Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Exodus, part 2

05/18/3064 Location – Suk II, Nadir Jump Point, Clan Wolf OZ

The JC Smoke and Mirrors had managed to evade Jade Falcon patrols during its transit to Port Moseby but their luck had run out. The Vincent Mk 42 CWS Trailblazer had been patrolling the System and flagged their transits as unusual due to a change in operating procedure. All hands were on deck as the infantry suited up to repel boarders should it come to that rather than be taken by Vlad’s Wolves. The Trailblazer hailed the Jaguar jump craft.

Unidentified vessel you are to declare everything right now and accept boarders, do not resist or you will be annihilated

Ash was tense but she remembered something, she turned to one of the Jump Technicians

Quick, grab the yellow book from my quarters! (muttering) Those spheroids better not have been lying

He returned with the book

CWS Trailblazer, we are Skulldiggers hunting Viridescent Pheasants

There was a short pause before the Wolf Captain responded

Come Again

CWS Trailblazer, we are Skulldiggers hunting Viridescent Pheasants

Another short pause but it seemed like forever for the Jaguars

Skulldiggers, carry on, silence the screechers, CWS Trailblazer vectoring off

Ash was surprised that worked, everyone was surprised actually. After confirming that the CWS Trailblazer was indeed leaving. A collective sigh of relief was had on the Bridge.

All units stand down, Alert Condition 4, Carry on normal duties

The fact that a Loki code-phrase actually worked to disengage a Clan Wolf Warship was curious, very curious. Perhaps even Vlad’s Wolves had distanced themselves from the clan ways despite his hard-line attitude. Or maybe they just appreciated anyone who was an enemy of the Falcons.

06/10/3064 Location – Morningside Zenith Jump Point, Federated Commonwealth

Watch Captain Ash called another meeting in the Lion JC Vanguard Cargo Bay.

We have cleared most of the Commonwealth’s patrol areas. You have all done an excellent job learning how to be Nova Cats. We will need to put your skills to the test in ten days when we burn toward Port Moseby.

We will have five days there before we have to leave lest we draw suspicion from the Dragon’s Eyes. Quartermaster Norwood has compiled a list of our salable assets. I will require everyone to be a Merchant on this mission, we are too small to specialize and the Watch is adaptable. Leave the signs we have standardized on, if any Jaguars still prowl the space-lanes they will eventually come into Port Moseby. They will need to know that Smoke Jaguars still live.


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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