Poor Bloody Infantry

There are several types of infantry

Foot – Foot Infantry carry the bare bones of armament and walk 1 hex per round when unencumbered. Normal platoon size is 28 and they need a three ton infantry compartment.

Motorized – Motorized Infantry uses small personal vehicles to increase their move to 3/5 per round. A platoon is 20 troopers and weighs four tons.

Mechanized – These troopers use light off-road trucks (Move 4 but wheeled restrictions, 24 man platoon), half-tracks (Move 3 but tracked restrictions, normal platoon), or hover sleds (Move 5 as hovercraft, 20 man platoon). They take half as much damage against other infantry scale weapons but twice the damage to mech sized weapons. Each trooper “weighs” 1 ton so they would require a sizable commitment to transport.

Jump – Jump infantry use man-portable jump packs to move faster and over more difficult terrain (Walk 1 or Jump 3). Normal platoon size is 21 and they weight 4 tons. Jump infantry can deploy from V.T.O.L.S while they are in mid-air or jump off the decks of ships.

Battle Armor – Battle Armored troops weigh one ton each and have a variety of attack modes, they can carry mech or infantry scale weapons and attack mechs directly with a swarm attack.

Combat Engineers – Combat Engineers come in three main types, Sappers, Builders, and Operators. Sappers deploy and disable mines and explosives, Builders build bridges or deploy fieldworks, and Operators operate remote sensors and firefighting gear. They come in platoons of 20 and weigh 5 tons

Beast Mounted – Infantry can ride animals into battle although it is a rare, Terran Horses are 3/5, the Outworlds Alliance’s Tariq move 5/8, the Free Worlds’ League Branth flies 5/8. These types of infantry cannot carry support weapons or make leg attacks and are only utilized in seven man squads. Much like mechanized soldiers they weigh 1 ton a piece but do not have any vehicular terrain restrictions.

Among these are several sub-types
Heavy – Heavy infantry have two support weapons per squad rather than the normal 1, this doubles range but subtracts 1 MP. Infantry reduced to 0 MP this way can either move or shoot but not both.

Mounted – Mounted infantry use larger vehicles to transport them to the field and must disembark to fight. Loading or unloading a unit takes one full turn during which time the unit may not fire, the transport must end its movement and expend 1 MP to load or unload before allowing the units to exit. .

Special Defenses
All Infantry can “hit the dirt” giving them a + 1 defense modifier while still allowing them to use their weapons. They can also “dig in” giving them a + 2 defense modifier but they cannot fire their weapons that turn.

Special Movement
A unit carrying two heavy weapons (Machine Gun, Laser, SRM, or LRM) takes 1 MP away from all their movements. Infantry units put to zero this way may move or make an attack but not both and must declare an arc of fire. Their damage is double however.

Standard Combat

Infantry Weapon Type / Max Damage (Full 28 man Platoon) / Range (S / M / L)
Rifle | 15 / 1/ 2 / 3
Machine Gun | 16 / 1 / 2 / 3
SRM | 15 / 2 / 4 / 6
LRM | 13 / 1 / 4 / 7
Flamer | 13 / 1 / 2 / 3

For every two troopers under strength a platoon is remove 1 point of damage. All infantry attacks should roll using the most relevant number on the cluster table and be applied in 2 point groups. Weapon attacks from directly above use the punch table for location on mechs.

Damage to Infantry
Physical Attack | Damage / 10
Direct Fire | Damage / 10
Cluster (Ballistic) | Damage / 10 + 1
Cluster (Missile) | Damage / 5
Area Effect | Damage x 2
Machine Gun | 2d6 Damage
Small Pulse Laser | 2d6 Damage
Flamer | 4d6 Damage

Battle Armor

Battle Armor uses different to hit rolls for each weapon system used. The weapon systems vary but on a successful to-hit roll 2d6 and consult the cluster table based on the number of troopers remaining to see how many troopers hit. Apply damage based on the weapon used. Any attacks against Battle Armor apply a + 1 defensive modifier to hit and each different attack will hit a random trooper in the squad when successful. Area Effect weapons always impact every member of the squad.

Anti-Mech Attacks

Leg Attack

Infantry units that begin the weapon attack phase in the same hex as a mech may make a leg attack instead of firing their weapons. The To-Hit roll for this attack is equal to their Anti-Mech Skill and a trooper modifier. (>4 BA or 22+ men have no modifier, 3 BA or 16-21 men add 2, 2 BA or 10-15 men add 5, and <2>4BA or >22 troopers add 2, 1-3 BA or 16-21 troopers add 5, <16 troops cannot swarm). Swarms against vehicles or prone mechs reduce the difficulty by 2.

No damage is inflicted in this first turn and the mech may attempt to try and remove the swarming unit during the physical attack phase with its arms. Following all standard punch rules (no weapon fire, actuators missing or damaged) the mech may do so with a + 4 modifier. Success means that the swarming unit has been removed, it takes the full mech punch damage and the unit falls into the hex. Failure means the mech has punched itself consult with the front punch table for a location and apply normal punch damage there. The punching unit must declare one or both arms and resolve them

If the infantry are still attached to the mech they ride the mech during its normal ground movement. A jump capable mech may try to shake the infantry loose with a jump requiring a piloting skill + 4 to succeed, success indicates the infantry unit has been shaken, they fall into the end hex and take damage equal to jump MP expended during the movement phase.

Another option is for the mech to intentionally go prone, they just need to make a normal piloting roll, if it succeeds the mech falls dealing falling damage to itself and the infantry unit formerly attached to it. Another piloting check needs to be made to avoid pilot damage and apply the falling damage as normal.

Vehicles can fight off swarms with erratic maneuvers, they must be capable of using flank speed but can only go their cruise speed. At the end of which the driver must make a Piloting Skill + 4 roll to shake the infantry off, if successful the infantry falls into the end hex and is dislodged.

After the infantry have been on the mech or vehicle for one turn they may make weapon attacks, all their attacks succeed with no roll. Battle Armored swarming units have a chance for critical even if no armor is breached (roll determine critical hit then roll location on the punch table) and apply all their damage on the same location. Conventional infantry apply their damage in two point groups using the swarm location table of pg 222 of Total Warfare.

Poor Bloody Infantry

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