Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Combine Surplus SALE!

Courtesy of Ghost Bear

To Mercs Unleashed Requisition Officer

From Tang Wei Xiang, Westerhand Agent for The Interstellar Association of Independent Weapons Manufacturers

Greetings Mercenaries, I am writing to inform you that we have a major offering in the works for commands like yours.

Due to the Combine’s recent conflicts they have released a quantity of Wolf Trap mechs and chassis onto the market through the IAIWM. The DCMS had stopped procuring these mechs several years ago but they have a large quantity of lightly used ones and the lines were mothballed but not destroyed. These are heavily discounted and will be traded for League manufactured items.

We would like to know if you would be interested in purchasing any mechs or chassis?

They have proved to be rather popular thus far and we don’t know how long Luthien Armor Works will continue their discounted price. If you are satisfied please inform us. The IAIWM has been exploring bids to acquire the Wolf Trap tools and manufacturing rights from Luthien and we continue to appreciate your business.

Sincerely, TWX

Details enclosed

Wolf Trap WFT-1 856 BV

Bare Wolf Trap Chassis 485 BV (6/9 XLE, 45 Ton Endo Steel, SHS, Missing RLAA, RHA)


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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