Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Battle on Derf, Part 6

Don't go in there

04/11/3064 16:11 Location – Homestead Station, Derf

Lieutenant Yao of the Titanfellers Auxiliary Star had arrived at their objective, the facility was located on the shores of a large lake which his unit’s hovercraft had just crossed. There were signs of combat but they were several days old. Laser burns and bullet holes were clearly visible on the faded green and weather-beaten warehouses. The Jade Falcon Ensign had been cast down and trampled, clearly the garrison had lost as they would never allow that if Warriors were around.

Their battle armored troops split up into teams of five, tucked within the wedge were regular infantry also in five man squads. Yao had been ordered to dispatch his heavy hovertanks to harass the hostile Stalker threatening the main mech forces. From the reports over the Battlenet they were in for a serious fight, he dispatched skirmish tanks to aid Bravo Squad, Alpha Squad would have to wait for their limited Aerospace assets for assistance.

His troop’s reports came in over the command unit, there were plenty of supplies but none of it was worth salvaging. Some ammo, a crate of small lasers, a few crates of clan laser rifles were all that was found. Even the command room didn’t have any useful intelligence.

Sergeant Reel came in over his suit’s radio, “Lieutenant we have motion in the facility moving to investigate,” Yao saw through his Command Screen the POV from the IS Battle Armor suit. He opened the door with his suit’s massive claws but then an explosion and the feed went dark.

His subordinate radioed in, “Sir they’ve booby trapped the facility. Bravo squad is moving to evac.” Multiple explosions were heard over their feed over their feed which went dark. Clouds of black smoke rose from the facility into the rain laden grey clouds above.

Alpha and Charlie squads were being ambushed by conventional infantry with heavy weapons. Their suit’s machine guns chewed through them while their heavy armor shielded the standard infantry who were performing watching their backs. The Titanfellers’ technical staff picked up the loot to get it clear of the facility.

When everyone was clear Yao’s Maxim launched incendiary missiles into Homestead Station burning it up and occupying any remaining clan forces. The Maxim, Maultier, and Aurouchs quietly powered back across the lake to regroup with their dropship Fastball.


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