Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Homefront, pt 6

07/01/3065 07:25 Location – Dust, Western Expanse, Dainmar Majoris

Anwar woke at the screech of the train slowing down and an announcement over the intercom, “All aboard we are approaching Dust, be prepared to disembark, thank you for riding.” Outside it was much the same as it had been yesterday evening reddish brown sand as far as the eye could see. He has passed through some magnificent landscapes but after Shamrock there was nothing but sand.

He walked out of the train with his bag its lightness a reminder of his poverty, the train station was an assault on his senses. Numerous murals and peculiar art pieces adorned the walls of the station. Exiting the station he found himself in a bazaar where all manner of artisans peddled exotic curios, there were a few that caught his eye but it was morbid curiosity more than genuine interest. The artist colony of Dust climbed the nearby hills like a colorful fungus, however the dyed stucco of the buildings faded fast to white and beige housing units.

Anwar got turned around in the maze of streets and had to ask for directions more than once from the locals that immediately knew he wasn’t from around here. They weren’t rude but they weren’t happy to see him either.

Two hours later he found the transit station he was looking for and met more men under the white canopy. A tan Pit Bull truck with “DEXTRAN” painted on the side arrived shortly afterward. Relieved Anwar relaxed and pulled out his work order. The truck went into idle mode silencing the crank of its diesel engine as a man wearing olive coveralls stepped out adjusted his glasses and walking forward while opening his noteputer. “Alright fellas I’m Bryan Holdt time for roll call, have your IDs ready”

Anwar and the others hopped in the back of the Pit Bull which began to drive along the rough gravel road. It took about an hour before they neared a large fence and the foundations of more substantial fortifications. The truck pulled up to the gate where a group of rifleman dressed as Zouaves were training a light machine gun on the vehicle. Another truck armed with a machine gun passed by on patrol slowing as it neared the checkpoint.

The guard Sergeant ordered everyone out, quickly inspected the worker’s meager baggage and identification papers. Satisfied the six workers re-boarded the truck and entered Camp Rawhide Proper passing under the 2nd Raventhir Cuirassiers’ banner.

A portion of the 2nd Raventhir Infantry Guard was doing drills in the yard as they passed by. Bryan’s Pit Bull had slowed down and was running on paved roads so it was quiet enough to shout out the window. “Most of the good stuff is happening on the training ground, No Mechs or Tanks enter the Camp Proper, tears up the roads. These guys are barely out of Basic, churn is that high even for a front line regiment.”

The truck came to a halt near one of the many Quonset huts along Sierra road. “Alright guys stash this is your new home, stash your stuff and be back in ten minutes. Lots to do not enough time.”

Anwar and the other workers complied stashing their gear in the plain metal lockers that corresponded to the beds in the hut. This one smelled new so they could pick the prime beds.

“Alright enough introductions I’m taking you to the facility super he’ll hand out your assignments based on your pre-assessements. You better not have been lying on that form, bad things happen out here all the time.”


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