Battletech Mercs Unleashed

First Encounter

The Dust Settles

09/08/3065 14:19 Location – Crossroads, 5km from Divine Palm Oasis

After a very long localized sandstorm the Assault Force was still standing but several mechs were in bad shape. Both Guillotines had multiple holes in the armor and the Penetrator slowly stood back up; unstable and barely holding together. The Niopian Mongoose returned to the battle group and the Ballistas clustered with the rest of the mechs still wary of the Headhunters’ Aerospace fighters.

Clouds of dust rose up to the Northeast where the Headhunters’ Remnants had evacuated, a Boomerang observation craft lazily flew figure eights. It was too far away to make out a logo but it is clearly watching from afar. The blown out husks of the Dragon Fire, Gallowglas, Bombardier, Black Knight, and Tempest were covered in a fine coating of sand. Their pilots still secure in their cockpits, a mercy considering the harsh sun and cutting sand.

Mikhai Devo’s cockpit on the other hand was completely open to the elements, the only thing that kept him cool was the vest attached to his Orion’s life support. His heart rate was spiked and he had taken some hits but his mech was still hanging on by a thread.

Meanwhile 28km NNW

Lt Cmd. Nyx’s Anubis had come back into LOS Comm she had gotten turned around in the sandstorm.

Major Hostile Forces incoming, target list attached, confirmed recon scans that Captain Reyes is leading the incoming attack force.

Flash Transmission
Banshee, Charger, Flashman, Axeman, Cataphract, Archer
2 Regulators, 2 Maxims, and 2 Condors all of which have Battle Armor on their hulls

All there Nyx, Mercs ready your A-game here they come.


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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