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Katherine, Archon-Princess IV

Katherine was drifting, the Opera {“Trauer des Schneefeuers”, (First person to post the translation gets 1 free point to P/G)} was superb, a virtuoso performance for the ages, but nothing could match the circumstances of her life. Like always, she saw everything play out again just like it was on the stage before her.

She saw herself thirteen years ago, coming back to the Palace in New Avalon after spending the day riding for the NAIS polo team…

When she opened the door to her father’s office only to see him slumped over at his desk, rushing to him, calling the doctor in hysteria, tears running down her face as Victor joined her after they had taken him away.

She could relive the moment she met Galen Cox, Victor returning to Tharkad from the Clan front with a shiner after Galen punched him in order to save his life. She was just about to begin school at NAIS, so they only met briefly before she went back to New Avalon far away from the Clans. They both went back to the Lyran front to command the Tenth while she remained on New Avalon with Yvonne.

Later she had gone to Arc-Royal where Victor was with the Kell Hounds facing down the clans after Phelen’s return. Victor was soon going to be the Archon-Prince, Katherine didn’t know when or how Ryan Steiner was going to kill her mother just that it would happen soon. She knew he was not going to be happy as Archon-Prince, that he had refused it when offered after father died, and that she could be of service regardless of which brother held the title.

Arc Royal didn’t welcome her but did not wish to offend Victor by making to much of her unannounced arrival while they were hosting the Kurita clan. After all she was sincere in her intended purpose to meet with Galen again after a long period of correspondence. She didn’t even aspire to Archon-Prince at the time, Peter and Arthur were still in the line. Both of them were doing their five years before they could be First Prince, she had no intention to enlist even though she could pilot a Battlemech.

Her and Omiko were instant enemies, there had been tension between the two of them when Jaime Wolf brought all the scions of the Great Houses to Outreach during the pause, but both women had changed dramatically since then. Many times she wanted to plunge a dagger into the daughter of Theodore Kurita’s long, graceful neck. How dare she try to take her brother away from her.

Both of them were fighting for him but Omi could fuck him so it wasn’t a fair contest. She knew the snake would do whatever her father commanded her and that such a close agent would be nothing but trouble in the future, even if her affection was sincere.

She pleaded with Victor to just step down, let Peter rise up, avoid the problems that a Kurita-Steiner-Davion marriage would cause. The Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns still had a long list of grievances with the Combine and each other, so their marriage would surely sunder it. Even in the Combine there were factions that would oppose such a union, It didn’t matter to the March Lords that Hanse had saved Luthien from the Jaguars and Nova Cats, they would have been perfectly content if the planet burned.

Peter was there too, he told her that Melissa intended to completely remove Katherine from any position of importance when the brothers completed their term of service. How could she; all her life Katherine was getting ready for these responsibilities. Was she just to be Yvonne’s companion?

She could remember with perfect clarity watching the fateful broadcast where her mother was murdered by Ryan Steiner with her assistance, closing wounds that long festered.

Then things got worse


Mourning the snow fire

Katherine, Archon-Princess IV

Sorrow of Snow Fire was what I put in but congrats you get an extra point. A Steiner classic

Katherine, Archon-Princess IV
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