Rules for Campaign

Experience Details
1 point per game participated
1 point per mech kill or 55+ vehicle
0.5 point for < 50 Combat Vehicle
0.5 point for an assist ( >20 pts damage to anything worth 1 or criticial hit on core systems)

Skill Leveling
4 XP improves piloting/Anti-Mech by 1
8 XP improves gunnery by 1
6 XP improves tech by 1
3 XP to cross-train techs (add another category for repair)
3 XP to make a mechwarrior or vehicle crew an Astech equivalent (that can level normally)

Salvage Times (time in minutes)
Mechs and Aircraft – 60
Vehicles – 20 for light, 40 for medium, 60 for heavy, 80 for assault

Special Case
Dropships cost 8x BV to represent their true cost in universe rather than their published BV, they also have a 2d6 in months waiting period before being delivered

Rule Quick Reference

Hull down – Mechs and vehicles can be put into a hull down position and get +2 defense to attacks against them. Vehicles can only be shot in the turret during this time. Hull down and improved positions need an engineering vehicle to create (at least something with a bulldozer or backhoe) or a combat engineering platoon (or squad of engineering exoskeletons).

Rearming under fire – A tech team can reload 1 ton of ammo under fire if they have the proper tools (lift hoist, exoskeleton, or working mech hands) in three turns. Roll a 2d6, 11 or 12 detonates the ammo also all attacks on the rear do the same. All parties are immobile during that time (OS weapons can be done each round).

Minefields – 5 to 10 pt hits on 9+, 15 to 20 hits on 8+, 25 to 30 hits on 7+

Mine Dispensers – Vehicles mounting mine dispensers may drop their mines while moving at cruise speed in all the hexes they moved in (but cannot fire normal weapons during the firing phase or make charge attacks). These mines are whatever type was decided at the beginning of the game and are 10 pt strength.

Falls from Elevation – 1 per 10 tons x (underlying levels fallen + 1)

Assault Drop – Your mech is dropped from a low-orbit dropship and must use jump jets and/or special jump packs to land safely. Piloting + 1 to succeed, failure will be treated as a fall from elevation = Margin of Failure

Alternate Rules
Machine guns shoot as LRM-5s using 5 shots per volley, scattering as SRMs

Ultra Autocannons can un-jam as Rotary Autocannons

All Autocannon and Missile Special Munitions are available for higher cost in addition to their other effects but do not suffer ammunition limitations.

A vehicle crewman can unjam a weapon without the vehicle having to sacrifice a firing phase to do so. Additional weapons (= Crew – 1) may be fired normally, anything else will impose a +1 to hit for all weapons (ex a Pike with 3 RAC/2s suffers a jam, a Pike has 4 crewman, 3 of which man weapons, one of the crewmen may un-jam the RAC while the others may fire normally) additional crewmen tasked with the un-jamming reduce the gunnery roll (for unjamming only) by 1 per man

Rules for Campaign

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