Battletech Mercs Unleashed

INNside Track - Q4 3064 - Q1 3065 pt II
The Rimward Sphere

Greetings viewers I am Danielle Kunai anchoring from INN on Cavanaugh 2

This program of INNside Track will focus on the end of 3064 and the Third Whitting Conference as well as the beginning of the new Terran year

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The Rimward Sphere

Ex-Count Alfons Toure of Mechdur has escaped Aurigan Interior Ministry detention en route to Coromdir for his Treason trial. His unknown accomplices freed him and stole a dropship full of heavy weapons from the former Aurigan Defense Force. He claims to have proof that the Magistracy released the Crimson Flu on Mechdur to steal their industry, a Magestrix spokeswoman denies allegations of foul play.

The transfer of the Coalition Arsenal and Mechdur Refugees has been hampered by a lack of Confederation support and worsening outbreaks of the virulent Crimson Flu. The Magistracy Medical Corps has put the whole planet under a Level Three Quarantine and have restricted movement between refugee camps and work camps. The effort to relocate the Coalition Arsenal is continuing and the Magistracy Development Corps and Taurian Agency of Colonial Development continue their work.

The Magistracy Gendearme have deployed additional personnel and heavy weapons to combat rampant lawlessness in Aurigan space. There are reports that the Taurian Internal Security Force has deployed peacekeepers as well. This is causing massive strain as both nations are occupying the Coalition as well as the wayward New Colony Region adjacent to the Magistracy. There is growing animosity between the two Realms as their region of space and increasing assertive neighbors have placed major demands on their military and security forces.

There is still no answer as to who has stolen the Oasis III from Mechdur, the unknown assailants managed to steal it right under the TACD’s nose. There are unverified rumors that the TACD crew defected to the Federated Commonwealth.

Both the Magistracy of Canopus and Taurian Concordat have been constructing new industrial parks on their planets and expanding others. These industrial parks are financed through the Confederation and Word of Blake (for the Concordat) or COMSTAR (for the Magistracy) secured loans. This investment will take some time to bear fruit as both Realms have suffered from under-investment for decades.

They have increased their hiring of mercenaries to supplement their military and security forces, the St Ives conflict inflicted disproportionate harm on both of the Trinity alliances junior partners. The Aurigan Coalition is also looking for experienced freelancers due to the Aurigan Defense Force’s suspect loyalty. The Aurigan Interior Ministry has sacked hundreds of Field and General officers for colluding to overthrow High Lady Arano.

INNside Track - Q4 3064 - Q1 3065 pt I
Whitting Conference

Greetings viewers I am Danielle Kunai anchoring from INN on Cavanaugh 2

This program of INNside Track will focus on the end of 3064 and the Third Whitting Conference as well as the beginning of the new Terran year

As always we at Interstellar News Network would like to thank our subscribers and the professional and citizen reporters that we rely on to do our work.

If you have anything to add to one of our programs please visit one of our regional offices or contact INN on the HPC COMMNET

Top Story

As expected the Third Whitting Conferance held on the Free Worlds League world of Marik was ripe with headlines.

Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion was the obvious successor to Coordinator Theodore Kurita for First Lordship but was defeated in favor of Regent Elected Prince Christian Mannson. While a seemingly major personal defeat for the Archon-Princess she was nevertheless in a rather spirited mood throughout the Conference according to our sources.

The Word of Blake Protectorate comprised of Terra and Gibson and the Taurian Concordat, a medium sized Periphery realm were both added as provisional members by the League and Confederation respectively.

The Archon-Princess announcing that the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance would reform the Federated Commonwealth with Katherine acting as its leader. This was met with protests by influential critics of her leadership of the Federated Suns and predisposition toward Lyran interests over Federation ones.

The Free Worlds League struck a deal with the Draconis Combine that would continue to supply war materiel to rebuild the depleted DCMS. This is desperately needed to replace lost production while the Combine investigated radical elements tied to Luthien Armor Works.

COMSTAR has been active in rebuilding the COMGUARDS, DCMS, and Clan Nova Cat Touman after they suffered greatly during Operations SERPENT and BULLDOG. All three forces are dangerously below their recommended forces levels but have not asked for outside intervention from Commonwealth forces in areas of shared interest.

The Capellan Confederation announced several large initiatives with their Trinity Alliance partners including technology and officer exchange as well as large joint defense and commercial ventures between the three states. Continued instability in the neighboring Aurigan Coalition and the rise of the Marian Hegemony to parity with the Magistracy of Canopus were not discussed in the public sessions.

The Federated Commonwealth announced it would return to normal levels of production after a year long slowdown that has severely hurt Lyran arms exporters. Industry leaders report that they spent the time retooling and training new staff. The Archon-Princess has made it a priority to provide all the troops and machines within Commonwealth territory necessary to counter Clan activities before the end of the ceasefire in 3067.

Arcturan Arms, a long term supplier to the Rasalhague Republic has acquired the licenses to build and sell Wolfhound and Panther Battlemechs to the Kungsarme and eventually the mercenary market. They managed to leverage Rasalhague politicians to license the popular Panther from Luthien Armor Works despite the DCMS’s policy against foreign competition. The Arcturan Arms manufactured Panther will still use many imported parts to maintain continuity within the Kungsarme’s supply chains.

Arcturan Arms and its fellow independent weapons manufacturers have been trying for years to license Draconis Combine designs for sale on the open market and this deal is seen as a major accomplishment.

Arcturan Arms reportedly beat out Arc-Royal Mechworks for the Wolfhound license from TharHes much to the disappointment of the Kell Hounds who had a bid out waiting for approval from the Archon-Princess. She approved Arcturan Arms license from TharHes within two weeks of the offer being extended. Grand Duke Kell of Arc Royal and Khan Kell of Clan Wolf had not commented to INN regarding the decision.


04/09/3065 17:18 Location – East Prospero Airfield, Prospero Island, Marius Tears, Marian Hegemony

Commander Arachne stepped out of the Diana Nanae’s briefing room with the team leaders of Mercs Unleashed and the HELLCATs. They had thoroughly interrogated the POWs and dosed them with some exotic drugs that would had a lasting effect but no real permanent harm (at the request of MU, they would have just shot them if the Mercs didn’t ask them not to) and locked them in the airfield’s command bunker with some rations till the MHAF came back to claim it.

The techs had completed the repairs and transfer of a MU Mechwarrior’s (“Hook”) neural waves to the captured Marian Panther still in its black and purple coloration there was no time to repaint it not that such a trivial thing mattered anyhow. Anything that was going to be salvaged was already loaded into the Diana Nanae’s cargo hold. MHAF recon patrols were increasing and the HELLCATs were eager to get moving before a Cohort of MHAF mobilized and tried to take back their airfield.

Arachne and Forester climbed into their Battlemechs and began marching toward the Prospero North Airfield and the geothermal power station just west of the airfield known to the MHAF as “The Depths of Hades”. They had good intel on most of the defenses but the POW’s reports were incomplete and Andromeda’s Chain in orbit over the island could not get a real time high resolution picture of both battlefields at the same time. The Mercs Unleashed Boomerang did manage to find the wayward Quickdraw but it had withdrawn to the power station.

Threat Assessment

The Depths of Hades
Force Estimate – 2-4 Turrets, Commando, Vindicator, Whitworth, Spider, Quickdraw

Prospero North
Force Estimate – 4-6 Turrets, Zhukov, Marsden IV, 2 Harassers, 2 Outriders (Wheeled King Scorpions), Jagermech, Blackjack, Commando

Wheels down

04/08/3065 10:18 Location – East Prospero Airfield, Marius’ Tears, Marian Hegemony

Commander Arachne ensured that the MHAF soldiers cleared their vehicles from the landing zone before calling in the Andromeda’s Chain to secure the area and begin their mission.

Roger that Commander, coming in

The Fury drop-ship roared out of the stratosphere toward the now cleared airstrip. As soon as the exterior cooled ARC Team HELLCATs swarmed the base taking the captured soldiers into their custody for interrogation and sweeping the airfield for other MHAF soldiers. Their battleship grey PAL suits scattered into six man squads to clear every hanger and outbuilding on the airfield.

Raging Bull and the Diana Nanae landed shortly afterward to unload the remainder of the attack force and techs. The HELLCATs sent out a patrol to find the missing MHAF Quickdraw and the Mercs Unleashed techs moved their heavy salvage vehicles off the MIM dropship. The Beowulf walked into it’s mech bay to begin repairs. The MIM Raven walked off and joined the HELLCATs to clear the enemy airfield.

The initial assault force queued up as their replacements marched off the ramps, the Dervish was in bad shape but everything else was serviceable, just some armor and ammo.

One tech squad began rearming everything and performing diagnostics, the vehicle crewmen hopped out and drove the damaged J Edgar, Gladius, and Marsden III right into the cargo bay saving a lot of time for the beleaguered techs.

The heavily damaged Marsden III was towed by one of the Conestogas into the Raging Bull’s cargo hold, the techs didn’t have time to fix it yet. They needed to get moving shortly before the rest of iii Legio showed up.

The salvage techs started to work on the turrets, sparks lit up as they detached the weapons from their hard-points on the emplacements and emptied their magazines attaching them to the Powerman IndiMechs’ rear cargo hoists for transport.

The whole airfield was abuzz with activity everyone knew they were on the clock and this mission would be made or broken by their speed to stay one step ahead of the enemy battalion.


04/09/3065 01:18 Location – MIM Diana Nanae, Molniya orbit around Marius Tears

Commander Arachne took her XA-3 medicine with a pull from the water pouch attached to her jet black Oracle PAL suit, freefall always made things interesting. She was nervous but eager to get the mission started finally a chance to use all her training with the simulators that Shengli Arms R&D Director Hau had developed.

They had trouble with previous Death’s Commando subjects and this was the chance for The Ebon Magistrate to take the next step. Everything seemed so promising but today was the first real fire test of her new Mechwarrior capabilities.

She pulled her way to the corridor to the Mech Bay. Upon reaching it she followed the grapple lines to the pristine ebony Beowulf. This mech’s cutting edge 2SLDF electronics package had been specially modified to interface with her Oracle PAL suit and VDNI cybernetic implant. How they came upon that mech was better left unsaid and was frankly not important to her.

The support team was cross-checking everything, orbital drops didn’t leave much to chance. She climbed the rope ladder and settled into the roomy cockpit as Director Hau left.

Good luck Commander, we have a high confidence in your abilities.”, She thanked him and attached her PAL suit’s Neutral Interface inputs into the Beowulf. As the techs brought the mech online all her nerves tingled and muscles clenched as the myomers warmed up and the DI computer came online showing all systems green except the interface.

Commander you only have a 72% sync with the DI computer, remember your training.

She took a deep breath relaxing away the various mental barriers that she had spent a lifetime building to protect herself from harm in the military and intelligence world. Her blood cooled and nerves were aflame as she tried to reach the meditative state that would allow the VDNI to control the 45 ton combat machine she was cocooned in.

Shortly she settled in and her Oracle PAL’s visor plate lit up with the HUD that would appear on a standard cockpit display. The Shengli Arms techs had retreated out of the mech bay so all she could see was her partner’s Raven, miscellaneous cargo, and the mercenaries Wolf Trap, Phoenix Hawk, Savior, and Undertaker all neatly stowed for transit.

“Alright Commander you have a 95% sync rate excellent work, prepping your drop cocoon, prepare to drop in 22 minutes”

22 minutes later, 16km above Marius’ Tears

The Leopard’s ventral heat shield glowed slightly as the Diana Nanae skimmed the atmosphere of Marius’ Tears. The port side door to the mech bay opened up.

“Commander approaching the drop zone now, …., Three, Two, One”

The drop pod was ejected and the Leopard adjusted burning its thrusters to bring it in line with the Raging Bull Trojan dropship it would do the final approach with. The capsule deployed a drag chute to put the heat shield at the best angle to deal with reentry. Commander Arachne saw her pod’s external temperature gauge rise to 1923K, even the inside temperature where her mech was secured right now reached 578K.

As the pod slowed the temperature began to normalize and the the pod deployed a small parachute to reach a more reasonable air speed. At 4.5km the pod separated scattering and causing false RADAR signatures, her Beowulf’s stealth armor would be easily overlooked during her initial sweep.

But then the hard part started, the DI computer of a Beowulf is not optimized for flight and she was at terminal velocity. Her mech’s jump jets flared to life on overdrive for the last kilometer but she landed successfully in the basalt basin near Prospero East Military Airfield.

Time to get to work

Briefing - OP:CRYBABY I

04/04/3065 Location – In Transit to Marius Tears

As MIM Diana Nanae, MIM Andromeda’s Chain, and OAMT Raging Bull burn across the void of space en route to Marius’ Tears. Commander Aracne was contacted by the MIM agents on the ground in Port Atrea. There were more opponents than expected so that would make things more complicated the mission would have to move even faster than anticipated.

Based on those reports she contacted the Andromeda’s Chain and Raging Bull to conduct the briefing. The mercenaries and platoon leaders were all in their ready rooms.

“Alright Gentleman I have received the most up to date intelligence reports and the entire Third Legion of the Marian Armed Forces is on planet with the Titanfellers, a FEDCOM mercenary unit based on our latest Galatea roster. That means we will have more work than anticipated but nothing we can’t handle.

Our targets are located on the Island of Prospero, based on these reports the Third Cohort, a portion of the Third Auxilary corps, and the Titanfellers are there right now. Due to the dangers posed this operation will require an orbital drop it is to risky to land the dropships into hostile territory.

Based on our current inventory we have seven drop pods available. So I will need a pair of Battlemechs to transfer from the Raging Bull to the Diana Nanae to maintain tempo. I will drop first and reconnoiter the area, then signal the drop right onto a proper target. The current first strike is a small airbase on the Eastern portion of Prospero far enough away from Port Atrea that everything should be unloaded before the Legion can respond in force."

Force Update
Third Cohort of the Third Legion of the Marian Hegemony Armed Forces (Medium-Heavy 1 Mech/ 1 Vehicle)

Fourth Cohort of the Third Legion’s Auxiliary of the Marian Hegemony Armed Forces (Light 50 infantry / 1 vehicle)

Titanfellers (MSRB reports 15 mechs, 10 vehicles, one platoon of Battle Armor, one platoon of special forces, clan style mechanized combat)

The Outlands

04/08/3065 04:18 Location – The Maze, Outlands Sector, Imperial Proving Grounds, Marius’ Tears, Marian Hegemony

Ambient Temperature = -29C | Terrain Conditions – Volcanic Rock
Atmosphere – Terran Adaptive

A salvo of rockets impact the rocky face sprinkling shards of black rock onto the blood red Dragon it returned vortexes of blue white lighting toward the slate blue Crossbow. The pair continued to exchange fire on the run equally matched in their mobility as they used the spires of basalt that made up the Outlands. The Crossbow was unaware it was being herded until a Starslayer and Nightsky jumped in blocking its escape route at close range.

Games up Legionaire, we got you this time

Well done Titanfellers I am outmaneuvered”

Yes the Outlands are the best enclosed terrain we have ever encountered short of an actual city. Your unit is coming along nicely but the Black Warriors won’t let you off easily.”

Alright move on team there is another Century on its way in to The Maze, return to waypoint Kappa 2

Negative, All units in The Outlands Sector return to base we have an emergency briefing

“_Affirmative Captain ”/characters/captain-thomas-brekard" class=“wiki-content-link”>Brekard, Century 2-4 Alpha returning ETA 30 mikes_"

Port Atrea, Imperial Proving Grounds HQ

Legatus Darin McGuire stood in front of his assembled Cohort (Battalion) and the Titanfellers. The MHAF banner stood with the Battalion colors near him.

_Legionaries we have an immediate situation, the Ordo Vigilis and LOKI have confirmed that there are three hostile dropships burning toward Marius’ Tears. The Fury, Leopard, and Trojan will be in orbit within 14 hours, as such we are on emergency footing. _

We currently don’t know what their targets are but the Proving Grounds are the best targets. As the Tertia Cohors are already here we have to stand and fight the invaders off. The Titanfellers have their own assignments and will guard The Depths and Port of Atrea.

Prima and Secunda Cohors are guarding their charges on Scylla Station and Poseidon’s Wrath and would take at least a day to transfer, we have been charged by the Prefect to ensure that the invaders will not take any positions. The Auxilia Limitanei will arrive tonight to reinforce likely targets but most of the fighting will be our responsibility.

Stand Strong, Fight for the Caesar, Long Live Julius the Just

Dark Wings
It fell off the Dropship

02/24/3065 Location – Camp Rawhide, Dainmar Majoris, Magistracy of Canopus

Report from CSS Intelligence Agent Illonka to Mercs Unleashed Command Team

Tech Chiefs Edwin and Mulwai completed their pre-mission checks. The final thing they needed to do was load the Savior Support and Undertaker Salvage vehicles onto the Leopard class MIM Diana Nanae.

The Chiefs didn’t expect to actually board our guest’s vessel, however the guards were absent and the doors were open for them when they arrived. Surprised they cautiously rolled the tracked vehicles onto the loading ramps and into the bay guided by the crew to the balanced positions the vehicles were then secured for transit.

When they dismounted they noticed the contents of the bay, there were crates of material bearing the Ceres Arms logo several of which were marked M-PPR with generic alphanumeric markings.

AI Add – M-PPR does not match any currently manufactured Ceres Arms weapons personal or heavy. However we do expect to be informed of its nature when operations begin.

What caught their eyes were the pair of matte black BattleMechs hooked up to the gantries, one was a Raven but the other looked like a cross between a Phoenix Hawk and Mongoose, certainly something that they hadn’t seen before.

AI Add – We have identified this mech as a Beowulf, a COMSTAR mech manufactured in the Free Rasalhague Republic and have no idea how the Magistracy came upon the unit. The Matte Black armor is likely stealth grade armor, it is the hottest accessory in the CCAF so the MAF could get their hands on some especially considering MIMs standing.

They then noticed the techs were composed of staff with different company and academy logos on their jumpsuits Ceres Metals , Shengli Arms , and Victoria Academy were all represented which meant something was up. Noticing their distraction one of the ship’s crew and an ARC commando moved to push them off-board.

AI Add – If the Magistracy is testing out a new weapons system there is probably no better opponent than the Hegemony especially if there is FEDCOM support for them. Ceres’ small arms, Shengli manufactured components, and Victoria Academy technicians would all stand to benefit from this operation. While their lack of transparency is understandable if frustrating I don’t suspect they mean to intentionally undermine the core contract mission, we of the Intel and Analysis team will continue to discern their motives and inform the Command Team if we suspect trouble.

The Ebon Magistrate

07/14/3064, MIM Black Site “Gorgon Pit”, Gamilon, Magistracy of Canopus

Force Sergeant Tendaji broke the piece of rebar that was being swung at him by an ARC special operative while dodging the chains that threatened to entangle him by the other two. His Prowler PAL was largely immune to any human powered trauma that he would likely ever face. A dozen other soldiers formed a circle around the fight equally ready to jump at a chance to try their skills against the rookie.

“Alright break it up”, Commander Arachne shouted, she was a striking figure in her PAL suit, it was very different than the Prowlers that had begun filtering in to the Special Ops divisions. Rumors say it was a piece of experimental tech from her Maskirovka contacts but no one was certain. All the ARC operatives dropped their weapons and snapped salutes her way before returning to ready rest at her signal.

“Sergeant you have really taken to the Prowler suit, it is good that The Ebon Magistrate decided to recruit you out of the Gendearme. We have greater need of your skills than you realize”

“Yes Maim, I am pleased to serve”

“Good that’s it for today everyone. Meet me in the Briefing room in twenty minutes we have been given a high priority assignment to start working towards.”

Twenty minutes later

“Alright HELLCATs this is our new assignment, The Hall wants us to initiate a raid on the planet of Marius’ Tears. Analysis of reports in the Hegemony shows that the Lyran Alliance has sent representatives to the Hegemony no doubt to keep a front on the League open in the event of war.

There have been sightings of newer Commando and Centurion BattleMechs and an increase in Jump Traffic entering Hegemony space. We also have unconfirmed reports of foreign trade agents with Germanic accents arriving and making contact with lesser Hegemony companies.

This is an evolving situation but it is clear that we will be called to initiate a raid on the Hegemony in the near future. Next month we will be receiving our shipment of Prowler PAL suits, until then Sergeant Tendaji and Corporals Jaco and Bastiaan will be serving as your opponents and provide the basic training in the operation and care of the suits. The suits will arrive with a technical support team from Paradiso Armor Works to go over them in greater detail.

I have added additional training in survival and raiding tactics to the current schedule to ensure that when we are called to act we may do so immediately.

That is all gentleman you are dismissed."

OP:CRYBABY Covert Briefing

02/17/3065 Location – Nadir Jump point Dainmar Majoris

The Invader class Jumpship OAFT Helena Vanwai popped out of the void with a pair of dropships the MIM Diana Nanae (A Leopard) and MIM Andromeda’s Chain (A Fury) attached. The Leopard detached and burned toward Dainmar Majoris, it landed in the badlands a short distance from the Mercs Unleashed base. A Weijing 8×8 armored car departed towards the remote base, it arrived with a team of six MIM agents carrying a classified briefing.

None of them were Commander Grey though which was surprising, In her place was a very serious looking woman and well equipped and grim faced commandos.

Greetings Mercenaries I am Commander Arachne of ARC Team HELLCAT, Unfortunately Commander Grey and her WILDCATs have been removed from the field but I trust we can establish a good working relationship.

Moving to the officer’s ready room with Mercs Unleashed’s Command Staff

Alright Mercenaries I understand there are a lot of new faces in your command and this mission is intensely covert and off the books. What is said in this room has to stay here. Corporal Evans please hand me the briefcase.


Your contract targets are located on Marius’ Tears, MIM has actionable intelligence that a foreign mercenary unit is training third Legio. Sources indicate that the Hegemony has begun work on several new industrial complexes as well.

Our targets include the training area, at least two widely separated industrial complexes, and likely more once we make contact with our agents on the ground. We need to shut down their operations and deal a blow to the MHAF in order to protect Canopian worlds and stall their expansionism.

I need your unit to provide most of the forces to accomplish this mission, Lieutenant Commander Forester or I will act as Liaisons to your force in our Battlemechs. The HELLCATs will provide quick strike forces and battle armored infantry to sabotage and hamper MHAF forces.

Mercenaries I need a dozen mechs that move, iii Legio and this mercenary group are equipped with fast forces and you need to keep pace or risk being surrounded. We leave in a week.

Commander Arachne – Piloting a Beowulf
Lieutenant Commander Natalie Forester – Piloting a Raven
ARC Team HELLCAT – Two Platoons of Prowler (PaPae) Battle Armored Infantry, 1 Platoon of Special Forces, Company of Hovertanks (Fulcrum, Blizzard, Maultier) and VTOLs (Karnov, Wasp)


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