Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Briefing: Raid on Ni'keet, Night 2

09/09/3065 20:18 Location – Forward Camp Glory, 52km NNW Divine Palm Oasis, Astrokaszy

The heat of the day had broken reaching 61°C that afternoon. The techs were not even capable of operating outside in that weather and water cans hung off the sides of the transports some of which had “DEXTRAN” still painted on their sides soon to be replaced by “µ” for MU. Several Battlemechs maintained watch having dispersed to keep an eye on hostile forces prowling in the dark.

Inside the MULE Command Post’s attached tent Major Grey, Commander Arachne, Captain Blackwall, and the Mercs Unleashed command staff gathered around a portable table with a collection of material on it. Lieutenant Ilonka and her support team remained in the vehicle keeping a close eye on the remote sensors they deployed earlier via the Marten and long range scanning RADAR feeds from the portable array outside.

“Top Shot is the greatest threat to this operation they heavily outmatch Squad Leader Kunimoto’s Air team so we need to deal with them first. Major Brekard is no fool he knows that as well so it will not be easy to pin them down. The heat and sandstorms fouled any plans they might have for a daytime offense, however that doesn’t rule out a night attack. To that end the following mechs shall stay behind at As’Sab to bolster the force there.

Both Marauders, Hammerhands, and Orion

The Blackjack and Salamander are going back to Al’Sur to shore up Lieutenant Commander Post’s defenses. He makes a good case for it and we cannot afford to lose those dropships or suffer an attack on Kunimoto’s AeroFighters. Chief Tech Dolens will bring the Penetrator back online tomorrow but it can be activated in an emergency.

During the day I got AeroPilot Chandler to do a fast run over Ni’keet and Warawi with an experimental sensor pod. The Niopian techs interpreted the data and provided a snapshot of the layout. They confirmed that Top Shot’s Aerospace is primarily based out of Ni’keet due to the support infrastructure in place. That support infrastructure is more important than the Aerofighters so we are launching an attack against it. Warawi is much the same as it was last night although the dropships have reverted to low power mode rather than ready status.

Commander Arachne please deliver your scouting reports for Despair"

“Thank you Major, Mercenaries we have been keeping a rotating scout in the area of Despair. The Titanfellers have completed initial preparation for a forward operating base they now have a short runway, helipads, basic shelter and fighting positions, and support in place from the Grenadiers mobile units.

We have confirmed that the Headhunters’ vehicles have left the facility presumably for Warawi but were unable to run them down. There are at least two mechs on watch at all hours and they have begun challenging us past sensor range so they have deployed remote sensors and have someone paying attention to them. The previous units we encountered are still based there.

Major Grey has tasked your Boomerangs to wide area recon in order to provide situational awareness if the Titanfellers are on the move."

“Thank You Commander, Alright mercenaries here is the operation plan

Hotfoot you will take the Cronus, Cicada, one of the Phoenix Hawks, Locust, Wolf Traps, and Captain Blackwall’s Mongoose and attack Ni’keet. Recon reports show that there is a squad of King Scorpions, some field guns, a Warrior VTOL, and a Clint, Sentry and Commando. You should have no trouble overwhelming their defenses before damaging the infrastructure, that should result in the Aerofighters being forced back to Ta’iqih 80 kilometers away.

Tack you will take the remaining mechs and launch an attack on Warawi then withdraw providing cover for the strike force. Lieutenant Inderpal and I along with Mechwarrior Trust will be with you. The Commander at Despair will no doubt attempt to intercept the strike force so you can kill them in the field, you might even draw the Headhunters out of their hill fort. Squad Leader Kunimoto and Flight Lead Wodan will be overhead to provide fire support and top cover against Top Shot.

Any questions?"

Remnants of the Past

01/27/3065 Pillars of Heaven “Aemidat Alsama” Mountain Range, Astrokaszy

Fariq and Hakim climbed up a steep incline, their picks and crampons dug deep into the hard grey stone coated with frost. Their packs were heavy with supplies and they sometimes had to winch the packs up sheer cliffs to get them up the mountain. After the climb they found the trail they had been using to provision their new camp and their pace improved.

Their cousins would arrive in two days and the group would only have a a few months to make their year’s income wildcatting in the mountains before it became too hot. They had scouted out a good location to mine last year and established a new camp.

As they neared the camp Hakim stopped to load his rifle; they could never be to careful. The camp was camouflaged but other wildcats wouldn’t hesitate to steal supplies or wait for the owners to return. The Sheikh’s men were well known for that kind of behavior, he sought a cut from everyone and had enough rifles to enforce his will. Anyone who crossed him ended up in a shallow grave with their family after being sentenced to hard labor.

Once they got close by the pair stopped Fariq pulled out his old heavily used binoculars and Hakim set up. They waited for about an hour making sure everything was in order, they had several tells built into the camp that would betray bandits or the Sheikh’s men. Seeing nothing they walked through the scrubby conifers that clung to the mountainside.

The prospecting camp was built on a ridge near a massive rockslide which had exposed rich copper ore. Hakim preferred silver but copper was just as good and had plenty of market potential. Their small furnace wouldn’t have to work as hard either to smelt it into bars.

02/17/3065 Near Angel’s Fire Prospect Camp

Muhsin prepped a round of mining charges to shatter one of the larger boulders that was precariously positioned uphill of the operation. Withdrawing to a safe distance he wired the charges in and pressed the plunder. The blast was loud but controlled, the boulder was blasted apart and exposed metal was visible under the rubble. He radioed Hakim and Fariq and they arrived from downhill.

The cleared the rubble away and attempted to dent the metal, it bent the mattock.

F: What could it be Hakim?

H: Don’t know its not natural though it looks like the landslide may have covered a tunnel.

M: A tunnel to where? No one lives here. There isn’t a proper road in the entire valley, certainly not one large enough to take whatever bored the tunnel up here.

H: Yet here one is Muhsin. We should investigate, might be an even grander find then some copper.

F: I don’t know Hakim, we don’t know what’s down there. You have to think about Omaira, we shouldn’t go inside. We can tell Rakim and he can get the Mountain Rifles up here.

H: Or he turns on us and tells everyone we died in a landslide. I don’t trust Rakim even if he opposes the Sheikh. Fariq we are going to have to do this on our own, go and bring Rashid up here with the tools and lights. I will help set the charges.

The four of them cleared the rubble throughout the day resting at night before coming back in the morning. Hakim led the way looking for traps rifle drawn, the other had tools on their backs and lanterns in their hands. The tunnel went on for 50 meters before ending in a doorway, none of them could read or understand English but they recognized the insignia.

Property of the Star League Defense Force
11th Hussar Regiment, XLVIII Corps, 17th Army
Colonel Heinrich Braumsteed

Titanfellers on the Rim

05/08/3065 04:58 Location – Zenith Jump Point, Marius’ Tears, Marian Hegemony

The Scout-class LIC Träume der Nacht burst from empty space in a plume of electromagnetic radiation. The Fury-class drop-ship LIC Muninn detached itself and began its trip to Marius’ Tears. Kommandant Edvard Vogt was aboard; unfortunately he was a Raven of the Lyran Intelligence Corps and they never brought good news.

05/13/3065 17:33 Location – Port Atrea, Marius’ Tears

The Titanfellers were still dealing with the aftermath of their failed defense of the mech factory and the death of Legatus McGuire to an apparent Word of Blake attack. They continued their contracted assignment to train iii Legio, not missing a step. Although it wasn’t known off-world yet due to Marius’ Tears not having an HPG or warranting regular jumpship traffic. Long range scanners picked up the Muninn and it’s code words were confirmed so the drop-ship landed in Port Atrea.

Captain Thomas Brekard was on the runway along with his XO Amanda Weaver and the local LIC Chief Stefan Lange. One of the Titanfellers’ light utility vehicles idled nearby waiting to take the group to base. The Fury’s ramp was lowered and the Kommandant walked off, even though they knew it was him all three were still surprised by his ghastly appearance.

A stern man in his early 40s, his dark blue dress uniform was crisp but he walked with an obvious limp. His left eye had been replaced with an obvious cybernetic, and the parts of him that were visible were covered in burn marks and scars or looked obviously reconstructed. He wore gloves but Thomas knew that some of that was cybernetics as well.

Greetings Kommandant’, Thomas was really hoping this was not about him after-all how could they know about the previous months events.

Shut it Mercenary, we have serious business to discuss, get in the car now. This is not for public consumption. I have little time in this part of space and you have less to make things right’ The Captain visibly deflated, this was an unexpected and unwelcome turn of events.

The four got into the utility vehicle and sped off, the Kommandant was briefed on recent events which provoked more probing questions. Top among them was why and how the Loki Mechwarriors lost their prototype mechs.

Upon arriving at Castle Atrea they went to the confidential briefing room inside the insulated main base. The room was made secure and Kommandant Vogt started

Herr Brekard we have a major problem, I know you are aware of Ash Smoke Jaguar. While you have been on this side of space she has been working her way through the Alliance hinterlands raiding worlds along the way. She has apparently overthrown a major warlord on Astrokaszy and based on our reports has begun amassing an army through unknown backers.

This could be a big problem if someone else were to defeat her she might try to use Operation-SHEPHARD as leverage. That can’t be allowed to happen so you have to deal with her and make sure to kill all of her people. If the Inner Sphere knew of the Archon-Princess’ collusion with Khan Ward, particularly their measures against Jade Falcon, Phelan Wolves, and the Kell Hounds…

Such things would be catastrophic. A resurgent “Smoke Jaguar” is unacceptable even if they are pirates.

Additionally, I will be taking your code-books from SHEPHARD and DVERGR both of these programs are now classified at a higher level I trust you will maintain your confidentiality about them. DVERGR was top secret there were only a few Marians that knew of it. I will report this to the Station Chief in Nova Roma, he will certainly deal with such a breach within the Palace.

The Jumpship FCS Pride of Kathil will be here by month’s end. I have prepared a list of mercenary commands for hire nearby we want you on Astrokaszy as quick as possible to check and defeat Ash before she causes more problems.

If you do manage to pull this off there is a Countship and long term assignment in the Outback for you. Loki will consider you fully cashiered. Failure is not an option

Recon Report Day 1

Mercs Unleashed Scout Report for Warawi, Hardcore Headhunters Strongpoint

Lance Lead Joseph “Hotfoot” Leeson and Fast Lance scouted out Warawi. Report enclosed

All approaches are marked with Minefield warnings, we were ordered to not risk damage so chose not to enter the perimeter but did a through sweep of it. Hostile forces are entrenched in well camouflaged and reinforced fighting positions, IR spotlights are located behind those positions. Large earthworks block LOS to the village from the outside. Wire and other mobility obstacles are located away from and on the base of these earthworks.

Patrols on Horseback, Foot, and Utilitech Sandcats are conducted by apparent indigenous Forces. We were unable to determine whether the heavy vehicle emplacements were in use as their combat vehicles were not at battery and field works and netting made positive Identification impossible.

Dual Medium Autocannon Emplacements are located between 270 and 360m away from one another with a missile trailer between them. These positions are only lightly reinforced with earthworks. We are not sure what variant of Autocannon or Missiles they are due to distance, camouflage, and persistent blowing sand. We observed sentries in mobile watchtowers watching us through binoculars during our maneuver. The emplacements did track our unit while we circled but we were well out of range.

Boomerang Recon Pilot Roman’s report below

I have confirmed that the Headhunters’ Fury Dropship has departed Warawi. Long range photos confirm that the Union and Gazelle remain on the ridges east of Warawi and both are warmed up, ready to take off. No Battlemechs or Battle Armor were spotted during my sweep.

Headhunter’s Aerospace was nowhere to be seen; there is evidence of modular structures where they might have been based. An Earthwerks E-600 Engineering Vehicle, Workhorse Tanker, 2 MULE Minelayers, and a MULE Earthworker were located near the Gazelle on a rough airstrip.

The village is silent and dark, the two concentric road rings around the village show a large amount of traffic has recently passed by due to lack of erosion. Several tan colored fabric covers are stretched along the larger internal roads inside the village. No insignia or flags were visible and only a small group of soldiers were conducting patrols.

Human Intelligence Analysis

Warawi consists of sixteen adobe and rock structures most of which are small and like in As’Sur are connected to an underground series of tunnels and storerooms. According to local sources it is only a winter village for the tribes. Most of them leave and reside near Hin’Fadir in the summer working in the mines or on the plantations.

They were unable to make it into the valley before the Jaguar’s Claws took over. As such they are reliant on the Headhunters to provide additional food and conduct trade. Emir Saif El-Baz of As’Sab has authorized his people to supplement the Warawi tribe if necessary to remove Ash despite his kinsmen opposing such an offer to their rivals.

CLO Karras confirmed that the Indigenous Militia’s Heavy Weapons consists of
Four Pugio Rocket Trucks | Three King Scorpions | Detroit "War"Horse, Twin SRM-4s

None of which were visible during the observation period

Ebon Magistrate Recon Report on “FOB:Despair” Titanfellers forward position

Commander Arachne confirmed that Headhunter S&R teams from the Hellspire are utilizing FOB:Despair as a way point. The scouts were assaulted by a pair of Warrior H-7Cs and Hawk Moth attack VTOLs while attempting to double back on the Hellspire battle site forcing them to withdraw into the broken lands west of there.

Long range scanners confirm two Karnovs and several salvage trucks departed from the Hellspire to Warawi. Those that couldn’t make it must have fled to Despair to spend a night while new escorts were rounded up to protect their heavily laden vehicles. Hostile Aerospace strafed any remains they couldn’t salvage denying it to our forces.

Scouts moved within visual range of the Forward Operating Base to confirm Ilonka’s traffic analysis. The base was still under construction but has already developed defensive positions. A company of Titanfeller mechs were joined by a squad of Grenadiers, the VTOL squad that attacked Arachne and Nyx was refueling from a Grenadier tanker during their observation period. Both Magistrate Mechs were forced to outrun the Titanfeller’s quick mechs when they began to pursue.

Cobra 02 | Komodo 2A | Chimera 1Sm | Clint 3-4LBX | Shadow Hawk 2D?| Wasp 3M?
Anvil 3M|Crossbow 6C|Lancelot 01| Thunder Hawk 7X | Zeus 7S? | Commando 3D

2 Improved Pikes (3 AC/2, SRM4) | 2 Gauss Von Luckners | 2 Advanced Zhukovs (2 LGR, SRM6) | 4 Heavy Field Gun Trailers (2 UAC/10s) | 3 Warthog Artillery Trucks
Various Logistical Vehicles

2 Hawk Moth Attack VTOLs, 2 Warrior H-7C Attack VTOLs

Behind the Lines, pt 1

09/08/3065 08:18 Location – “Wadi of Death”, 17 WNW of Coolwater (Alma’Abarid), Jaguar’s Claw Domain

Jakk sat on a rough hewn stool in the darkness, a fan hummed nearby throwing up wisps off the sandy floor. He peered through a spotter’s scope through the narrow fighting slot at the invader’s vehicle. It’s flails ripped up the gray sands kicking up massive clouds of dust, sometimes it hit a mine and a large explosion followed that engulfed the vehicle in smoke and flame. It’s companions traveled behind their diesel engine belched black smoke against the cloudless blue sky.

He rattled off coordinates into the field telephone around his head and minutes later a salvo of heavy artillery impacted and the lead tank threw its tracks. Small explosions followed throwing up dust but barely scratching its thick armor plates but shaking up its crew. It was nothing more than a target now trackless and bogged down in the fine sand.


The intruders had called in one of their recovery vehicles the lumbering beast closed the gap; its own heavy tracks chewed up sands spitting them back into the constant wind. Jakk could hear flak guns from the valley, the intruder’s helicopters sought out the Jaguar’s artillery positions hidden among the rock, sand, and scrubland. His soldiers were experts at camouflage they would find nothing but death in these mountains.

The recovery vehicle arrived and one of the crew from both vehicles disembarked to shackle the tank. As they did five mortar bombs landed around them spraying shrapnel into their lightly armored bodies.

Both men went down, desperately clawing themselves back into the recovery vehicle. The vehicle reversed leaving the still immobile mine clearer behind. In a panic it’s driver attempted to move itself, floundered and powered down, the sand was too soft, the vehicle too heavy, all they did was trap themselves more.


Jakk handed the telescope to his partner Kat, she watched as the recovery vehicle showed up again with a truck to recover the beleaguered tank. This one would be allowed to pass, she could call down more salvos, but the Jaguars only had so much ammo. Every day they delayed the so called “Titanfellers” was buying more time for their Khan to consolidate her power and purge hostile operatives from her domain.

The Titanfellers would no doubt try to send more scouting parties into the mountains in the evening but they would find no safe places. Behind every rock, under the shrubs, and in the skies Jakk’s hardened Freeborn would harry them until ordered to do otherwise.

For them there was nothing more than fighting

Homefront, pt 6

07/01/3065 07:25 Location – Dust, Western Expanse, Dainmar Majoris

Anwar woke at the screech of the train slowing down and an announcement over the intercom, “All aboard we are approaching Dust, be prepared to disembark, thank you for riding.” Outside it was much the same as it had been yesterday evening reddish brown sand as far as the eye could see. He has passed through some magnificent landscapes but after Shamrock there was nothing but sand.

He walked out of the train with his bag its lightness a reminder of his poverty, the train station was an assault on his senses. Numerous murals and peculiar art pieces adorned the walls of the station. Exiting the station he found himself in a bazaar where all manner of artisans peddled exotic curios, there were a few that caught his eye but it was morbid curiosity more than genuine interest. The artist colony of Dust climbed the nearby hills like a colorful fungus, however the dyed stucco of the buildings faded fast to white and beige housing units.

Anwar got turned around in the maze of streets and had to ask for directions more than once from the locals that immediately knew he wasn’t from around here. They weren’t rude but they weren’t happy to see him either.

Two hours later he found the transit station he was looking for and met more men under the white canopy. A tan Pit Bull truck with “DEXTRAN” painted on the side arrived shortly afterward. Relieved Anwar relaxed and pulled out his work order. The truck went into idle mode silencing the crank of its diesel engine as a man wearing olive coveralls stepped out adjusted his glasses and walking forward while opening his noteputer. “Alright fellas I’m Bryan Holdt time for roll call, have your IDs ready”

Anwar and the others hopped in the back of the Pit Bull which began to drive along the rough gravel road. It took about an hour before they neared a large fence and the foundations of more substantial fortifications. The truck pulled up to the gate where a group of rifleman dressed as Zouaves were training a light machine gun on the vehicle. Another truck armed with a machine gun passed by on patrol slowing as it neared the checkpoint.

The guard Sergeant ordered everyone out, quickly inspected the worker’s meager baggage and identification papers. Satisfied the six workers re-boarded the truck and entered Camp Rawhide Proper passing under the 2nd Raventhir Cuirassiers’ banner.

A portion of the 2nd Raventhir Infantry Guard was doing drills in the yard as they passed by. Bryan’s Pit Bull had slowed down and was running on paved roads so it was quiet enough to shout out the window. “Most of the good stuff is happening on the training ground, No Mechs or Tanks enter the Camp Proper, tears up the roads. These guys are barely out of Basic, churn is that high even for a front line regiment.”

The truck came to a halt near one of the many Quonset huts along Sierra road. “Alright guys stash this is your new home, stash your stuff and be back in ten minutes. Lots to do not enough time.”

Anwar and the other workers complied stashing their gear in the plain metal lockers that corresponded to the beds in the hut. This one smelled new so they could pick the prime beds.

“Alright enough introductions I’m taking you to the facility super he’ll hand out your assignments based on your pre-assessements. You better not have been lying on that form, bad things happen out here all the time.”

Homefront, pt 5

06/24/3065 00:18 Lake Endric Starport, near Lexington, Dainmar Majoris

Anwar disembarked the Jasmine Peril at the Lake Endric Starport in the evening carrying his duffel bag through the chill and persistent mist over the permacrete. The starport lights reflected on the lake; the only light on a moonless night, a Word of Blake transport rolled up to the vessel silently on its eight wheels. The ship was due to be unloaded in the morning so they drove alone across the grounds.

Argent and Amethyst had invited all the Coalition expatriates and some of the other passengers to spend the night at the Lexington HPG and most accepted, their follow on travel arrangements left in the morning so there was no harm looking around, meeting people, and getting more information on an unfamiliar planet. Adept Anero was their de facto tour guide and many were surprised to learn that Adept Deepwater was the daughter of Lady Deepwater, Countess and Planetary Ruler of the planet they were now on. This led to a long series of questions some of which were shut down immediately for being too prying.

The transport drove across darkened hills the headlights being the only light along the black and gold ribbon of road that cut through the valleys. In the distance they could see lights from Lexington and its sister city Concord straddling the Waru River. In front of them they saw the lights of the Word of Blake’s Lexington HPG, both Adepts Deepwater were immensely proud of the facility although it remained shrouded atop its hilly redoubt overlooking the Great Lake of Endric. The horseshoe shaped lake was manmade and maintained by a series of levies that sculpted the mighty Waru through the valleys. The compound could only be accessed from a single road that crept up the hill, the rest of the terrain was filled with boulders and lined with scree making it nearly impossible to traverse even if the Word of Blake Militia wasn’t shooting at you.

The Blakist transport pulled up to the newly expanded entrance way, a pair of Inquisitor SecurityMechs maintained a vigil over the entrance; barely shifting their white bulks as the transport pulled up before continuing to the underground parking facility. The HPG techs had just finished installing the components necessary to upgrade the facility to Class B. The complex while utilitarian had complex and elegant architectural flourishes throughout and magnificent grounds.

Anwar only saw brief glimpses before being escorted to the guest facility by an acolyte, he was shown a room and ate in one of the facility’s canteens. He scarfed the meal down with glee, his first meal in months made entirely of fresh food, the other Aurigonians acted much the same way. The staff obliged them a second helping before escorting them back to the sleeping quarters. A Word of Blake Militia Acolyte kept watch overnight and escorted them out of the complex in the morning. He left a note to be sent to Baqir on Joppa with his new contact information and words of encouragement from his cousin and left it on the transmission desk.

The “Blake Bus” was out front and ready to take them back to the Starport where they would catch their trains. The rolling green hills, teal water, and blue sky were a welcome sight to the group that had grown accustomed to flat brown land and gray skies. The group split up as their respective trains departed wishing each other well and embracing.

The train to Dust was one of the last in the afternoon, Anwar boarded showing his visa and transfer orders and found a seat. The trip would take a few days but he was told there would be some fantastic wilderness.

Homefront, pt 4

05/25/3065 14:49 Jasmine Peril Casino Deck, Interstellar Space, near Zenith Jump Point Bonavista

The Jasmine Peril’s casino was faded and a little outdated but captivated and mystified with its bright lights and cacophony of noise from the slots and tables. Despite the chaos everything was controlled, the rules were set and those that broke them were removed. A major improvement over his previous circumstance of despair, disease, and deprivation. Colonial Marshals kept watch by the doors in case anyone got rowdy but most of the patrons were melancholy; shifting listlessly between tables exchanging stories and toasting to fallen comrades.

He listened and did what he could to entertain them, St Ives Veterans, Pirate Hunters, Marshals, Reconstruction Specialists everyone on the vessel had served in some manner and it made him feel inadequate. Baqir had been right unfortunately Anti-Canopian sentiment in the Coalition had sharply reduced those willing to accept Magistracy aid. Instead they turned toward Coromdir, which proved inadequate, the Concordat, which proved incompetent, and The Word of Blake, which tried but was unsuccessful.

“Deal us in Mr Jossi”, a familiar feminine voice said. Immediately Anwar snapped out of his Zen trance to see a group of ash gray and off white Word of Blake uniforms sitting in front of him; clearly bemused at his absentmindedness. He almost missed his shuffle’s bridge in surprise embarrassment evident on his face, one of the female acolytes giggled softly clearly expecting him to fumble and cards to fly. “Apologies Adept Deepwater,” slipping back into his dealer tone, “the game is Baccarat ladies and gentleman. Minimum bet is five, do any of you need me to explain the rules?”

The game continued until the acolytes quit having spent their daily traveling allowance. Adepts Argent and Amethyst continued joined occasionally by other players. The Coalition refugees turned crewmembers settled into one of the smaller lounges at shift end grateful to be out of their plain and uncomfortable bunks. Their replacements arrived on the floor, the Jasmine Peril never closed while there was money to be had.

“I never thought we’d up as casino workers in Rensiever”, Anwar said to the others.
“Who even knew the Magistracy Development Corps had a Monarch, I never expected to be aboard one ever.”, one of the others said as she poured herself another beer from the communal tap built into the table. None of the refugees had spent much time in space prior to now even their trips from Mechdur were in highly controlled environments and under duress. “I mean why do they even have a Casino?-”

“When my mother purchased it from the Pleasure Circus she didn’t pay to remove it. There are only so many things to do while in a transit after all.” Amethyst interjected from the doorway before entering and having a seat. “Canopians are not book people unless those books have stakes. Even the Word of Blake has a stipend for gambling while traveling in Canopian space.” A few of the refugees laughed but others were uncomfortable at the unexpected presence of the Adept.

They still engaged in friendly conversation as she was the only person on the ship that actually wanted to seek them out. Some of it was her recruiting pitch about how life in the Word of Blake is full of adventure and travel. Others were concerned about family members still missing or displaced and hoping to fast track some messages through the HPGs back to Coalition space.

Three refugees accepted her offer, Initiates were the sole responsibility of the Order and shed any refugee status, they would undergo their apprenticeships at the Magistracy HPGs under Blake control. The Order was recruiting heavily throughout the Inner Sphere and the Coalition and Magistracy were no exception, their political savvy and economic might were their best recruiting tools.

Homefront, pt 3

05/20/3065 09:17 Location – Camp Rensiever, Joppa, Magistracy of Canopus

The Monarch drop-ship MDC Jasmine Peril arced out of the sky with a sonic boom waking everyone in Camp Rensiever. It landed on the long runway and taxied out of position as the Buccaneer drop-ship MFT Hurry Home followed in its wake.

A group of Coalition refugees were organized into work crews nearby waiting with a pair of idling Detroit Workhorses and four PPL Bulldog trucks. Once the area around the dropship cooled and the crews opened the cargo bays the group moved across the tarmac to meet a squad of armed Colonial Marshals at the doors. The trucks backed into the cargo bay and the work crew started unloading cargo. They returned shortly and loaded several blue and white MDC containers into the space created.

Anwar and sixty odd Aurigonians followed the work crews. The Colonial Marshals processed them all and sent them to the steward for their accommodations.

Wow they can fit a lot of stuff on this dropship, four Word of Blake Inquisitor SecurityMechs, two MDC Powerman Fifteens, a whole lance of Colonial Marshal Battlemechs and six Gendearme Longsword tanks. and all these shipping containers are probably just as full as the ones we packed yesterday.

Yeah that’s a lot of firepower, why do you think they have it all on this Monarch though aren’t these vessels just passenger transport. Whats going on?

I’m sure we will get an answer eventually

The Aurigonians along with the Marshals walked through the cargo bay toward one of the smaller ramps that led into the lower deck passenger area. The group was seated in one of the smaller galleys and one of ship’s stewards addressed them.

Alright everyone this is not exactly a pleasure cruise but it should be a nicer trip than the one that brought you here. Unfortunately for us the Magistracy has been overbooking transits from the Coalition so we’ve had to reduce actual crew count to fit the additional passengers. As such I am short about a dozen people. You will be paid, its mostly low level grunt work but there is chance to get something on the upper deck if the purser likes you.

05/22/3065 Location – MDC Jasmine Peril, Interstellar Space, Joppa

Word of Blake Adepts Amethyst and Argent walked through the corridors of the Jasmine Peril, both were chatting about current events lost in their own personal world as they maneuvered through the crowded hallways. They reached one of the inter-deck stairways and saw a Colonial Marshal standing guard near it.

Her Brown and Green uniform was crisp but well worn, a common state of the passengers aboard this ship. It showed in the Ash Gray Militia uniform fatigues of Argent, the subdued Off White jumpsuit of Amethyst, the Dark Blue of the Magistracy Gendearme, the Light Blue of the MDC, and even the Black and Turquoise jumpsuits of the ship’s crew.

Marshal why are you standing guard?

Maam, I’ve got orders from the Captain he wants all entryways secure and critical systems under guard for duration of the trip.

Marshal Albright we have been underway for weeks since Coromdir and it hasn’t been a problem during that time.

Adepts Deepwater those are my orders, I’m not stopping you from transiting the decks if you desire. Just keeping watch for any trouble.

The Coalition Refugees?

Any trouble Adepts

The Blakists continued their walk through the corridors, Amethyst stopped when she started seeing more Marshals, The mere fact that the Captain put the refugees under guard disgusted her. She went to one of the smaller galleys on the floor and started talking to the people there. The refugees were well taken care of. A bit neglected by the crew but most of them had been in the system for nearly a year since the Crisis on Mechdur went critical. Many were happy to be on their way but anxious about the future in an unfamiliar land.

Don’t worry friends, the Magistracy may have abandoned the Coalition but the Word of Blake is ironclad in its commitment to make things right

Homefront, pt 2

05/12/3065 Location – MDC-Coalition Quarantine Camp, Joppa, Magistracy of Canopus

Anwar, this is such a boring planet. How do you not go crazy?

I’ve had a lot of practice. Hah, I think the Canopian Casinos will ban us Coalition folk considering how much practice we’ve had playing cards and dice. We’d clean them out.

Hah! that would be something to look forward to I suppose.

Yeah well I’m also good for the doctor for years considering how many tests they have been running on us. That certainly breaks the monotony, especially if you get a special appointment.

Oh…, really?

Well there is some truth in stereotype Baqir. Its not a common thing though and you’re likely to get slapped or put on an unpleasant work detail if you ask or talk about it. I’ve also had almost every test and evaluation imaginable conducted on me. Neurosync, blood work, tried a dietary study because the food was better. The medical industry has to be making a mint off us refugees. Got a NS score of 57 apparently that’s impressive but it didn’t change anything.

Wow Cousin who would have thought? I wish we could find Vera and Kashir I worry about them.

Me too Baqir I hope they made it off-world okay

05/17/3065 19:18

Anwar returned to his bunk after a long day of working on the camp. There was a note bearing the MDC seal tucked into his bed. Opening it he was overjoyed at first but calmed down.

“Congratulations Anwar Joshi,

You have been issued a provisional worker visa by the Magistracy Development Corps. Report to the MDC Jasmine Peril in three days with your possessions.
Destination – Dainmar Majoris.
If you have any questions consult with Central Processing in the next two days"

The visa was right there and authentic finally he could move on. He was worried about Baqir though, hopefully he would be alright.


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