Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Wheels down

04/08/3065 10:18 Location – East Prospero Airfield, Marius’ Tears, Marian Hegemony

Commander Arachne ensured that the MHAF soldiers cleared their vehicles from the landing zone before calling in the Andromeda’s Chain to secure the area and begin their mission.

Roger that Commander, coming in

The Fury drop-ship roared out of the stratosphere toward the now cleared airstrip. As soon as the exterior cooled ARC Team HELLCATs swarmed the base taking the captured soldiers into their custody for interrogation and sweeping the airfield for other MHAF soldiers. Their battleship grey PAL suits scattered into six man squads to clear every hanger and outbuilding on the airfield.

Raging Bull and the Diana Nanae landed shortly afterward to unload the remainder of the attack force and techs. The HELLCATs sent out a patrol to find the missing MHAF Quickdraw and the Mercs Unleashed techs moved their heavy salvage vehicles off the MIM dropship. The Beowulf walked into it’s mech bay to begin repairs. The MIM Raven walked off and joined the HELLCATs to clear the enemy airfield.

The initial assault force queued up as their replacements marched off the ramps, the Dervish was in bad shape but everything else was serviceable, just some armor and ammo.

One tech squad began rearming everything and performing diagnostics, the vehicle crewmen hopped out and drove the damaged J Edgar, Gladius, and Marsden III right into the cargo bay saving a lot of time for the beleaguered techs.

The heavily damaged Marsden III was towed by one of the Conestogas into the Raging Bull’s cargo hold, the techs didn’t have time to fix it yet. They needed to get moving shortly before the rest of iii Legio showed up.

The salvage techs started to work on the turrets, sparks lit up as they detached the weapons from their hard-points on the emplacements and emptied their magazines attaching them to the Powerman IndiMechs’ rear cargo hoists for transport.

The whole airfield was abuzz with activity everyone knew they were on the clock and this mission would be made or broken by their speed to stay one step ahead of the enemy battalion.


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