saw the targeting strobe as an orange flash reflecting off the tower. “right on target green move up”

A Pintel from the 33rd Motorized approached slowly its large off-road tires crushed gravel beneath them, the searchlight and machine gun panned across the grass. As it neared the grass moved as muffled bursts from the commando’s carbines tore into the lightly protected troopers, as the riders crumbled, and the ATV lost control and rolled into the berm that protected the fence from charging motor vehicles. Thirteen individuals rose up out of the grass, six rushed forward and primed satchel charges at the base of the fence. The other seven took cover on the other side of the berm and watched for more signs of movement and lights.

Six more ran through the grass toward them, their rifles up and ready to fight, stealth was no longer needed now they needed speed. An alarm blared as the central security office realized someone had disabled their sensor masts. _ “Right on time. Everyone go loud!”_

Yvonne laid prone behind the berm with the other commandos, Nik covered her as the satchel charges went off and blasted the fence to pieces, and the pressure wave rolled over and deafened her. Debris fell down around them and she locked up, paralyzed in fear. Nikolai stood and swung his laser rifle around to fire over the berm, holding the weapon steady before releasing a lethal stream of invisible light somewhere downrange. She turned and looked up, he was yelling something at her, a moment passed before she was pulled to her feet. The ringing in her ears stopped and was surrounded by the crack of gun fire around her, “We have to move Yvonne! Keep up!”

One of the squaddies pushed the body of the gunner out of the Pintel and fired its machine gun at the approaching vehicles, she could feel the air around her and saw tracers streak out across the night sky. Illumination rounds were fired from a mortar nearby, the base lit by a pale white light as vehicles and men began stirring to deal with the intruders.

The three squads moved constantly firing at their attackers in single fire with both suppressed rifles and their lasers whose barrels steamed. Yvonne could see the orange targeting strobes through her glasses as the commandos held the trigger before releasing it and sending the laser downrange into human flesh and metal. Taken by surprise the FedCom troops were unable to achieve a solid defense but began to rally and solidify their positions forcing the commando assault to slow.

Blue squad was pinned down in a small block structure by a pill box where a light machine from the 2nd Jump was firing upon them. Every member of the squad had been hit in the vest, by glancing shots, or shrapnel so far, even Yvonne was bleeding where shards of stone had cut her. Nik shouted, “Sergei deal with that gun,” the grenadier opened his launcher and fed a TBAM munition into it. He cleared the corner firing the Thermobaric grenade close enough to silence the gun.

“Status Orange Squad”, Yvonne heard something in russian in Nik’s earpiece which she couldn’t translate. She still had one hand on Nik’s armor strap the other holding her pistol watching his back.

“All Squads move to the Marten now! Striker and Toads incoming!”

The three independent squads moved throughout the base, taking cover behind trucks and mobile sheds crashing through buildings. Yvonne watched over her shoulder as two squads of Elementals in FedSuns colors crashed through and leaped over the buildings. Vehicles and other objects were crushed under their bulk or leaving heavy boot prints in the asphalt. She heard a volley of missiles being launched from the toads and heard screams of pain from Green Squad. Flechette darts whistled around her as the Striker indirectly fired LRMs at them arcing them over the base’s support buildings.

Nik took one in his right shoulder, she felt something hit her back but no penetration, she was close enough to him that her forearm also avoided harm. “Chert poberi! Chertov FedKrysa!” he stumbled, his rifle dropped from his hand, but was still held by the sling. He reached back with his left hand and pulled the dart out of his arm.

Half the squad was hit but still mobile,_ “Start the chopper Ivan!”_

However Red Squad had been mostly incapacitated by the attack and were unable to continue on. Nikolai slowed as he came upon the wounded men, “prodolzhay Kapitan, my ub’yem etikh zhab”

Yvonne was barely able to continue, even Captain Vasiliev was flagging after having run so far, they still kept moving. She heard a large explosion behind him as the Heavy Weapons squad gave the FedCom Toads hell, the remaining injured Blue Squad turned the corner to see the Marten’s blades coming up to speed with Orange squad positioned to provide cover fire for their extraction.

Yvonne almost tripped on the bodies of FedCom soldiers, most of whom were unarmored to reach the helipad, but she kept up. Without turning the Republic commandos tossed a thermate grenade into the Ferret’s cockpit and fell back. Another squad of Guards turned and were immediately engaged while Orange squad worked their way back to the deck of the Coast Guard Marten. The Chopper took off and gained elevation as the torn up Elementals attempted to launch their second volley of SRMs at the fleeing vehicle but they fell short.

As they wheeled around the island Yvonne saw the pier explode and the emergency lights of the Sea Skimmers and Blue Harvest snap on. Orange squad fully boarded the aircraft and closed the bay doors behind them sealing the Marten up while it veered SSW. The pilot kicked the narrow chopper into high gear and flew dangerously close to the water.

“What if they scramble fighters to shoot us down?” Nikolai had removed his armor and cut away the uniform near his injury pulling the sleeve off and exposing his upper arm while Vilen, the platoon medic, bandaged the injury.

“Nearest Air Base is 600 kilometers away, their best time was 20 minutes according to records. They will scramble the heavy stuff first and wait on the light stuff, we can disappear before they find us.”

Vilen checked her over, “Princess, you are very lucky.”
“I don’t feel lucky.” He removed her armor and showed her the dozen flechettes embedded in it.
“Trust me, you are lucky.”

Princess-Regent Yvonne Steiner-Davion went pale and felt like the world dropped out from under her. Vilen snapped his fingers as he watched it take effect

“She’s going into shock, grab a blanket and help me here.”


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