Battletech Mercs Unleashed

RUBICON Briefing

09/14/3065 08:00 Location – Strategic Command Room, Trojan Dropship “Raging Bull”, Al’Sur

Co-Commanders Markus Brandt and Joe Leeson stood at opposite sides of the holo-table. Major Grey, Lieutenant Ilonka, Squad Leader Kunimoto, Lieutenant Commander Post and Captain Blackwell sat in the gallery, the rest of the Mercs Unleashed Lances Leads on the flanks. Markus looked up, Bring it online Lieutenant, the holo-table booted up and provided a topographically accurate map of the Operations Area. Al’Jair and Coolwater were surrounded by a gold glow, Al’Sur and As’Sab were blue, Neo Szabo Red.

Alright people here’s the general plan me or Joe will go over the specifics for your intended part to play afterwards. First, Nathan congratulations on your promotion to lance lead you’ve looked death right the eyes and came back in one piece just as strong. Lance Leads McKinney and Law your forces are with me, Drummond and Alphaios you are with Joe. The plan is relatively straightforward, my company will attack Al’Jair; McKinney you are finally going to get a chance to rip those tanks. A Dark Blue line appeared shimmering the midair with the three letter abbreviations of the task forces mechs, Task Force STATIC

Ironhide punched his fist into his closed hand, About time Commander, I’ll turn them to scrap

Commander Leeson and his quick strike force will wheel around Al’Jair between it and Ni’Keet to attack the Titanfellers preferably around Sleeping Jaguar Oasis, if they don’t find any targets they will collapse back on Al’Jair. Specialist Heron and Chief Engineer Ingress will wait to break camp till the exact last moment to make sure any local informants have the least amount of time to report it to Major Brekard and his unit. We are not trying to keep it a secret I just don’t want to be facing down a company of Battlemechs and two companies of Armor at the same time. As far as Tom knows he still has time to beat on the Jaguars while we enjoy cocktails. A purple line cut between Al’Jair and Ni’Keet arcing towards the Oasis before straightening out to hit Coolwater. Task Force FEATHERWEIGHT

Lieutenants Ilonka and Inderpol as well as the NAM Mechs and Jaguars will stay with the techs to blunt any attempt to exploit a breakout from hovercraft or light mechs. She and Specialist Heron will try to keep my Task Force’s C3 systems online and coordinate with Squad Leader Kunimoto and Flight Lead Wodan.

We are going to borrow the Warawi airfield to make sure the Blue Hawks can carry their full ordnance and still have loiter time, two MULEs will transport field and security teams as well as additional fuel and ammunition. The Boomerangs will also use the field during the operation to watch the terrain for hostiles. Their presence should be low key enough that Top Shot won’t bother them, they have bigger fish to fry. A big T appeared 40km WSW of Al’Jair with an X appearing over Warawi and a series of arcs mirroring proposed search patterns materialized. The holo-table ran through likely arcs of attack for Top Shot from Tai’iqih, most of them veered south before looping back to Al’Jair. The computer estimated that Task Force STATIC would be the primary objective with only a few scenarios involving an attack on FEATHERWEIGHT

Kunimoto and her squad will intercept any Top Shot ground attack attempts and Wodan will support Joe’s task force against the Titanfellers. Markus stepped off and looked up at Alina, Your job is to cripple those fighters, we don’t need them or you blown to pieces we just need them to leave us alone long enough to deal with the Titanfellers and Grenadiers., she nodded and Markus went back to his former position

Lieutenant Commander Post shall remain on high alert with all the tanks. If we really need him there are a couple of possible drop zones near Waypoints Diane or Ruby, but its a lot of loose sand, not great stuff for landing zones. I really hope it doesn’t come to that when we have the mechs to do it.

Once we have routed the Titanfellers and Grenadiers the dropships will do a quick low orbit burn from Al’Sur and take up position near Coolwater assuming it is safe enough. I don’t need artillery raining down on the Rodeo, we still have payments to make on it. Not to mention this ship, we’ve put a lot of money into these and they are our way off-world. Two large circles appeared on the bluffs near Coolwater, based on the Jaguars input those would be the best chance to support the Command’s Dropships.

By my estimates the main assault should be at the Marshaling area around seventeen hundred. Its a long walk but the temperature is supposed to reach sixty-one Celsius today so those tanks will be sitting ducks after baking in the heat . It should also give our techs a chance to get some shut eye en route so they can put us back together overnight. I want to be within striking range of Neo Szabo by this time tomorrow! We leave in one hour.


Anxiously awaiting the Titanfeller perspective adventure log…

RUBICON Briefing
AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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