Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Mechdur (R&R) Situation Report 3

Now it gets interesting

Camp 51-08, Mechdur, Aurigan Coalition

Adept Argent woke to nightmares in the HPG Compound’s Adepts Quarters, the past few months had worn on his body and soul. Nothing but sorrow and death everyday while he performed his duty. He tried to wash it off but nothing would remove the persistent grime of this planet, before leaving he said a quick prayer to Blake. He left the compound dressed in his ash gray uniform, sidearm, and filter mask mounted a ladder and entered his Inquisitor SecurityMech. Powering it up he checked his demi-company’s orders, same as yesterday unfortunately.

The six Inqusitors went to their assembly area and picked up the flame projectors they had received from Paradiso Armor Works. Unfortunately their task required such a brutal weapon, the group walked to the next area past several checkpoints manned by the Magistracy Gendearmes where hundreds of vacuum sealed body bags waited, yesterdays casualties from the quarantine camp brought there by their equally infected comrades. The Inquisitors were the only environmentally sealed units in the Militia forces on-world so they had the grim duty of manning the pyre.

Their work completed Adept Argent returned to the assembly area where a MMC isolation crew stood at the ready. They blasted it with various cleaning agents before giving the all clear before the Inquisitors returned to perimeter patrols for the main camp.


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