Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Intel Snapshot: Astrokaszy

NOTICE!: Any attempts to copy this document will result in it’s immediate destruction

Prepared for Major Felicity Grey, Brevet Commander of ARC Anti-Spinward Operations by CAC Team BLACKFLAG

Major Grey in relation to your request for intelligence on Astrokaszy we have prepared the follow from intercepts and Chief of Station Nathan Idlewood’s reports.

Current Friendly Forces

CoS Idlewood has persuaded a group of Indigenous Auxiliary Forces (IAF) under the command of Emir Khaled Hamid bin’ Al’Sur to cooperate with your Task Force. Disposition below

50 Mechanized Heavy Weapons | 100 Beast Mounted Riflemen | 250 Foot Riflemen
4 Outriders | 1 Hetzer | Chameleon Spotter Plane

He has informed us that another group of IAF under the command of Emir Saif El-Baz bin As’Sab might be converted to the cause. The Emir has so far been reluctant to risk his soldiers against the Jaguar’s Claws.

Major Grey Insert: I have retained the use of Commander Arachne and Lt. Commanders Forester and Nyx and their Mechs (Beowulf, Raven, Anubis), I will be riding in the Command seat of Lieutenant Inderpal’s Thunderbolt to provide strategic updates.

Current Data on Hostile Forces (dated 06/11/3065)

Major Grey your contacts in the Marian Hegemony have updated us on the condition of the Hegemony. The mercenary unit Titanfellers (Veteran Mixed Battalion, MRBC) arrived on Pompey and linked up with the mercenary units Gurn’s Grenadiers (Regular Conventional Battalion, MRBC) and Top Shot (Veteran Heavy/Assault Aerospace Squadron, MRBC) and departed on the Invader-Class Jumpship FCS Pride of Kathil with an Overlord, Triumph, and Buccaneer.

We were unable to confirm any of your suspicions on their destination but you have good instincts and a better understanding of the unit.

Additionally our contacts and intercepts have informed us that the mercenary unit Hardcore Headhunters (Veteran Mixed Company, MRBC) formerly on contract with the Duchy of Orloff have arrived on Paradiso aboard the Merchant-class Jumpship FWLS Karst. Due to Paradiso’s proximity to Astrokaszy and them bringing an empty Gazelle dropship along with their Union we have to consider they might be a factor. Once more we cannot confirm this to be so as our agents haven’t made contact with the unit, they will maintain vigilance on the group. Their current disposition is unknown the latest MRBC force report is nearly two years old.

Chief of Station Idlewood has prepared his best guess of the disposition of the Jaguar’s Claws from tribal militias that have fought and lost to them. Reports say they have a reinforced company of Mechs, some Omni models are present and they do have some clan tech weapons. They are backed by a Medium Square Armor Company, Regiment of Infantry, two squads of conventional fighters, and a five gun artillery battery. Transports are unknown but Ash must have a jumpship somewhere in-system to make it across the Sphere from Clan space.

Planetary Factors
Your operations will have place during the planet’s summer, this is not normally campaign season on-planet due to heat and dust storms. The shifting sands are treacherous so expect environmental hazards to be ever present. The IAF and your forces will need to maintain control of the various oasis and wellheads in order to maintain tempo.

Crisis in Crimson, pt 5

06/06/3065 11:28 MIM Central Tower, Crimson, Canopus IV

Major Grey jogged through the corridors on the second floor her various injuries were starting to wear on her but she still had plenty of adrenaline. The casualties continued to grow there were plenty of dead Revenant, the guards near the Armory were better equipped to deal with intruders than the office staff on other floors. She saw the results of more than a few Anti-Personnel mine explosions splattered along the Alabaster walls.

She saw that several of the PAL suits had been equipped with full body armored shields pockmarked with dozens of bullet holes some were rent from explosions. There were IS Standard Battle Armor as well brought down by rockets and satchel charges; their machine guns were still warm. They had exacted a heavy toll on the Ministry; she grabbed a pair of satchel charges from what was once a security guard and warily advanced.

After clearing another fifty meters she came upon a Revenant squad, they spotted and fired on her but she tossed a pair of concussion grenades into their ranks. The grenades stunned and injured them her rifle finished them off. She could hear more explosions and gunfire nearby and went towards it. While creeping around a corner she was backhanded by the metal fist of a battle armor, catching it on her chest she rolling with it but crashed into the wall behind her cracking plaster and probably a rib.

Recovering she rolled away into an open doorway as the battle armor skewed its machine guns and fired them where she had just been. The Battle Armor crashed through the wall but got stuck on data cables, Major Grey armed the satchel charges with a 30 second delay slid them behind the trooper and broke through a door into an adjacent room. The charges went off as planned and pushed her foe through the exterior wall.

She pressed on and ambushed a group of Revenant that were slowly advancing behind a shield wall. Emptying three magazine into their ranks the moment of confusion gave the Security forces enough time to disable the PALs in the front and she almost got out of the crossfire but got hit twice in the process.

Everything went dark around her

Crisis in Crimson, pt 4

06/06/3065 11:17 MIM Central Tower, Crimson, Canopus IV

Major Grey had engaged a few more stragglers, her previous encounter had fortunately not alerted the Revenant that she was flanking their main forces. Her tactical vest’s radio had been discarded and her attempts to reach anyone on one of the MIM radios had failed they were being jammed. She could hear multiple explosions and there were still sporadic combat noises coming from outside the tower.

The enemy got thicker as she headed for the Auxiliary Armory on the second floor of the tower, a couple of grazing bullet wounds and shrapnel slowed her down but dead Revenant laid in her wake. Unfortunately there were a lot of casualties among the Magistracy personnel as well and the tempo of firepower increased, worryingly more of the Revenant had gas masks and there were a few PAL equipped ones. She grabbed one of the masks putting it in a pouch.

A quick glimpse outside was equally concerning she had been keeping count and all six of the mechs guarding the tower had been brought down and smoke rose from multiple areas in the courtyard. There was still a fully involved battle going on isolating the tower from the Gendearme that were responsible for the quick response to situations like this.

MIM was still on its own.

Crisis in Crimson, pt 3

06/06/3065 11:10 Location – MIM Central Tower, Crimson, Canopus IV

Major Grey was not surprised to see the floor she was currently on was a slaughter, the Revenant infantry and MIM staff had engaged each other. Multiple fires and scorch marks charred the formerly pristine walls while hundreds of bullet holes punched through the walls tearing everything in their way.

She didn’t have time to treat survivors and there were still sporadic firefights happening nearby. She continued on down the corridors only to stop before she walked out in front of a group of Revenant. She just barely escaped their initial burst of weapons fire and could hear them shouting orders in an unknown language.

The broken glass on the floor tore at her exposed legs but she brushed it off and kept focused. The fighters bootstep’s were audible even over the din of the fire alarm and she caught the first one that cleared the wall. A quick burst from the Roryrex caused him to crumple and brought him down. His squadmate tried to suppress her but she was on her back and shot at his legs through the walls emptying the magazine.

After quick changing the mag two more showed up behind her and they met the same fate. Their squad leader was on the radio likely calling in reinforcements from elsewhere. She peeked up and saw him through one of the ragged gaps in the wall and double tapped him in the head, hoping he hadn’t communicated her position.

Breaking into one of the first aid kits she quickly wrapped her wounds and continued on toward the loudest gun fire. She grabbed the Revenant’s mags and one of their tactical vests still wet with blood then rushed toward the nearest firefight. Her memory of the layout of the tower was going to be the best advantage she had if these were just the cleanup guys.

Crisis in Crimson, pt 2
One Bad Day

06/06/3065 11:02 Location – MIM Central Tower “Hall of Mirrors”, Crimson City, Canopus IV

Major Grey quickly took in her situation:
There were multiple casualties on her floor, a couple of unfortunates were shredded by glass
A portion of the corridor was now blocked by a dead Battlemech’s skeleton
Firefights were audible, she was lightly armed, and a portion of the building was on fire

Commandos don’t typically do home games but she was open to the challenge. She slit her skirt up to increase her mobility; tragically it was new, expensive, and pretty.

The Major began moving checking corners and clearing rooms on her floor. The acrid smell of smoke drifted in through the broken windows as glass crunched underneath. Her coworkers were stunned, injured, or frozen in terror, sadly she would have to do this alone for now. She told them to get to the roof and wait for evac choppers, that would also put them further away from ground floor combatants.

First stop was the armory no use in making it to a Director’s office if she couldn’t kill Armored Infantry. She headed toward the stairs and then the lights died, emergency red lighting took over, that would shut down the magnetic locks on some doors; bad news. The stairwell was slick from the fire suppression system Felicity had to hold the rail with one hand and peek with her pistol downstairs.

Three masked combatants were working their way up only to meet with a full magazine of 9mm Hollow Points from the pistol in her hands. They went down and the blood sprayed on the wall immediately started to wash it away. Fortunately for Felicity she had a suppressor or she would have deafened herself.

Creeping down she grabbed one of their Roryrex Rifles, fixed its bayonet, and filled the combat belt with extra mags. She pulled off his mask and was surprised to see the Revenant brand on his forehead, the other two were the same.


Crisis in Crimson, pt 1
No good deed

06/06/3065 10:48 Location – MIM Central Tower “Hall of Mirrors”, Crimson City, Canopus IV

Major Gray was resting comfortably in her office, her recent promotion had been long overdue. Finally she would get the much deserved respect for her years of service. She had just looked over the latest reports on the Hegemony theater, Commander Arachne and Mercs Unleashed had made an impact with their false flag attack.

Caesar Julius O’Rielly has refused to continue the leases on the Hegemony’s HPG stations with the Word of Blake in a major blow to their operations.

Everything was working as planned, the Lyrans get a bloody nose and angrier at the Word, the Hegemony loses a factory and kicks them out, and the Magistracy is a little safer than it once was. Surely one of her finer plans.

The moment of triumph was interrupted as the world around her exploded. She woke with a ringing in her ears and stumbled to her feet. Instinct took over as she grabbed her TK Enforcer machine pistol and knife from her desk. Shortly afterwards the ringing stopped but the fire alarm took over.

Stumbling out of her door she saw the carnage outside, multiple explosions had taken out the guard posts, glass was everywhere, and there was what once was a Vindicator lodged into the Tower down the hall. Sporadic firefights were audible even over the fire alarm. More smoke and fires were visible against the Crimson City skyline.

It was a bad day to wear a skirt and heels.

After Action OP:CRYBABY

04/10/3065 09:12 Location – Marian Arms Experimental Weapons Station, Prospero Island, Marius’ Tears

Commander Weaver was en route to her objective in her Warhammer. The raiders had made an orderly retreat after killing or scattering the garrison forces including the late Legatus McGuire. Unfortunately a fellow Titanfeller, Mechwarrior Pascal, had been killed in the fighting and then like the vultures they dragged his Jagermech off the field.

Hegemony VTOLs and hover transport had already rescued the survivors and dropped in inspection teams, she and Principes Polmar were still en route although the vanguard forces had already arrived. The reports said the damage was extensive but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Hegemony engineering crews were trying to gain access to the sub-basements, the presumed Blakists had locked down a portion of the facility, laid booby traps, and welded doors shut.


A massive flash would have blinded Commander Weaver and Principes Polmar if their Mech’s hadn’t sealed the cockpits. They couldn’t stop the shockwave though every Battlemech in the command fell down and there was a mushroom cloud where the factory once was.

Andrea choked up, “NO! there were still some of our people in there!

Weavers Warhammer’s NBC protection system alarms rang constantly, it was a dirty bomb

Polmar had been knocked out during the fall as were most of the command,

Commander Weaver’s Warhammer struggled to rise only to look upon the devastation. The nuke had taken off a portion of the mountain and stone rained down around her sharp pieces of basalt clanged off her cockpit.

There was nothing left

Acquisition Option

To whom it may concern

Greetings I am Constantine Dios of Castro-Dios Capital Management, I have been informed from my Canopian connections that you are interested in acquiring a Mule Dropship and additional technical support for your mercenary company. We happen to have a client who lost their primary contract in the Lyran Periphery March, tragic really more politics than their professionalism. Below is their list of assets with a price and payment plan, unfortunately we cannot handle the deal piecemeal, our contract with DexTran is ironclad, they will not be split up.

DexTran Technical Solutions

Mule | 3014 Manufacture Date, Outworlds Alliance Licensed, Comes with 20 man Crew, 8 Mech Bays, 2 Small Craft Bays, 10 Light Vehicle Bays. 6 Heavy Vehicle Bays, 2 Command Bays, 4 Trauma Bays, Berths for 110 extra passengers, 4400 tons of cargo space, 50 10 ton Cargo Containers | Price – 12200 BV

3 Extra Repair/Salvage Teams, 2 Manufacturing Blocks (Workshop – Assembly Bays), Upgrades to Base Infrastructure | Cost – 2875 BV

2 Combat Service Teams, 2 Administrative Blocks, Upgrades to Base Infrastructure | Cost – 1000 BV

2 Saviors (2 Field Repair Shops in each), 2 Undertakers | Cost -2190 BV

5 MULE Cargo, 3 MULE IC (Light Field Shop in each), MULE Command Post, MULE Expanding Van, MULE Medical, 2 MULE Escorts, MULE Chow Wagon | Cost – 1420 BV

Semi-Portable Factory | Weight – 750 tons | 1000 BV Annual Capacity, costs 2000 BV to increase by 500

Active Licenses
GM 120, GM 150, GM 180, LTV 160 Series Fusion Reactors

Martell Medium Laser, Magna Small Laser, Magna 200P Small Pulse Laser

LFN Linbald Machine Gun, Zippo Flamer (Vehicle), 14.5mm Machine Gun Ammo

Death Blossom RL 10-15-20 Rockets, Rocket Ammo, Bical SRM-2, Federated Super Streak SRM-2

Wasp (1A Type 3) Chassis, Wasp Gyro, Rawlings 52 Jump Jets

Cost – 4000 BV

Total Cost – 23,685 BV

Payment Options, assuming no money down
3 year plan – 7895 BV
5 year plan – 4737 BV
10 year plan – 2370 BV

OP:CRYBABY IV: Attack on Marian Experimental Arms Factory

04/10/3065 07:58 Location – Raging Bull in Orbit around Marius’ Tears, simulcast to FOB:Gamma 3 planetside

Commander Arachne was looking rather chipper on the view screen. Already dressed in her battle suit she looked over recon reports from the Ebon Magistrate Observation Teams overnight.

Mercenaries we have confirmed that the Titanfellers have reinforced the garrison on planet without alerting you to the fact. Clearly they thought we wouldn’t notice their mercs adding steel to the weak willed Marians. They have spread out through the island and have set up quick reaction forces within range of any points of interest. I suggest that you keep your Aerospace fighters on combat air patrol and not close air support unless things are dire.

Captain Brekard’s main force is guarding Port Atrea, His XO Commander Weaver’s force have moved to reinforce MHAF Prospero along with Principes Polmar, and the Legatus is in command of the installation’s defense. My scouts haven’t seen the installation’s fixed defenses come online but they have seen engineering crews trying to get to the geothermal power station but a few sniper rounds sent them packing.

Force Assessment
1 Crusader, CRD-5M, Legatus of iii Legio | 1 Jagermech, JM6-DD?, Titanfellers Markings

1 Centurion?, Unknown configuration, presumed Loki, likely Gauss

2 Centurions, CN9-A |1 Trebuchet, TBT-6N, 2 LRM15, 2 MPL

1 Clint, 5U?, Titanfellers Markings | 1 Firebee, FRB-3E, LL, 2 SRM-4

1 Hammer, HMR-3M, 3 LRM-5s | 1 Javelin, JVN-11A?, Titanfellers Markings

1 Battle Hawk, BH-K305?, Doesn’t match records

2 Snapjaw AAA, 2 LB5X | 2 Longspears, AC-10

2 Mongols, Unknown configuration, presumed Rocket Variant (14 x RL15)

2 Pugios, 6 x RL15 | 5 Motorized Infantry Platoons with Field Guns

Your forces on planet will attack from the other side, the objective is to blast through the hostiles and clear a path for the commandos to fly in and disable the factory buying us time to deal with Marian aggression elsewhere.

You won’t have time to salvage the field we don’t have the HELLCATs to slow down their quick response forces and will get overwhelmed. If you can’t carry it don’t bother grabbing it.

Get ready gentleman we drop in two hours

Tightbeam Transmission

04/10/3065 02:18 Location – Aboard MIM Diana Nanae in orbit over Marius’ Tears

Commander Arachne was still awake, the previous days events had a negative effect on her, an unfortunate side effect of her neural implants. She was wondering the bridge when a transmission flashed over the console. The Officer on Watch printed it out on transparency for her to read.

Raiders, this is the Titanfellers. We have reinforced the Marian Garrisons on Prospero Island, an attack on any of us is an attack on all.

You have been warned

Captain Thomas Brekard, Titanfellers Commander

Did the Mercenaries get this transmission Ensign

No it was microwaved to us, the prisoners must have informed the Marians that this vessel was in command.

Good, its better they not know until I tell them


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