Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Battle of Derf, Part 10


04/11/3064 16:32 Location – White River Pass, Derf, Jade Falcon OZ

Ash was pressing the insolent spheroid hard, her strikes found their marks frequently although he skillfully dodged the worse of it. The Captain scored a few hits but was dealing with a whirlwind of fury from a fierce knife fighter. Too focused on his knife hand; Ash didn’t see the uppercut to her gut and turned into a throw. Instinct took over and she landed in the mud with a splash but rolled back to her feet.

Captain Brekard bled from multiple knife wounds the blood rolled off his limbs and into the grey mud of Derf instantly. This fight was rapidly taxing his stamina he would need to finish this fight soon or she might outlast him. His thick boots got stuck in the mud giving her time to recover and costing him the initiative. She remained crouched where he had thrown her not moving but was holding one of her legs.

Ash feigned injury to conceal one of her hands from her foe, she reached into her pockets till she felt cold steel. There were legitimate injuries of course but she was a Trueborn Smoke Jaguar Warrior; injury and pain were constant companions and of no consequence.

This was Watch Training she figured this man would hesitate to finish off an injured woman, they always did; an unfortunate socialization of Spheroids. She re-gripped her blades, he would hesitate but he was still a mercenary soldier with a mission on his mind.

Thomas paused shifting the grip on his combat knife and catching his breath before pressing the attack again. As he approached Ash wound out of her crouch and he felt needle sharp points hit him in the torso. The flat steel throwing knives were poorly thrown, rain had fortunately slicked her hands during the fight otherwise they would have caused critical injury. Pushing through the pain he slashed, jabbed, and stabbed at her putting her on the defensive with pure adrenaline and brute strength.

Both of them dropped their knives Ash had cut Thomas’ hand and had been forced to drop her knife to protect herself from the hammer of his gauntlet. They were equally worn out Thomas put her into a clinch kneed fiercely causing an injury to her ribs. Ash escaped with a solid kick to his diaphragm but both were slow to rise. Thomas had multiple lacerations and Ash probably had at least one broken rib and an equal number of lacerations.

Tom rose to his feet holding his side and covered in blood, it looked really bad, Ash was still on her back holding her chest equally injured.

Ash, you are defeated don’t make me kill you, call off your force.

Stravag, you had better kill me, this fight is not over yet.

You are a sad and pathetic woman; you don’t even have a clan left to die for; why fight at all. No one will remember your sacrifice. Call off your forces and we’ll do the same. You can die on someone else’s time.

Thomas called in a MedEvac VTOL on himself, it was already in the area, he was transported into it and a replacement took over piloting his Battlemaster.

Ash was left there for long minutes mulling over her situation she could just order her forces to fight to the death. They might win but there would be nothing left and she couldn’t bear the be taken as isorla by the Falcons when they returned. She was infuriated that the Stravag Mercenary had taken her knives before he left. It was like he had chopped off her hands but she didn’t have many options.

Jaguar’s Claws cease fire, release any prisoners, and salvage our fallen. This battle has concluded


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