Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Homefront, pt 4

05/25/3065 14:49 Jasmine Peril Casino Deck, Interstellar Space, near Zenith Jump Point Bonavista

The Jasmine Peril’s casino was faded and a little outdated but captivated and mystified with its bright lights and cacophony of noise from the slots and tables. Despite the chaos everything was controlled, the rules were set and those that broke them were removed. A major improvement over his previous circumstance of despair, disease, and deprivation. Colonial Marshals kept watch by the doors in case anyone got rowdy but most of the patrons were melancholy; shifting listlessly between tables exchanging stories and toasting to fallen comrades.

He listened and did what he could to entertain them, St Ives Veterans, Pirate Hunters, Marshals, Reconstruction Specialists everyone on the vessel had served in some manner and it made him feel inadequate. Baqir had been right unfortunately Anti-Canopian sentiment in the Coalition had sharply reduced those willing to accept Magistracy aid. Instead they turned toward Coromdir, which proved inadequate, the Concordat, which proved incompetent, and The Word of Blake, which tried but was unsuccessful.

“Deal us in Mr Jossi”, a familiar feminine voice said. Immediately Anwar snapped out of his Zen trance to see a group of ash gray and off white Word of Blake uniforms sitting in front of him; clearly bemused at his absentmindedness. He almost missed his shuffle’s bridge in surprise embarrassment evident on his face, one of the female acolytes giggled softly clearly expecting him to fumble and cards to fly. “Apologies Adept Deepwater,” slipping back into his dealer tone, “the game is Baccarat ladies and gentleman. Minimum bet is five, do any of you need me to explain the rules?”

The game continued until the acolytes quit having spent their daily traveling allowance. Adepts Argent and Amethyst continued joined occasionally by other players. The Coalition refugees turned crewmembers settled into one of the smaller lounges at shift end grateful to be out of their plain and uncomfortable bunks. Their replacements arrived on the floor, the Jasmine Peril never closed while there was money to be had.

“I never thought we’d up as casino workers in Rensiever”, Anwar said to the others.
“Who even knew the Magistracy Development Corps had a Monarch, I never expected to be aboard one ever.”, one of the others said as she poured herself another beer from the communal tap built into the table. None of the refugees had spent much time in space prior to now even their trips from Mechdur were in highly controlled environments and under duress. “I mean why do they even have a Casino?-”

“When my mother purchased it from the Pleasure Circus she didn’t pay to remove it. There are only so many things to do while in a transit after all.” Amethyst interjected from the doorway before entering and having a seat. “Canopians are not book people unless those books have stakes. Even the Word of Blake has a stipend for gambling while traveling in Canopian space.” A few of the refugees laughed but others were uncomfortable at the unexpected presence of the Adept.

They still engaged in friendly conversation as she was the only person on the ship that actually wanted to seek them out. Some of it was her recruiting pitch about how life in the Word of Blake is full of adventure and travel. Others were concerned about family members still missing or displaced and hoping to fast track some messages through the HPGs back to Coalition space.

Three refugees accepted her offer, Initiates were the sole responsibility of the Order and shed any refugee status, they would undergo their apprenticeships at the Magistracy HPGs under Blake control. The Order was recruiting heavily throughout the Inner Sphere and the Coalition and Magistracy were no exception, their political savvy and economic might were their best recruiting tools.


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