Battletech Mercs Unleashed

After Action Day 1 OP:CRYBABY

Pushing it to the Limit

04/09/3065 21:42 Location – Prospero North Airfield, Prospero Island

The Northern Airfield was mined and is no longer usable for Aerospace, the Diana Nanae and Raging Bull both lifted off with very little time before 3rd Legio arrived. The Stingray and Slayer met the drop ship in low orbit to safely dock their fighters which they had been in all day.

Andromeda’s Chain was also in orbit after picking up the damaged remnants of the HELLCATs Hover tanks, they were not going to be combat capable for days with the damage they had sustained. Their infantry and VTOLs had been left on the planet overnight to conduct recon and harass the MHAF positions to help the three mechs still on planet (PHawk, Kapetyn, and Cicada).

The Mechwarriors and Pilots reunited in the ready room as the Tech Chiefs reported to work in the Mech Bays. Captain Radimir patched the Diana Nanae into the view screen. She appeared still in her combat suit on screen.

Fine work team, Commander Grey’s recommendations were not far off the mark you all performed flawlessly today. We have done a large amount of damage to the MHAF operations on Prospero Island.

Tomorrow morning we attack the primary target, this factory complex will be heavily guarded by Third Legio. We damaged the power station but that might only reduce it’s defenses which are sure to increase as the Marians move the reinforce the position with their remaining forces.

Overnight the HELLCAT scouts and the Andromeda’s Chain’s sensors will observe planetside as the Nanae tries to crack their encryption. We begin the attack in 10 hours, until then get some shut eye.

Arachne Out

Tech Cheif Edwin and Mulwai looked over the diagnostics, even with help from the vehicle crewmen this was a serious repair job.

It’s gonna be a long night Eric, we better put on some coffee


AlphaMirage AlphaMirage

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