Battletech Mercs Unleashed


09/08/3065 13:57 Location – Outpost Grimhide, Titanfellers Territory

Major Thomas Brekard and TacOp Annette Harris sat back to back in his Battlemaster, watching Gern’s Grenadiers slowly clear the vast minefield between them and their objective. Hostile artillery would occasionally impact near the grenadiers armored vehicles, there was no set timing to it just harassment and terror tactics.

Annette, This is a nightmare, the trickery of Liao with clan tech and mix it in with those nuts in the Word of Blake. I’ve never faced anyone so dug in while blind, anything on the drone feed?.

No we lost it in that Electronic Fog… Major, there is a Captain Julio Reyes of the Headhunters asking for a secure channel through the Command Center. He says he has important information for you.

That’s the unit north of us right?

Affirmative commander, they were apparently waiting for someone with plenty of guns and muscle and they arrived.

Patch him through Annette

Major Thomas Brekard, I am Captain Julio Reyes of the Headhunters. I have a report you might be interested in concerning the new unit that landed up near As’Sab.

Why would you be giving me this report Captain? What’s your angle?

Well they are heading your way for one. Second these individuals are War Criminals that you have encountered before according to your unit’s public history and our confidential sources.

That still doesn’t explain why you are giving me it, they are your mission after all.

Ah Major, my force while potent has limits. If we don’t beat them you will have to, we’ll split the substantial bounty on their heads with you. Our employer won’t mind and I think you might even find it enjoyable.

Alright Captain pass your report through.

Keep in touch Major, we are about to engage them. Adios

Annette put that report on my screens, lets see who the Headhunters want dead

Squad Leader Cirillo, I want Top Shot loaded for a heavy strike mission in an hour, stand by for coordinates



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