Battletech Mercs Unleashed

White Horse, BAD OMEN

12/07/3062 01:45 Nusakan Nadir Point, Aboard the invader-class FSS IVORY PEGASUS

Colonel Gaines and Dr. Onshoa were looking over reports, the DCMS had launched an attack on the Ghost Bear and the Ghost Bear responded with great ferocity. According to the reports from their sources inside the Combine the clan forces they would have had to fight off were now busy killing DCMS soldiers.

Dr. Onshoa was furious

“Dammit Colonel this was our best opportunity to get inside the Ghost Bear Dominion. Now were are headed to a backwards world in the opposite direction to some backward border world to support an operation that might already be completed! I have spent years working on the retrieval mission of a lifetime.”

Colonel Gaines had been trying with little success to calm her down. He was a soldier who understood that orders are orders even if the civilian scientists were very disappointed, he was in fact the commander of the operation and the crews would follow his orders.

“Doctor we don’t know what caused Command to bring us back. It must be a large operation or they would have moved assets already in the Federation for support rather than make us jump six times and abandon such an important mission.”

“It doesn’t make sense though Colonel you haven’t received any additional information from Command on this operation. How do you know what to expect?”

“Ah that’s where we are different Doctor, I am an intelligence operative, I never know what to expect …except the worse.”

Captain Prech of MI-2 walked in to the situation room where the two of them were talking.

“Sir, I want to run over situations that we might be encountering. We have currently lucked out avoiding Lyran Guards units but my analysts have been running over potential situations that would require our large force to intervene. Something that Command would not have taken into account on Zavijava.”

Colonel Gaines asked Dr. Onshoa to leave before Captain Prech began talking

“Looking over the intel reports I found something about a strategic weapons cache on Zavijava from a mole the MIIO planted in Loki. It was a minor item in a daily report we would have easily overlooked it considering it previously had no impact on our operation.

Loki certainly would protect that cache with everything they can get their hands on, although our force would easily overwhelm anything short of a regiment."

“Well of course a battalion of mechs, tanks, and battle armor and a squadron of aerospace fighters and small craft most of which have clan-tech weapons is a massive force multiplier. What could Loki possibly have that could stop us?”

“Well that’s the thing commander, this weapons cache reference is very vague maybe the unit on site already ran into trouble and we have to clean up the mess.”


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