Battletech Mercs Unleashed

San Marco Sideliner
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Mechdur, Aurigan Coalition

Director Rodrigo Cortez and his crew arrived with the Mercs Unleashed, PMC onto Mechdur, Representatives from Paradiso Armor Works were negotiating with the Coalition government on Coromdir. His job was rather simple, document the relief efforts that the MDC, TACD, WOB, and AIM were involved in. He deployed a cameraman on all the Gendearme and Mercenary excursions and had a dozen journalists on site at the refugee camps. His crew had initial problems with the CBN and ANS reporters but it was smoothed over, that didn’t stop the toxic glances.

Director Cortez walked up to Marcus Brandt, Reed Drummond, and Joe Leeson,

“Good to see you all again, small universe. My offer still stands we can come up with a better name for your merc company at least let us make you a logo. As a creative I can’t stand it, here’s my card. By the way can we get some good shots of your mechs for the B reel?; everybody loves Battlemech shots.”

New Earth Trading Company Infomercial
The Aurochs

Greetings the New Earth Trading Company maker of the venerable Buffalo Hover Transport has introduced a new vehicle to our long line of successful vehicles. The Aurochs Medium Hover Transport is effectively a half sized Buffalo although it actually weighs 45 tons. It is powered by the reliable NETC 35 Diesel Engine used on the Blitz Racing Vehicles.

The Aurochs is a little quicker with a cruising speed of 65 and flank speed of 95 kilometers per hour and better armored with four and a half tons of Industrial Grade BAR 7 armor. These qualities make it excellent for the rigors of second line military and rugged off-road transport capability. We already have heard interest from smaller companies and mercenary commands that don’t need the full sized cargo capacity of the Buffalo or the price.

The spacious 20 ton cargo bay is accessed by a rear door that doubles as a ramp to protect the hover skirts. It has numerous hooks and loops to tie down a variety of cargo types including the Deca™, Synco™, and Venti™ containers made by Utilitech.

Aftermath: Battle for the Takonia Waterworks

Compiled report by Agent Ilonka, submitted to Aurigan Interior Ministry 04/08/3064

Two Mech lances of Mercs Unleashed engaged the Commander-Baron Adrian Welsi’s rebel command to seize control of the Lake Takonia Waterworks. Nominal command was given to Lance Commander Marcus Brant in leading the advance as most of the pilots with the exception of Mechwarriors Leeson and Hunt were new to the command. This was evident as the Heavier mechs were hesitant to engage the rebel forces initially.

A daring right flank by Brant and Leeson thew the hostiles into confusion and forced them to spread themselves out. Squad Leader Kuniomoto and Ms Devarine launched a pair of strikes on Welsi’s Lieutenant and that combined with the fire forced him and a senior ADF Mechwarrior to power down and surrender to our forces. They and Baron Welsi have been taken as POWs by AIM and are currently being interrogated for additional intelligence concerning the remaining rebel forces.

In a particularly hectic twenty seconds ADF rocket trucks launched a hellish assault on the Penetrator and Stalker dealing major damage to both, that was about as bad as it got. The facility security turrets damaged some of the building exteriors but TACD Senior Foreman Rodriguez said the damage didn’t affect the operation of the waterworks and his crews will have it online by the end of the week. Once the Waterworks and Power Station are back online the TACD’s job will be much easier.

Mercs Unleashed continued to show its professionalism and efficiency bringing the rebel forces under control while limiting damage to the facility.

Agent Jasmina Ilonka
Mercs Unleashed Intelligence Liaison

Mechdur (R&R) Situation Report 3
Now it gets interesting

Camp 51-08, Mechdur, Aurigan Coalition

Adept Argent woke to nightmares in the HPG Compound’s Adepts Quarters, the past few months had worn on his body and soul. Nothing but sorrow and death everyday while he performed his duty. He tried to wash it off but nothing would remove the persistent grime of this planet, before leaving he said a quick prayer to Blake. He left the compound dressed in his ash gray uniform, sidearm, and filter mask mounted a ladder and entered his Inquisitor SecurityMech. Powering it up he checked his demi-company’s orders, same as yesterday unfortunately.

The six Inqusitors went to their assembly area and picked up the flame projectors they had received from Paradiso Armor Works. Unfortunately their task required such a brutal weapon, the group walked to the next area past several checkpoints manned by the Magistracy Gendearmes where hundreds of vacuum sealed body bags waited, yesterdays casualties from the quarantine camp brought there by their equally infected comrades. The Inquisitors were the only environmentally sealed units in the Militia forces on-world so they had the grim duty of manning the pyre.

Their work completed Adept Argent returned to the assembly area where a MMC isolation crew stood at the ready. They blasted it with various cleaning agents before giving the all clear before the Inquisitors returned to perimeter patrols for the main camp.

Mechdur (R&R) Situation Report 2
Allied Disposition

WOB HPG C Mechdur, Precentor Yen to Precentor Kepler, HPG B Brinton

Precentor you must increase your efforts to bringing the Concordat and Confederation around, using the Canopians is a drain on our finite resources and has been causing internal issues.

I have enclosed our current personnel and what we need to accomplish this task.

Taurian Concordat

under Taurian Agency for Colonial Development (TACD) Assistant Director Ermon

82nd Civil Engineering Battalion, Task Force 49 (2,125 Volunteers), TACD Oasis III, Aqueduct Dropship, 1 Mule Dropship

Magistracy of Canopus

under Magistracy Development Corps (MDC) Commander Julion

27th and 16th Magistracy Gendearme Battalions (fresh from St Ives Occupation Zone), Task Force December (3.840 Volunteers), MMC Grace under Fire, Condor Dropship, 14th Canopian Medical Company, 2 Buccaneer Dropships

Capellan Confederation

under Ward Volunteer Commander Sao-Shao Olsten

Ward Construction Bureau, 1st Ward Volunteers (1.870 Volunteers), 5 Mule Dropships, 2 Buccaneer Dropships

Word of Blake
Mechdur HPG Militia, 2nd Rim World Volunteers (Roughly a company of Coalition police), 2 Mammoth Dropships, 6 Mule Dropships, 1 Behemoth Dropship


We need more dropships dedicated for personnel transport bringing fresh volunteers in and evacuees out, the turn around time is many hours between the bulk cargo and personnel transport configurations. We desperately need more medical supplies, the planet is in the midst of a contagion of unknown origin. The Canopians have been profiteering at the Word’s expense on this matter something no doubt on the mind of the Conclave.

This contagion (Crimson Flu) has required us to maintain security around a quarantine camp and the main camp thinning our numbers dramatically and forcing the medics to work longer hours. The lack of security has deepened to locals distrust of us.

We need more supplies coming in from Concordat space, the delays in shipping it from the League and Magistracy have us giving everyone half rations. Please endeavor to assist us in these matters or this operation is doomed.

May Blake guide us,

Precentor Yen

Mechdur (R&R) Situation Report
Transcript from Count Alfons Toure's Rebel Radio

WOB HPC C Station Mechdur, Precentor Yen to Precentor Kepler, HPG B Brinton

Precentor we have been trying to shut down these divisive broadcasts, the citizens frequently get riled up in their wake. This is a summary of the latest radio message of the Rebel Count Toure.

03/11/3064 04:58 Mechdur Liberation Radio

The Coalition has fallen it just hasn’t admitted it yet, they have sold out our future to these Trinity vultures and their Blakist masters. We have lasted decades by ourselves but now we sell our children in chains to the Confederation or sign on with these blighted techno-priests and their poisonous Word

It doesn’t have to be this way you must fight. Fight for yourselves, your children, and our history. They abandoned us to our fate when we most needed them and we built a better nation for it. We do not have to submit to them on their terms, fight for a better life. We built Mechdur up from a Junkyard to an industrial power, we can fix it

Rise up and refuse to live in submission, don’t let the Vultures pick our bones while we still have strength to fight

Mechdur Planet Profile
Junkyard of the Rim

Compiled from the COMSTAR Atlas of the Capellan Reach

Star Class – G0V
Gravity – 0.9g
Atmosphere – Breathable but extreme particulate and smog dangers
Surface Water – 68%, 8% Fresh
Major Industry – Coalition Arsenal, Ltd, Coalition Aerospace, Ltd, Coaltion Armorworks, Ltd, Aurigan Agricultural Machinery, Mechdur Machined Goods
Capital – Mechdur City
Points of Interest – Mechdur Defense Park, Lake Takonai, Aspho Flats, Mt Kubara, Kubara City

Summary – Mechdur is a heavily industrialized planet much like Detroit, it was one of the gateways to Rimward space during the early era of Exploration at the height of the Star League. It acquired the nickname Junkyard of the Rim after the Reunification War where Kerensky’s army refitted themselves and discarded anything that couldn’t be repaired.

The Aurigan Coalition added Mechdur before the Third Succession War and invested much of their trade income into modernizing the factories on-planet. As such it also had one of the largest garrisons of Aurigan Defense Force in the Coalition, nearly a battalion of mechs and a regiment of vehicles guarded the Defense Park alone.

Mechdur has dealt with the long slow decline of the Coalition well but the industries have polluted water and soil so much that it is becoming uneconomical to continue living on that planet. It has been at the mercy of capricious merchant princes in the Coalition and pirate raids seeking to capture some part of the factories. Two years ago the Word of Blake inked a secret arrangement to begin a planet wide evacuation but it was interrupted by a civil war between the planet’s major houses Toure emerged victorious and shredded the initial arrangement seeking more favorable terms.

Things made on Mechdur
Wasp 1A, Javelin 10F, Clint 2-3T, Rifleman 3N. King Scorpion, Super Scorpion, Manticore, Pugio Rocket Truck, Danais Dropship, K-1 Dropshuttle

Mechdur Relief and Recovery Mission Brief

From the Desk of Precentor Dainmar Elena Sunwell to Mercs Unleashed

We are grateful you decided to accept our offer of employment, I will forward you the message we received from Ti’are Ningou concerning their current situation.

Ti’Are Ningou, Aurigan Interior Ministry

The planet Mechdur is in a period of crises we are grateful to Precentor Yen’s assistance in the effort, you must have expended quite a bit of capital to get the Gendearme, MDC, and TACD to come here. This is the current situation

Count Alfons Toure has taken the Aurigan Defense Force into the industrial region of Mechdur and cut our access to power, food, and the primary starport. His band of thugs sees this crisis as a prime time to renegotiate the social compact giving more power to the ADF. We still have the internal security forces, the Magistracy Gendearme, and your own milita but we cannot dislodge the largest garrison in the Coalition and their heavy weapons.

He has seized the initial shipments of food aid and displaced civilians in his wake. They are preparing for an extended campaign.

We need a combat unit to dislodge his forces, details below
Company of Mechs (mostly Medium/Light with a pair of heavies)
Company of Armor (mostly Light)
Battalion of Infantry (Three Companies of Green conscripts, Company of Regular mechanized)

Your continued support is appreciated and we are willing to do whatever we can to save our citizens from a terrible fate. As the situation is fluid I will update you when I can.

Bad Blood pt 3


The Mercs Unleashed crew is enjoying a succulent feast of various meats, cheeses, and spirits at Ruby’s invitation as it the day before he birthday. Ryan has been bedecked with the latest in fashionable suits from Crimson and Ruby is wearing a Quipao (China Dress) which has grown increasingly popular as Naomi has been seen wearing one while alongside the Chancellor. One of the Carabiniers walks up to Kalisandra as she sits on the high table and whispers something into her ear and all the Carabiniers become more visible and the servants make themselves scarce. Stannus becomes equally tense but they fail to convey confidence in what is about to happen.

Amethyst bursts through the door to the main chamber in her white adept robes and heads straight for her mother. The Carabiniers instinctively put their hands on their stun sticks but Stannus gestures to them causing them to return to a ready position.

“Hello Daughter, have you come to wish your sister a happy birthday? How very polite

Stuff it Mother, I know what you have been doing, and not doing. How dare you profiteer off the Word’s relief supplies marking them up thrice for our accounts while selling them to the MDC normally. Have you no shame? Eating and slumming it with mercenaries, Stannus winced at that but kept his cool; making merry while Argent and I are trying to save a dying world.

Yes how is brother? We have not seen him in quite some time. Have you come on official business Sister or is this a social visit?

Brother is doing Blake’s work Sister as am I. This is clearly not a social visit, I am here to petition the Abbess and will be sure to make mention of mother’s profiteering to the trade council, surely Luxen will react poorly to such a blatant and shameless disregard for human life. The Abbess will also take umbrage with your vassal’s activities in her desert.

The Abbess surrendered her power over this planet when she took the habit Daughter, she will surely be irate in her dotage regardless of your Sister’s choices. Do you bring word from the Precentor herself of the Word’s stance or do you merely want to run your mouth of your opinion on matters?

I bear no word from the Precentor Mother but I will be certain to make you suffer if we fail in our righteous works for your lack of support and cold heartedness.

You mercenaries there is much work to do on Mechdur perhaps some of you might be saved if you fight for money and our righteous cause, the Word has both in quantity.

Goodbye Lady Kalisandra, Lady Ruby, may you walk a righteous path or face judgement in the afterlife"

Adept Deepwater turned and marched out of the hall slamming the large doors behind her as the Carabiniers breathed a sign of relief and the servants brought another round.

Stannus relaxed his grip on the pistol in the small of his back, “Wow that is a relief, normally there is a lot more yelling and fighting. She’s not wrong though the Word is here to stay, it might be better for you if you were at least on their good side as long as they paid. My command was on the wrong side of Katherine and that didn’t work out well for us.”

Bad Blood pt 2

30 minutes later, Lake Endric Starport, Dainmar Majoris

The MMV Alexandra Cul set down on pad 5 of the Starport, Adept Deepwater disembarked after the ground cooled to a safe level. The Permacrete around the dropship was still warm and mixed with the cool lake air to create a blanket of fog. She could see the lights from dropships on pads 2 through 4 creating eerie shadows along the tarmac.

One of those shadows was Adept Anero the second in command for the Lexington HPG C in his Black Pit Bull with a Detroit Workhorse following, both painted with a white “Word of Blake” and bearing its insignia. He stepped out with the other technicians to meet her in a non-loading area as a pair of Conestoga Heavy Transports backed up to Pad 5’s loading area to deliver their supplies (dual use medicines, baby food, condensed milk, and other dairy products).

“Blessings of Blake upon you Adept Deepwater, we are pleased to have you home

and upon you Adept Anero, I feel you might be the only ones

Why? Surely your mother will be reasonable the Primus has decreed that this operation is part of our sacred duty. We are the only ones who can accomplish it.

My mother has never been reasonable nor has my sister, I am not here to throw stones against a mountain. I am here for the Abbess perhaps she can sway the Bishops to support us, surely they can understand the grave peril that Mechdur is in.

It is a pity that Adept Argent cannot be here perhaps both of you could sway your mother to lobby for more aid.

He is doing Blake’s work on Mechdur just as we should all seek to do every day wherever we are. What news have you heard on planet please inform me while we ride."

The Workhorse pulls up to the unloading are and receives a half container marked “HPG upgrade components, destination Dainmar Majoris”

While in transit Anero informed Ame’ of Mercs Unleashed’s deal with her sister and how their base property was cut out of what was nominally considered the Abbess’ Demesne. Infuriated she demanded he take her to Chateau Deepwater and informed the acolytes to keep heading to the HPG. Upon reaching the Chateau they were challenged by a squad of Carabiniers at the gate.

“You there stop, the Chateau is a private residence show us some ID. I am sorry Lady Deepwater, we cannot bar you from entering if you have official business but we have to make sure you both are unarmed. Ruby and Stannus are here as well, we don’t want trouble.

Adept Deepwater Corporal, I stopped being a Lady in my mother’s eyes when she exiled me to the desert. Do what you must but watch yourselves."

The two of them drove the Pit Bull up the winding gardens of the Chateau where magnificent marble statues and high hedges shared space with stables and grazing areas for the famous dancing horses. The whole Chateau had a luxury village feel to it that made it the envy of the New Abilene Great Ranches.

“Leave the truck running, I am going to see my mother so this won’t last long”


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