Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Cold as Ice, pt 8

Markus and Mina, pt 2

09/14/3065 04:27 Location – “The Icebox”, Mule Dropship “Rodeo”, Al’Sur


Markus “Tack” Brandt and Jasmina Ilonka continued their relatively calm conversation, after all she wasn’t sleeping with him; so the betrayal was not as severe between the two of them then say his Co-Commander Joe “Hotfoot” Leeson whom she was.

That is so boring Lieutenant, I expected more sex, drugs, and violence in your story

I’m afraid my prior history with Major Grey is not quite so exciting as my tenure here, now me and Cearra… well there is a a reason I don’t drink Magliss Lime Lightning anymore.

While he was mildly intrigued by that statement, he really didn’t want to get in an uncomfortable tangent about prior relationships, Why didn’t you tell us about your assignment sooner?

I didn’t want it change how you perceived me. I’ve done everything I can to ensure you have the operational picture you need to stay alive and complete the contract. I wanted you to appreciate my work without any preconception that it might influence future work offers from the Magistracy of Canopus on behalf of our mutual frenemy Felicity Grey.

You hardly need my help, this unit’s alumni organization has done an admirable job marketing the unit, not many merc units still deliver solid results over nearly six years. Additionally Mrs Deepwater has commented multiple times on the (cough) “staying power” and (cough) “ferocity” of Ryan Corsair and his “unit” (cough), that was sort of engineered by Felicity to give you guys a reason to stay but that is perhaps the most overt attempt.

I certainly hope that Roger and Nathan can continue the legacy after you and Joe leave. I will admit that I did sent you a diverse list of pre-selected free agents from across the Inner Sphere with the intention for them to stay and enlist in the MAF when they were done here. You are certainly welcome to do so as well, Felicity might even spot you the million c-bills to come in as a Major if you can bring the whole unit in.

It would certainly be a tempting offer, right in character for the Magistracy of Canopus but then again quicksand looked like solid ground till you stepped on it, So Felicity was using us as a Feeder Team?

Not specifically, as far as I know. It’s kind of the Canopian way, the MAF’s Mech force is nearly half prior service mercenaries that got a nice resettlement package and citizenship in exchange for a fixed term of service, most of which brought their mechs and techs with them. Local girls love rugged mercenaries, the MAF has relatively few major enemies except the Marian Legions or perhaps the Red Chasseurs and Syrtis Fusiliers so its mostly hunting pirates or fighting second rate units, casinos and vacations take the rest of the paycheck. Everyone wins.

The Canopian Institute of War has managed to increase the training and screening of dependable Officers and NCOs and the influx of Liao and Taurian tech has finally started to give the Magistracy the hands up it needed to really hit its stride.

Alright fine, I would have preferred to not have so much drama but I don’t think you pose a greater threat to the organization than Felicity Grey does so you’re back, but on a probational period. Please talk to me before you do something crazy next time and speak up, I’m sure between you and Grey there is a volumes of things unsaid that might be of interest to me. Your antics have cost me a lot of sleep and a good portion of my liver’s functionality over the past few days.

Since you’re back now. What do you think of our current situation? I am going to have a lot of things on my mind for the next couple of days so spit it out, I really don’t have time for games and puzzles.

Are you sure Commander? I don’t think you will like what I am about to tell you.

Do I have to put it in a direct order Lieutenant! Spit it out!

You have to give Sergeant Reinholdt and Corporal Hermes to the Scavengers for justice along with Nathan’s chit, the medicine Samira promised them, and make restitution for the people they killed. They have betrayed the rules of Sacred Hospitality by attacking and killing their hosts and by extension have gravely dishonored the unit and hurt our standing with the Emirs, and it needs to be You and Joe that hands them over too with the Emirs present.

Karras and Heron have both made multiple mentions that the Titanfellers radio station has been playing that non-stop and Chief Engineer Ingress pulled his people out of As’Sab into the wire because the local’s attitude changed from suspicion to barely concealed hostility. It was bad enough to the locals that we took in the Jaguars although I think it was a good call Commander.

We have to hurry to because even though I think Lieutenant Commander Post’s armor can fight off the locals it will be a massacre. The only thing that held them back was the mechs, without their very intimidating presence the odds are greatly evened. A wounded mech won’t do either they would see that as weakness and an opportunity.

He actually hadn’t considered that angle, everyone on this planet was armed and very touchy about tradition, You’re right I don’t like that very much. You want me to send two men to their likely very painful deaths, probably detain and disarm their friends to prevent a mutiny, and expend resources to appease the locals?

Yessir, it is the only way to prevent the bloodshed

I appears like he was not getting any sleep tonight, he exited the cell. Hendrick you can release the Lieutenant, I will send a message to Major Grey to collect her. Also do you have an encrypted terminal here?


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