Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Combined Intelligence Assessment, RUBICON

Red Skull HUMINT, Major Felicity Grey

I have the full order of battle on Tai’iqih for the matters most concerning this operation. Top Shot has a spare Lightning, an older model but it is still a flying 203mm Cannon. They also have a Redtail Small Gunship which is unwelcome news.

No doubt they anticipate our attack during this relatively clear weather period after an extended break, so expect all of them to come to aid Captain Holfsted, his Grenadiers, and their local auxiliaries at Al’Jair. There are also local informants that have surely relayed the fact that the camp at As’Sab is being packed up.

My technical intelligence teams took a look at the C3i unit installed in the Assault Pike so we know that the Werker-Henz at Al’Jair can jam those systems in addition to your standard C3 battle networking systems. Blackbird’s command console can protect the system but I am unfortunately unable to operate it.

An extra note of Caution, one of the Red Skull Mechwarriors reports that an ordnance container on the tarmac was marked with the same signs recorded in your unit’s historicals from Zavijava. It was guarded by Alptraum Commandos but I will try to figure out what might be in it from the others. If Jakk wakes up I will send his debriefing along to you.

Top Shot TOO
Stuka (D6), Thunderbird (D36b), Lucifer (R20), Corsair (V14), 3 Lightnings (1 G15, 2 G16D), Redtail (2 A4, 3 ERML)

Jaguars Claws HUMINT, Specialist Cearra Heron

Point Commander Pike has given us a rough table of organization for the Titanfellers, at least the forces that attacked Coolwater. It has been several days so Ash may have destroyed them but Major Brekard had a reinforced battalion of 40 Battlemechs. Mostly heavy-medium with a lights and assaults mixed in. That was before he spent two days fighting the around 25-30 Battlemechs that Ash was capable of fielding. Who knows what he has left, they have also told me what they remember being fielded by Ash; but one step at a time the Titanfellers need to be dealt with first.

The Jaguars cannot guarantee that Ash won’t attack Mercs Unleashed. She is hell bent on rebuilding her clan she might even be willing to sacrifice her SaKhan if she believed it was worth it long term. This Watch Captain is a genuine concern as well, he seemed eager to rid the clan of Jakk based on Mina’s interrogation of Ravinia. I don’t know what Major Grey will want you to do or what Jakk will be able to offer to aid you when he finally wakes up. Nevertheless we at As’Sab will be ready for you when you arrive this morning.

Coolwater Order of Battle
Battlemaster, Crossbow, Komodo, Wolverines, Hercules, Anvil, Thunder, Nightsky, 2 Shadow Hawks, 2 Griffins, 2 Warhammers, Catapult, 2 Dervishes, Starslayer, Clint, Whitworth, Archer, Jackal, Phoenix Hawk, 2 Panthers, 2 Fire Javelins, Lancelot, Thunder Hawk, Zeus, Jenner, Wolf Trap, Stalker, Crusader, Kit Fox B, Howler, Hunchback, 2 Wasps, Valkyrie

Scouting Report, Mechwarrior Keiko Muruyama

The Cicada, Wolf Traps, and Cronus were sent to test Al’Jair’s response, the response was swift and powerful but we mobility hit some of the hovers (Scimitar, Gladius, Harasser) causing them to withdraw. We did get close enough to update the previous reports however courtesy of the Guardian ECM on Scatterbrain’s mech. We counted a combined 20 heavy gun and tank emplacements and observed eight artillery units firing on us but they weren’t able to pin us down. The area is surrounded by Minefields and patrolled by hovercraft. Its not going to be an easy fight Commander but it has to be done.

Observed Units
Behemoth (Headhunter), Ontos (Headhunter), 2 Von Luckner Type II (Gauss), 2 Heavy LRM Trailers, 2 Improved Pikes, 2 Zhukov Type II (2 LGR, 1 SRM6), 2 Scimitar (AC/5, TAG), 2 Gladius, 2 Harasser Rocket Carriers (7 RL15), 4 Dual Ultra 10 Gun Trailers, 3 Warthog Thumper Carriers, 3 Marksman SPAs, 2 Derecho Arrow IV MLRS

Known Units
2 Hawk Moth VTOLs, 2 Warrior H-7s, 2 Guardian Jump Jets


Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to the main event!

AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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