Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Periphery Arms Update

10/17/3065 Capital Expo Center, Ann Arbor, Detroit

Principal Attendees
Lenore McCabe, Countess of Detroit
Sylvia Ramey CEO of Detroit Consolidated Mechworks
Gavin Priest-McDonogh, CEO of Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Linus McLeod, CEO of Pinard Protectorates Limited
Maxwell Geifman, CEO of Sterope Defense Industries
Khaliq Riuda, CEO of Coalition Arsenal, Ltd
Donald Welsh, Director of Niops Consolidated Workshops
Marie Ramita, Niops Association Representative
Augustin San Marco, Sales Director for Paradiso Armor Works (Also it’s CEO’s little brother)

M3 has finished constructed their new production lines on Dainmar Majoris, the lines of Canopus will continue to make Manticores but that to will be phased out to Dunianshire by 3070. The Dainmar Majoris plant will begin producing Pikes, Missile Carriers, and Light Missile Carriers for the M.A.F. and affiliated forces

The Coalition Arsenal of Mechdur has almost completed their move to Guldra in light of the continued contagion on their home planet. Anti-Canopian elements in the Coalition continue to destabilize the nation due to their belief that the Canopians engineered the Crimson Flu.

The Niops Association makes public their deal with the Magestrix to move into former Ballad province worlds over the next decade. The Association will contribute to R&D on Luxen and Dunianshire in exchange for independence. This galls the New Colony Region, massive protests against Magistracy “Occupation” of NCR worlds occur over the following days.

Detroit Consolidated will increase the number of weapon systems they purchase from Sterope Defense Industries in order to match the growing demand for new vehicles to rebuild and update the CCAF, MAF, and TDF.

The Magistracy Gendearme, Colonial Marshals, and Aurigan Interior Forces will increase purchases in Pinard Protectorates’ small arms and body armor to increase inter-operability with the Taurian Border Patrol in light of the increasingly unstable NCR, Rim Independents, and Aurigan Reach. Each nation will continue to procure from domestic arms producers of course but recent events require a surge of capacity.

A joint effort by M3, Brigadier Corporation, Niops Consolidated Workshops, and Coalition Aerospace, Ltd has produced the Amur (or Leopard E) Dropship. It is the same size as the popular Buccaneer and uses many common components with that design but carries 6 Battlemechs, 2 Fighters, 4 Light Vehicles (an Augmented Company), nearly 400 tons of cargo, and much more firepower than a Leopard or Union class transport.

M3 has received the license to manufacture Monarch class dropships from the Brigadier Corporation, tooling and expansion of the shipyards on Dunianshire will start by the end of the year. The first vessel should take off by 3068, the Exchanges on Canopus and Luxen hit new highs on M3’s new capability

Paradiso Aerospace has purchased the rights to the Guardian series of Jump Jets from Mujika Aerospace. The tools and molds for the out of production fighter will be transported to Paradiso and serve as the first product for the new venture.


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