Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Battle on Derf, Part 5

White River Pass

04/11/3064 15:38 Location – White River Pass, Derf, Jade Falcon OZ

The Titanfellers moved cautiously through the broken terrain. This whole encounter was unlike anything experienced fighting the Jade Falcons, normally they were eager to issue challenges and fight it out. However it was eerily comparable to the time they had spent in the Chaos March fighting Capellans and that was worrying.

Captain Brekard’s Battlemaster had just cleared a rise and was looking through the gray haze of drizzle on the valley below. He was followed by the rest of the Alpha Group as they worked their way around the restrictive terrain.

Commander Weber of Bravo Group broke in over the Battlenet. her force was under attack by a star of Clan Battlemechs with grey and red markings, definitely not Falcons.

Another star of similarly painted mechs appeared out of the forest on the opposite end of the valley and radio message came through.

I am Ash, Who dares to stand within striking range of the Jaguars Claws?

Captain Brekard and the Titanfellers are here to claim the Falcon’s cache and oppose any who would stop us, If you wish battle then you have it

Alpha Group (Battlemaster, Thug, Warhammer, Archer, Starslayer, Griffin, and Shadow Hawk ) advanced across the muddy river valley toward Smoke Star (Linebacker Prime, Kit Fox B, Conjurer, Phoenix Hawk C, Stormcrow D ).

Missiles streaked across the open plains followed swiftly by energy weapons and auto-cannon shells. Missed shots erupted in explosions and steam clouds as the forces exchanged fire.

Lieutenant Yao’s strike team reached the objective, it was an eerily undefended warehouse but there were signs of battle on the walls.


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