Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Aftermath: Battle for the Takonia Waterworks

Compiled report by Agent Ilonka, submitted to Aurigan Interior Ministry 04/08/3064

Two Mech lances of Mercs Unleashed engaged the Commander-Baron Adrian Welsi’s rebel command to seize control of the Lake Takonia Waterworks. Nominal command was given to Lance Commander Marcus Brant in leading the advance as most of the pilots with the exception of Mechwarriors Leeson and Hunt were new to the command. This was evident as the Heavier mechs were hesitant to engage the rebel forces initially.

A daring right flank by Brant and Leeson thew the hostiles into confusion and forced them to spread themselves out. Squad Leader Kuniomoto and Ms Devarine launched a pair of strikes on Welsi’s Lieutenant and that combined with the fire forced him and a senior ADF Mechwarrior to power down and surrender to our forces. They and Baron Welsi have been taken as POWs by AIM and are currently being interrogated for additional intelligence concerning the remaining rebel forces.

In a particularly hectic twenty seconds ADF rocket trucks launched a hellish assault on the Penetrator and Stalker dealing major damage to both, that was about as bad as it got. The facility security turrets damaged some of the building exteriors but TACD Senior Foreman Rodriguez said the damage didn’t affect the operation of the waterworks and his crews will have it online by the end of the week. Once the Waterworks and Power Station are back online the TACD’s job will be much easier.

Mercs Unleashed continued to show its professionalism and efficiency bringing the rebel forces under control while limiting damage to the facility.

Agent Jasmina Ilonka
Mercs Unleashed Intelligence Liaison


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