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Current Events

Q1-Q2 3064

Interstellar News Network, Round the Sphere

Greetings INN Customers, I am Martin Humbert, right into the news

Tops News today, Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion has arrived on Tharkad in preparation for the Whitting Conference on Marik in August.

She has left the Federated Suns of her Realm in the capable hands of Countess Ivona Reba, a long time friend, ally, and Prime Minister of Ways and Means. The Countess will not live in the palace and shall remain in the Greenbriar estate former home of Count Gregory who was removed during the Ardan-Sortek coup attempt

Jackson Davion continues to be General of the Armies and has shown no will to remove the Crucis March forces that have been stationed in the Draconis and Capellan Marchs under orders from the Archon-Princess.

Simon Gallagher has been given the Duchy of Kentares to replace the late Duke that was ousted in a coup against Katherine.

Yvonne Steiner-Davion has taken the title of “Grand Duchess of the Periphery March” rather then her previous title “Princess of New Avalon and Duchess of Greater Camelot”. Her aides have informed INN that she prefers the title and enjoys the current responsibilities given to her by Katherine.

On to the Lyran Alliance side of the Sphere, General Nondi Steiner is expected to be allowed to retire to Gallery. General Adam Steiner is the leading contender to succeed her based on insider information.

Despite Katherine’s decree to reduce exports of war materiel Coventry Metal Works and Defiance Industries continue to turn out equipment based on their latest market information. This has caused some alarm in the League but most of the material is supposed to be used to reinforce border world militias rather than assigned to prime combat units.

Onto the League, Alys Rousset-Marik and Therese Brett-Marik have been unusually outspoken on the League’s association with the Word of Blake. Captain-General Thomas Marik has remained silent on the matter and has continued to allow the Word of Blake to operate the League’s HPG grid.

Every major power has begun sending delegations to Marik to start negotiations and set the schedule for the Whitting Conference. Top among them is the looming Clan threat especially for the Combine considering their recent war with the Ghost Bears. The topic of transborder militants based on the Black Dragon Society and Thuggee’s recent attacks on Combine and Federation targets. The League’s growing warship fleet will warrant discussion with the Alliance and Combine to keep the Sphere in relative peace.

There are musings that the League will sponsor the Word of Blake and the Confederation might sponsor the Concordat or Magistracy for entry into the Star League much like Rasalhauge.

Meanwhile in the Combine Coordinator Theodore Kurita has reached a detente with Duke Tancred Sandoval and Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion. COMSTAR and SLDF forces are expected to reinforce the Combine garrisons damaged during the Black Dragon Affair, Combine-Ghost Bear War, and the Draconis March Incursion at least until the DCMS and LAW can secure the Combine.


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