Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Cold as Ice, pt 6

09/14/3065 02:18 Location – Grey’s Quarters, MIM Baba Yaga, Leeward Valley, 16km N of Al’Sur

Major Felicity Grey shifted and another bolt of pain lanced into her side, three broken ribs, a compound fracture of her right arm, and to many bruises and cuts to count, unfortunately she felt everyone of them. She was fortunate that Dr. Radha Selaj was one of the best in the Magistracy even if she was a bit to enthusiastic about cybernetic prosthetics. It was mostly her work that created Thane, Arachne, and the others but they were at least volunteers with years of experience that knew the risks involved.

Her ongoing experiments with the other MIM, Niopian, and Smoke Jaguar scientists on Selene station were one of the best kept secrets in the Magistracy of Canopus. Felicity had been given a Special Access Pass from her former Commanding Colonel Josephine Le Blanc, whom she was apprenticed to twenty-four years ago. The woman was hardcore and old school, while the Canopian Institute of War expanded its class every year most MAF officers still learned the old fashioned way, on the job and sink or swim, especially with her.

MIM had attempted to gather a more formalized training program at Headquarters but there was too much work to pull more than a few people off their assignments to train rookies in the basics. Not that most of the agents wanted that assignment either, she had joined MIM to fight dirty for the Magistracy on the front lines, not be some lecturer resigned to a quiet life on Palladix.

Now that she was Deputy Director of ARC by default she had a regular pass to some of the Special Access Programs. Including the results of the first round of DREAMWALKER where she learned what they did to Jasmina. If she turned out like the other first round subjects she probably would have killed Dr Selaj and Colonel Le Blanc herself and blown Selene to hell.

It galled her even more now that she had seen what happened when you replaced to much man with machine and twisted it the wrong way. The image of that monster surrounded by carnage smiling as it burned popped into her head, nothing could make that go away she felt it would haunt forever. Despite her fierce patriotism victory seemed hollow if you sold out your humanity in the process.

Her time with the Red Skull prisoners was unproductive thus far, she had ordered Kell to crush that bastard Konstantine’s ugly skull after he crossed the line. It was gruesome but got her point across to the survivors. They could sweat it out with his corpse for a little longer until they told her everything they knew; then she would figure out which of them was unlucky this day.

She had to get out and move its not like she could lie around for any real length of time anyhow. Her aches veered her toward the MedBay, Kell was there getting his myomers reattached, all four of the Ebon Magistrate Mechwarriors were still strapped down with various leads and IVs put into them, their vitals erratic but improving. Dr. Selaj and her aides worked their way through the patients before seeing her.

She turned as Felicity walked towards her, Ah Major, good to see you again, I trust you have been managing your injuries well, the pained look was evident, I am a very bad patient doctor especially when threats loom, Radha looked around, Surely in this most formidable spacecraft you could find a moment to actually take a light day, Felicity raised an eyebrow, Could you?, the other woman looked back at her, they had radical different views on all matter of things but could cooperate when necessary, No I suppose not, I guess that is why we are both at the top of pyramid in our respective professions Major

What is your assessment of the girls Dr. Selaj, it pains me to see them in this state Felicity could barely look at them, they were so lively just days ago now they are trapped inside and no one could help them get out but themselves. Dr Selaj positioned herself off of Grey’s shoulder and looked over her patients’ charts, I believe their bodies will pull through, I can bring them back to consciousness given enough time and the resources at Selene station.

It is their minds that I am most concerned about. It is highly unlikely they will ever be able to interface again, they might not even be able to pilot a Battlemech via a neurohelmet anymore the neuro-feedback trauma is that severe. I can’t be certain. This is unknown territory we are dealing with I’ve had to go back quite far on Feedback Fatigue to find literature on the matter. The case will surely benefit the Magistracy even if they never once more take the field.

Two missions and out, A tragic waste of potential. I wonder what they think of now?

I too wonder. That is why we are here after all, to answer all the questions? I will get you something to manage the pain Major but you really must keep to a light schedule. I don’t want your broken ribs to hit anything important, the bio-scaffolding I put there will take days to begin the healing process and is quite fragile to rough handling.

Felicity walked over to Commander Arachne’s bed while Dr Selaj pulled the appropriate drugs. She appeared to be in a deep sleep despite the overactive brain waves. Was The Magistracy of Canopus so in need of soldiers that we should fight even in our Dreams against Nightmares made real. She really hoped not. the waking world was dangerous and scary enough.


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