Dainmar Majoris

Noble Leader – Kalisandra Deepwater
Star Type – K0V (191 h Recharge)
Position in System – 1 (0.574 AU)
Time to Jump Point – 5.5 days
Number of Satellites – 1 (Epona)
Surface Gravity – 0.94g
Atm. Pressure – Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature – 44°C
Surface Water – 65%
HPG Class Type – C, WOB Precentor Elena Sunwell
Highest Life Supported – Mammals
Population – 181,251,528 (3060 Census)
Socio-Industrial Level – C-C-B-C-B

Defense – Dainmar Carabiniers, Reinforced Battalion (2 Companies of Mechs and Armor, 1 Battalion of Infantry)

Settlements of Note – Lexington, Dust, Shamrock, Grange, Homestead, Bluegrass, Hendricks, Red River, Well

Points of Interest – Camp Rawhide, Fort Nolan, Margaret Ferenz Institute of Veterinary Science, Dainmar Agritech

Exports – Agricultural Products, primarily dairy

Brief History – Dainmar Majoris was settled in one of the first waves of colonization, its relative habitability was just another of those stellar diamonds in the rough. The problem was that the planet had very little expansion potential, the land wasn’t particularly fertile and required constant investment to maintain a large population. Its current population has spent many generations investing large portions of their fortunes into improving it and recently it has begun paying off.

They managed to evade most of the warfare and piracy due to their low profile and lack of heavy industry. Their proximity to the New Colony Region led to massive investments in their agricultural economy to supplement their artisan farms and support marginal worlds in The Reaches. The current Countess has utilized these profits to establish some basic industry and modernize the old Star League era infrastructure.

In 3030 the Durachi House Ferenz died in a dropship accident well except for Clara Ferenz who forfeited her title and entrusted her fortune to the Magdalean Church. Their longtime allies the Deepwater Familiy appealed to Kyalla Centrella to take over administration of Dainmar and were granted it. During this time the Margaret Ferenz IVS and spinoff Dainmar Agritech began a massive project to engineer a perfect horse specimen seeing a potential market in the Inner Sphere. The Deepwater family also expanded the planet’s artisan farm market to sell large quantities of dairy products to Luxen and Dunianshire.

Dainmar Majoris

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