Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Raising the Stakes

12/18/3062 00:52 Location – in Orbit around Zavijava

The Osiris OOV-87426 was still watching the Schleier Range trying to discern more intelligence about the area. Their LIDAR array and hyperspectral imagers were actively working trying to find alternate routes of attack through the formidable terrain. The area was dark now, it had been a while since they picked up any signals or thermal hits.

Then the space sensor terminal picked up a hit, a small emergence wave was detected nearby. Analyst Crowl checked the signal from one of their constellation sensor satellites, “Well that was bound to happen, Price we have a Scout jumpship emerging at a pirate point near Zavijava. There is a Fury dropship docked to it and a Thunderbird ASF both of which are burning towards the planet. We are going to de-orbit and land near the operations center, inform Squad Leader Wyld that her command should reinforce the jumpship and let the merchant go.”

“Affirmative, de-orbit until Wyld can reinforce our position there might be more on the way.”

Meanwhile on the Fury drop-ship

Director Alfons Bosch and his Loki crew headed out from their personal jumpship. The Thunderbird Fighter went into pursuit of the small craft that had been orbiting over the Black Rock Facility. An Invader class Jumpship was in system which meant that the facility was under attack, even without the full defensive power of that facility that wouldn’t be nearly enough to break through.

Data was being broadcast by Mr. Kay about their current situation. A meager company of mercenary mechs would not be enough once he gave the access codes to Kay. He transmitted those codes to him and the Fury began its descent to the Facility’s Aerospace Hanger.

The small dropship maneuvered expertly through the narrow canyons as the blast doors opened to the hanger where there was already another Fury, Triumph, and a small squadron of aerospace fighters.

At the Black Rock Facility
Field Base Bernjäger was moved inside the facility along with the Titanfellers and Loki support teams. The Titanfellers Command Staff and Loki Senior officers stood in a relatively clean and utilitarian command center.

“Gentleman this facility is quite old and valuable to Loki, we found and renovated it. Once I power it on we won’t be able to keep this a secret anymore. Therefore we need to make sure that no one leaves, reinforcements are in route but we expect that MI6 and MIIO have put some amount of forces behind this mission.

Mr Kay I am assuming control of this mission and your forces, once I input this code you are going to see something very few have lived to tell about."

With that he inputted a 32 alphanumeric code and the entire command center lit up, Loki technicians staffed the various terminals as they came online and began diagnostics as a low hum was felt throughout the facility.

The Loki Tech Commander looked over the rapid fire lines of code, “Sir, the Castle Brian is in shakedown it should take a day to come up to full power and run diagnostics.”

“Roger that, Captain Brekard I want your people at the following points, with the firepower of the Castle Brian we should be able to hold off a regiment. You will make sure they don’t make it back.”

Aboard the FSS Light of Renewal

Major Moss looked over the latest recon reports, the Lyran jump-ships had exited the system so that was positive but the latest reports from his spy ships were not encouraging. Special Agent Price was also looking outwardly concerned.

“Major it looks like they activated a Castle Brian, these power signatures can’t be anything else. There is no way we can take that with our current forces, even with the 92nd Armored Task Force it would be difficult.

The current reports indicate that the facility is 50% capable that Fury must have been filled with the staff necessary to operate their systems. We are working overtime to come up with targeting and routes but the Mercs are not going to like this."

“I understand, I am going groundside with the Redtail, I do have authorization from Central to use the Alamos maybe we can even the odds enough with them. Concerning the Mercs, I am going to have to talk to them about this. This wasn’t part of their contract.”


So the “cache” is a Star League fortress containing nearly 200 turrets and capable of housing 2 whole brigades…

Raising the Stakes

…well, this is spiraling violently out of control.

Raising the Stakes

Oh come on you didn’t seriously expect Loki to put enough WMDs to destroy the League or Confederation in a simple warehouse did you?

Raising the Stakes
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