Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Creshan Campaign
Second Chances

Contract Brief

Two weeks ago, the mercenary unit “Titanfellers” attacked a small holding of mine in the Periphery, the planet Creshan. They attacked the defense team with a lance of Battlemechs and a reinforced company of armored vehicles and are keeping the remnants under armed guard in one of the habitats.

This planet is very inhospitable to life, it is not only tidally locked with the planet but is very cold with an average temperature of -52*C. The colonists live in habitats that are fairly well-maintained and mostly make their living with agriculture and mining.

The Titanfeller’s Commander Capt. Jacovi Tun and I have a bad history and this has to be the reason he attacked the colony it’s hardly worth anything to him. I need a group of mercenaries to remove his command from the planet, they don’t need to be utterly destroyed just weakened enough to sue for peace.

Unfortunately I cannot offer you a large monetary payment but I do have sufficient connections to get your mechs repaired and am willing to insure a large portion of the mech’s value should it be damaged beyond repair.

You will be allowed to salvage one of the Titanfeller’s mechs from the field should they be incapacitated, any others will be claimed by my people. I (Shonsa Kiang Shi Fang) will be the one who decides how your unit will operate during this campaign. Your unit will be transported on a chartered Union-class drop-ship (Shining Sword) to the planet and I will cover all repairs and incidental expenses incurred during the length of the assignment.

Creshan Campaign - Part #2 "The Tumbledowns"
Its never over till someone loses their head

March 2, 3061

Aboard Hei Hua Long

Excellent work securing that bridge and destroyed those enemy tanks, we have captured most of the crews for those tanks with only a few dying during the fighting. We have reclaimed the habitats but several hundred workers died during the occupation due to their harsh treatment under the Titanfellers. We have managed to secure two of the Titanfellers dropships but his Leopard managed to take off before we could occupy it.

The POWs told us that Capt. Tun is awaiting a FedCom jumpship due to arrive in two days. This means that we only have a short period of time left before he makes a run for it and is lost to us. After this repair cycle you need to go out there and hunt for him. We have picked up a large amount of radio traffic and thermal signatures heading for an area known as “The Tumbledowns”, we believe the rest of the Titanfellers force has been transported there and that they are making a final stand.

I want you to go in there, clear it out, and capture or kill Capt. Tun and his cronies. He pilots a Caesar and if at all possible make sure you capture him so we can bring him to justice for killing 482 civilians and 12 of my men during their occupation in addition to past savage behavior in the Chaos March.

Concerning your attack on “The Tumbledowns” I have attached a platoon of infantry and their transports for salvage and recovery after the battle. My dropship will be in low-orbit over the target zone for 20 minutes and will assist with spotting and reconnaissance due to the constrained nature of the terrain.

OP:BROKEN SHARD Act 1 "Firing them up"
What just hit me

ARC Team WILDCAT Intel Brief 6/22/3061 TST (Terran Standardized Time)

Author – Commander Felicity Grey
File Code – T78-YIN-165
MIM Directory – OP:BROKEN SHARD, ARC Classification F87
Decrypt Key – 98-MI-53-YO-10


Ivana Naruu dusted off at Lordinax to discharge the Merc Unit that will be 3rd Cohort’s nightmare for the week while we are on-planet. We then proceeded to A-89 bunker, one of the resistance’s larger hubs to begin our training and outfitting of them.

I directed the Mercs to Ordo Vigilis COIN director Andrew Wilkenson who our reports said is establishing a new station. The Mercs killed him during their raid, destroyed the station, and routed his bodyguard unit capturing a tank crew in the process. This should slow their progress in uncovering our sleeper agents and keep our stations broadcasting to direct the insurgency.

Wilkenson did broadcast a wide-band alert to forces in the area to converge and box the Mercs in but Legatus O Crey was overconfident and didn’t respond with sufficient force to hold Youngman’s Mine Labor Camp. The Mercs hammered the reinforced garrison and liberated the prisoners including two of our former resistance armor crews for their captured tanks. It is fortunate that the Magistracy got such a good deal on the Long War series of tanks since the Hegemony has imported quite a few as well.

The Mercs seem to be holding strong, if they keep up the good work we may be able to offer them additional contracts. Our latest intercepts from the MHAF are very promising, Legatus Oliver O Crey is throwing everything he has at the Mercs to protect his future career. This will cause him to make bad choices just the kind I need him to make.

In other news training of the Lothan Resistance proceeds smoothly, they are well-motivated and capable of performing basic tactical maneuvers. Our team is working 18 hours a day training and drilling the resistance in all manner of skills. Inform the MAF that I appreciate their loaned personnel, they are performing better than anticipated.

ARC will get it done

Cmd. Felicity Grey

"With no delay"

ARC Team WILDCAT SIGINT Intercept forwarded to Merc CommNet
Origin – Blackwell, MHAF 2nd Legion, 3rd Cohort HQ

Watcher BreslanAt 10:14 yesterday we received a transmission from my colleague reporting an attack on the new listening post in the hinterlands. The garrison at Youngman’s Mine was alerted but they were overrun by the hostile force whom they damaged.

Legatus O CreyCurrent reports indicate that their force is under repair at that location. Is that still true, Watcher?

Watcher BreslanIt is but they were reinforced with another group that had been attacking secondary targets and the Lothan League resistance is currently on the move harassing our paramilitary forces.

Legatus O CreyPrincipes O Mar how many units will you need to ensure the resistance can be kept in check.

Principes O MarI will be able to do it with our auxiliary century and several mechs.

Legatus O CreyInform Legatus Connerly of 2nd Cohort to reinforce us with any men he can spare, he owes me. I will take the rest of my force to crush these impudent bandits once and for all.

Resistance Scouting Report forwarded to Merc CommNet
Origin – Outside Blackwell HQ

We have observed a reinforced company of battlemechs and their supporting units leaving headquarters headed toward the West (Youngman’s Mine). For your information Disposition of Forces below.

2 Hunchbacks (a 4G and 4P), Enforcer, Griffin, Starslayer, Rifleman, Bombardier, Grasshopper, Warhammer, Marauder II, Marauder I, Guillotine, Crusader, Highlander

The Forces have arrayed themselves in a loose arc to ensure you will caught in the net.

"All for Nothing"

ARC Team WILDCAT Final Debriefing 6/24/3061 TST

Author – Commander Felicity Grey

File Code – U73-RIM-218

MIM Directory – OP:BROKEN SHARD, Arc Classification F87

Decrypt Key – 12-BO-71-IN

You engaged the majority of ii Legio’s 3rd Cohort at Easton Pass with assistance from a group of Lothan Resistance fighters. They managed to kill Legatus O Cray and several other centurion mechwarriors. Most of the 3rd Cohort has been destroyed now which should reduce the attrition in the Resistance.

FLASH TRANSMIT – Lothan Resistance Cell Command

Lothan Resistance this is Sean O’Rielly I have captured your leader Elizabeth Lothan and am holding her hostage until your unconditional surrender. Any attempts to continue this resistance will result in her death and severe punitive measures by my Legio. You have until the end of the month.



Damn, it was all for nothing now. We will have to wait till we get back to Herotitus to receive a new assignment.

You mercenaries did a fine job though I am sure we will have another contract that might interest you. As agreed we will wire your funds to the account on record.

As a bonus here’s a little token of my appreciation ask for Sonja at the Voodoo Room for a special game.

Battle for Brightstone Prelude
Luck isn't always good

From the Journal of Corporal Mark Oldin, 7th FEDCOM RCT

Location – Brightstone, Nashuar, St Ives Compact
Week 57 of Deployment

Another day of fighting, the lieutenant launched a quick raid with the choppers to the Liao rear again. Fortunately there weren’t as many casualties this time and they managed to raid enough to keep us supplied for a few more weeks. The captain must be preparing a large raid tonight since he pulled Lt. Collin’s mechs off guard duty and replaced them with Foxtrot platoon. Until then we are simply on guard duty making sure the Liao aerospace fighters stay away, the war machines can keep stomping and crushing, and Jojo can keep flying out of the airport.

It is strange really; this city was designed to be a new start for so many people but now it is abandoned, bombed out, and shot up. It’s only going to get worse though; that is what the Major says, I hope he is wrong but I don’t think he is.

"Seems a bit much"

Transmission from Star Corporal Leonard Teiner

Commander Duchamps, my platoon has secured the Cold Creek Power Station and sent the mercenaries on their way.

RED HORSE team has broken through the power station and discovered a large quantity of explosives; far more than would be needed to actually blow this place up. They are working to remove them to a safe area for disposal.

The rest of the platoon is clearing the station and shutting the gas valves according to our reach-back contact until it can be evaluated and put back into service safely.

Lastly, we have captured a FEDCOM mechwarrior he identified himself as SGT. Weston Puls, we will hold him until intelligence can interrogate him.

However the vehicle crews that abandoned their AA vehicles are still at large

Corporal Teiner out

Best laid plans

07:21 10-22-3061 Brightstone Spaceport

Captain Olav – Commander Duchamps we have secured the spaceport, the tower and terminal have been cleared of FEDCOM soldiers. The put a few pistol rounds into the tower console so we will need pathfinders from the regiment until it is repaired once Starquake goes off station in 16 hours.

Loud explosions

Captain Olav – Report! Where did those explosions come from lieutenant?

Lieutenant Horn – Captain it appears like the 7th has planted cratering charges along the runways. They will need to be repaired before we can land any fighters at this position.

Captain Olav – Jumpshot Flight this is Starquake how copy?

Sao-Wei Shun – Starquake, this is Jumpshot Actual we are tracking no targets in your vicinity how goes the spaceport operation?

Captain Olav – We have a problem you will not be able to safely land at the spaceport, the 7th has cratered the runway. What is your remaining station time?

Sao-Wei Shun – Starquake, we have another five minutes before we are bingo fuel. I will inform the 1st that we will be returning to base. Commander Duchamps you will be without air support for the final push into the city, my scopes are currently clear good luck.

Meanwhile at Forward Rally Point Echo-Sixty-Three

Spiteful Ghost Command – Overlord Spiteful Ghost has completed off-loading procedures we will be on station for three hours before returning to regimental command

Ensign Bruno – We are awaiting your final plan before advancing on the city Commander.

Commander Duchamps – The final plan is being sent via datalink to all operating units. We are moving to take Brightstone from the 7th with all due haste. Move out Gentlemen.

An Adventure Cruise
The food is terrible but the view is worth it

Aboard NMV On Rising Tide, somewhere on the Inland Sea

06:18 | 10-22-3061 (2h to Target Zone)

The On Rising Tide used to be a fast cargo ferry plying the inland sea but when the 1st McCarron’s Armored Cavalry and 3rd Canopian Fusiliers landed in Starbow near the Inland Sea. The small port town of Cylion was militarized and expanded to support their operations. On Rising Tide was one of the ferries that got militarized and is carrying elements of the 67th Canopian Infantry Battalion and 52nd Support Corps plus your support personnel and spare parts. Its large vehicle deck is currently packed with light armored vehicles and cargo containers all bound for Brightstone.

Your techs have been on high alert since early yesterday to ensure that this operation would go smoothly. They were brought ground-side to get some shut eye in the sleeper cabins while the ship finished prepping. Chief Tech Williams and Astech Turner wake up due to rough seas in time to see the sun rise over Nashuar and get some morning chow at the mess. They overhear the Canopian sub-commander going over battle reports and the details of their attack with Commander Duchamps.

Ashley – “Sounds like we still have employers Chief Williams”

Codie – “Yeah well that is a relief, probably the only one we will get all day”

Sub-Commander – “Commander Duchamps we are two hours at current speed from Brightstone. How long until you launch the main assault?”

Commander Duchamps – “The main assault will commence in an hour, one of Spiteful Ghosts landing ramps failed to engage, it took longer than anticipated to unload. The mercenaries have secured their objectives ahead of schedule though and are en route to our staging area”

Lt. Commander Thoms – “Roger that Commander, inform us if there is any need to change the timetable, Commander Thoms out”

Ashley – “Wait Commander Thoms? that can’t be right I know that name I want to take a look”

Codie – “Why? I’m sure he will stop by later and give us any relevant details, enjoy your coffee and let the man work”

Ashley – “I’m going to say hi and you should come with me”

Codie – “Fine, don’t make a scene though we have to work with these people”

The two walk into the screened off area where there are five ensigns but one has a commander’s insignia attached to his helmet although his cuffs have ensign markings.

Bvt. Commander Thoms – “Hello, you must be the mercenary techs. I am Brevet Commander Derrence Thoms aka “Blackout”, and he introduces the others (Ensigns “Splitter” Riggs, “Lipstick” Caron, D’Armitz, Langlais)

Pleasure to meet you, we will be seeing a lot of each other I imagine”

Ashley – “ Oh I hope so, are you the same Derrence Thoms that won STARS Man of the Year award two years ago? And I’m Ashley and this is Codie”

Thoms – “The very same I see you are familiar with my work”

he does a quick but impressive modeling pose

“It has been a pleasure to meet you both I have to go and make sure everything is prepped. Commander Duchamps expects this will be a tough fight to remove the 7th from Brightstone”

As he leave he kisses Ashley’s hand “Enchantè, my dear but there is work to be done"

Standing up again and putting on his helmet, "Chief Codie I suspect that your people have work to attend to as well. See you all once we are done with this”

Thoms and his subordinates break to ensure that everyone is briefed on the current plan

Codie – “Is this guy for real?”

Ashely blushes “No he’s dreamy”

Codie – “This is going to be a long day, go wake the others Ashley. We need to make sure we can put everything back together tonight. Right now though I need to finish this coffee, probably with some whiskey.”

Aftermath Zhou Hei Industrial Park

09:44 | Location – Zhou Hei Industrial Park, 72km S of Brightstone, Nashuar

Smoke rises from burned out buildings and impact crater as wreckage lingers around the Industrial Park, the North side of the Canal is screened by thick white smoke. The Meteor fighter has long since booked out of the combat zone trailing smoke from the laser hit to its vertical stabilizer. Burned out hulks of mechs and tanks are scattered around the field but have been targeted by FEDCOM artillery and are unsalvagable.

“Strike Group Echo disengage, we can’t do anything more here, move out to link up with the 52nd and 67th in the city. They are encountering heavy resistance from occupying FEDCOM infantry.”

The damaged tanks and mechs are sent off to a “safe” area for eventual repair but that will have to wait a bit longer.


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