Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Outback Fury pt 1

06/04/3065 Location – Fort Westerly, Castle Verdant, Minette, Federation Outback (Periphery March)

Fort Westerly was a fairly new construction they had just installed most of the communications equipment that had been ordered years ago. Lieutenant Allerston, Aide de Camp to Major Holm’s, advisor to Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion, walked briskly with an arm full of reports. He looked concerned as he approached General Tolsten’s map room saluting the General’s staff of Field Officers along the way.

The Lieutenant was let in and snapped a parade quality salute to the former Commandant of the Point Barrow Academy and current Commander of all the Periphery March’s militia forces.

Excuse me General, fresh reports from the frontier just came in over H.P.G.

Can’t you leave them with the staff Lieutenant

I’m afraid not sir I have been ordered by the Grand Duchess to bring them to your direct attention.

Fine place them on the table over there

The Lieutenant did as ordered then returned to attention

You are dismissed Lieutenant, Inform the Duchess I will address them immediately

Allerston left immediately saluting along the way out

General Tolsten looked through the reports, several Outback Ranger posts had been hit, total losses of personnel and equipment. The words “Liquid Rage” had been left behind but no bodies had been discovered. The Militia forces had never seen a pirate band called that from the Tortuga factions so it was either rogue mercenaries or freelance pirates. Very good freelance pirates


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