Physical Attacks

Physical Attack Weight Class Modifiers
Light/Ultra-Light – Subtract 2 from Physical
Medium – Subtract 1 from Physical
Heavy + – No change

Punch – Standard physical attack, Must not have fired weapons from the arm that turn a successful attack deals 10% Mech weight in damage to the upper body table. Must have lower arm actuators (missing or damaged actuators add 1 to-hit). Can make two punch attacks in a physical attack phase.

Kick – Standard physical attack Must not have fired weapons from the leg that turn. The attack roll has a minus 2 to-hit, deals 20% Mech weight in damage to the kick table. Failure to hit triggers a PSR in the attacker, a hit will force a PSR in the target

Block – Advanced physical action, same limitations as punches, During the physical attack phase you may choose to block a punch, physical weapon, or kick attack. You may defend against two separate top attacks (including kicks from a higher level) provided the attacks are in arc or one frontal kick attack.

Additionally you may block with one arm and punch with another, choose which arm is primary and add 1 to-hit with the secondary. Resolves as punch or kick with the following exception, compare the piloting difference between the two units and add/subtract it from the to-hit.

A successful roll halves the damage and reduces it further by 1 point per 2 Margin of Success down to one.

Charge – Special Physical Attack, Declare during movement phase and cannot fire weapons during the weapon attack phase. A unit may charge another unit in front of it and both targets must remain standing by the start of the physical phase.

To resolve the attack the attacker must make a standard attack using piloting modified by piloting difference. Damage is equal to Attacker’s Weight / 10 multiplied by hexes traveled in 5-point groups. The attacker takes damage equal to the Target’s Weight / 5 also in 5-point groups (difference from canon rules more towards expanded). Both mechs must make PSRs at plus 2 to-hit. A successful charge forces the target one hex back in the direction of the charge, a failed charge results in the attacker being stuck in a hex adjacent toward the line, defender’s choice.

Death from Above – Special Physical Attack, As charge but jumping (although the target can end up being prone but a failed piloting during the weapon attack phase = failure). Resolve as a normal physical attack (using all normal modifiers except terrain) modified by relative piloting.

Damage is equal to Mech Weight / 5 multiplied by 1.5 (round factions up) in 5-point groups to the upper body table unless the target is prone then use normal hit tables. The attacker takes damage equal to Mech Weight / 5 to the kick table in 5-point groups. Both pilots must make PSRs (attacker at plus 4 and hit target at plus 2) after a successful DFA. Final resolution is as a charge.

Trip – Advanced Physical Attack, As normal physical attack minus 1. Successful hit forces PSR equal to relative piloting difference, missing/damaged leg actuators penalize it.

Grappling – Advanced Physical Attack(s), You literally wrestle with another Battlemech requires both arms obviously. Base to-hit modified by relative piloting and difference in weight class (as an attacker a heavy mech vs light would have -2 adjusted by weight, a light vs a heavy would be + 2) modified by missing/damaged actuators in the arms.

A successful roll means that the target is grappled, both units apply a -4 modifier to-hit with head and torso-mounted weapons. The grappled mech (the one that lost the roll) may attempt to break free with another roll but the initial grappler may stop at any subsequent physical attack phase moving the target into an adjacent hex of their choice.

The target may immediately attack with another grapple to resume it with them now in control. The grappler may move at half walk speed, round down, each turn and maintain the grapple (deviation from canon).

An attack against either mech initial roll an attack against the intended target adds 1 to-hit, if that attack misses make a second attack roll at the other target at zero modifier.

Jump Jet Attack aka “I am Jade Falcon” – Advanced Physical Attack, Use Jump Jets as a short ranged weapon against adjacent targets in front or wherever the legs are pointed even if prone. Resolve as a normal physical attack and deal damage equal to number of jump jets in leg times 3. The Mech must not have jumped this turn.

Grabbing – Advanced Physical Action, Standard physical attack plus 1 to-hit, A Mech may grab any unattended cargo that it can carry in one or both arms. These arms cannot have fired weapons this round.

Additionally a mech may attempt to grab a vehicle turret if it occupies the same hex. Make a physical attack plus 3 attack and if successful it forces a possible critical hit on the turret column, an additional roll may be made for each 3 Margin of Success.

Push – Advanced Physical Attack, Requires both arms against a target that is not DFAing or Charging against a target directly in front of the mech (by feet). Resolve as a standard physical attack minus 1, if successful the target is pushed in the direction of attack and must make a PSR (and possibly suffer from an unintentionally fall from above). A failed attack doesn’t force a PSR from the attacker.

Melee Weapons
Clubs – Clubs are defined as improvised melee weapons, to use them a mech must have two hand actuators. A mech may find or uproot a tree in any wooden hex, trees can only be used once. Additionally a mech may find a girder or other piece of construction debris in a rubbled medium (7 +), heavy (6 +), or hardened (5 +) building hex.

Tools as Weapons

Actual Weapons

Physical Attacks

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