Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Five Way Talks pt 3

Part 2

04/04/3064 14:18 Location – Coalition Hall, Coromdir, Aurigan Coalition

A Word of Blake adept from the Cordomdir HPG walked into a private meeting between Precentor Jadran and High Lady Kamea.

High Lady our mercenaries have dealt with Count Toure’s rebels on Mechdur with no damage to the industrial complex. The Count and his confederates have been captured and await your judgement. Thus far the mercenaries have refused to hand them over to the Interior ministry.

Thank you Precentor that is surprisingly good news I expected Toure to sabotage the facility and make a general mess of the place perhaps I misjudged his rebellion’s strength or purpose. Keep pressure on those mercenaries I want him in custody so he can’t continue to cause problems.

Certainly, there is not much more that the Word can do to publicly support your regime. You will have to make the choices in this matter I can offer you some guidance but the Council has not given me power to help you.

Later on that Day

High Lady Kamea returned to the meeting room “Attention all I have managed to negotiate an auction of the Aurigan Defense Industries, you may all bid on your price to aid the Coalition during this troubling time. I will sell them off item by item.”


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