Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Day 1 Aftermath

09/08/3065 15:07 Location – Divine Palm Oasis Airspace

Squad Leader Cirillo looked over his sensor feeds, the winds were really picking up down on the surface but they were at the coordinates. His flight was heavily loaded with Arrow IV Air to Surface missiles but they didn’t see anything on the scopes.

Major, we cannot get visual or sensor confirmation of the targets, I see beacons from the Headhunter’s S&R crews but no signs of hostiles. Looks like they bugged out and are probably shut down in the sandstorm below. We will continue a search pattern and engage if we spot them.

His Thunderbird boosted up above the dust and kept an eye on his scanners, the rest of the squad followed.

09/08/3065 15:47 Location – Hellspire Basin

The Headhunter’s Advance S&R team arrived, 4 Hawk Moths patrolled the area while a pair of Karnovs dusted off and unloaded tech and medical teams to begin cleanup. Most of the armor crews were still alive but trapped in their vehicles. Casualties were relatively light only five KIA but material loss was huge, they would be sunk if they failed to complete their contract.

Even now they were pushing it, Enrique and Alfonso only had so much money and neither would keep paying them if they didn’t deliver.

Captain Reyes was pissed, he tossed his neuro-helmet into the gray sand as he looked over at his wrecked Banshee.

Mierda, Deberiamos, haber tenido, eso lo que la cogida salio mal. Chinga usted pinche puta Felicity

The Aurochs hover transports arrived later to pick up the Battle Armor along with their own salvage vehicles to haul off the wreckage.


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