Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Five Way Talks pt 2

Part 1

03/22/3064 15:28 Location – Coalition Hall, Coromdir, Aurigan Coalition

The marathon talks to deal with the Coalition’s seemingly intractable problems had deteriorated as the High Lady was unwilling to make the concessions necessary.

High Lady, The situation on Mechdur has deteriorated so far that even if when we deal with Count Toure’s rebel forces there is a hard limit to what can bring that planet around. The Arms factories there are your largest government asset and your realm’s best route to salvation.

Lady Aveline, the Coalition Arsenal is the thing that makes the realm defensible without its production we are at the mercy of any faction that would victimize our citizens.

With all due respect High Lady that has happened anyway and you asked us to take over, that will require concessions on your part. The Magestrix supported your initial leadership against the Espionosas but she will not give you an unlimited lease on the Genderarme or MDC.

The Concordat’s support is similarly not free, the TACD is not free and has not been serving its primary purpose by aiding your citizens. The Protector grows weary of this although his current concern is still finding and bringing to justice the people that resulted in the death of Jeffery Calderon. I will not leave these discussions without giving him something worthwhile.

Confederation facilities are interested in acquiring some Coalition assets in exchange for our financial support to stabilize the region and perhaps the transfer of some mercenary commands to garrison at risk worlds. Unfortunately the problem still remains that the Coalition’s independent worlds are weak you need to consolidate and abandon or evacuate your more marginal colonies.

The Word of Blake and League representatives nod their heads in agreement but have nothing else to add. High Lady Kamea wouldn’t have much leverage with so many demands on her office.


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