Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Homefront, pt 1

Status Crimson Flu – The initial waves of Mechdur Refugees had spread the disease to Umgard and Tyrion, Vox Populi and its fellow counter-media agents blamed the Magistracy.

05/05/3065 05:18 Location – MDC-Coalition Quarantine Camp, Joppa, Magistracy of Canopus

A massive tent city on a windswept prairie, almost camouflaged due to the fabric matching the grass below each with the Magistracy Development Corps insignia on it. There are also White tents with the Magistracy Medical Corps crest. A small group of men walked on their way to the commissary.

Anwar, wait up!

Baqir? When did you get here?

A young man in his teens rushed toward the slightly older one, both wore the same green clothes but Baqir’s was noticeably “fresher”, the two embraced

I just came in from Tincalunas two days ago, one of the last waves I’m told… Heading toward the Magistracy at least…. How long have you been here Anwar? I hear they have gotten better but…

Four months here, three on Lyreton before that. We both know what the Crimson Flu can do, I can’t hold it against them, I heard the death tolls on Tyrion are in the millions. The Coalition is in free-fall won’t be much longer till it all comes apart

Don’t say that! What will happen to everyone we know, someone has to do something?

No they don’t Baqir! They don’t have to do anything! They can just sit and watch or blast dropships full of refugees rather than let them dirtside or wait it out and come back to rebuild. The fact that they are doing anything is a either an admission of guilt, seizing an opportunity, or like they would like us to believe, an act of benevolence.

I’m sorry, I’ll keep it together, it’s just stressful you know. Can we get something to eat and talk about the old times? I don’t know anyone else here and didn’t eat after processing.


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