Battletech Mercs Unleashed

After Action Day 1 OP:CRYBABY
Pushing it to the Limit

04/09/3065 21:42 Location – Prospero North Airfield, Prospero Island

The Northern Airfield was mined and is no longer usable for Aerospace, the Diana Nanae and Raging Bull both lifted off with very little time before 3rd Legio arrived. The Stingray and Slayer met the drop ship in low orbit to safely dock their fighters which they had been in all day.

Andromeda’s Chain was also in orbit after picking up the damaged remnants of the HELLCATs Hover tanks, they were not going to be combat capable for days with the damage they had sustained. Their infantry and VTOLs had been left on the planet overnight to conduct recon and harass the MHAF positions to help the three mechs still on planet (PHawk, Kapetyn, and Cicada).

The Mechwarriors and Pilots reunited in the ready room as the Tech Chiefs reported to work in the Mech Bays. Captain Radimir patched the Diana Nanae into the view screen. She appeared still in her combat suit on screen.

Fine work team, Commander Grey’s recommendations were not far off the mark you all performed flawlessly today. We have done a large amount of damage to the MHAF operations on Prospero Island.

Tomorrow morning we attack the primary target, this factory complex will be heavily guarded by Third Legio. We damaged the power station but that might only reduce it’s defenses which are sure to increase as the Marians move the reinforce the position with their remaining forces.

Overnight the HELLCAT scouts and the Andromeda’s Chain’s sensors will observe planetside as the Nanae tries to crack their encryption. We begin the attack in 10 hours, until then get some shut eye.

Arachne Out

Tech Cheif Edwin and Mulwai looked over the diagnostics, even with help from the vehicle crewmen this was a serious repair job.

It’s gonna be a long night Eric, we better put on some coffee

Selene pt 2

11/18/3063 Location – O.C. Selene in orbit over Boreal, Niops Association

Commander Alera, Rafael, and Sajjad had finished their tour. The facility had some of the best equipment made in the Magistracy and some of their legacy lostech medical equipment had been installed and repaired by the Niopians.

Meanwhile in the classified section of the facility, Drs Narinder and Madhavi were watching the icebox’s medical computers.

DN: Specimen D-S is doing quite well considering the trauma he suffered, fortunate that the Word stabilized him or we would be dealing with a corpse by now

DM: Yes I would love to study the technology they saved from the time of the Star League, the Niops system was cut off following the fall. Surely COMSTAR didn’t just leave the labs on Terra idle for nearly three hundred years.

DN: Well they sure aren’t willing to share, we would have better luck with the clans

DM: Ah yes the Clan, Kerensky’s missing army if only we had access to one of their scientists, surely piecing Mr DS together would be a trivial task for them.

DN: How long do you think it will take to repair the trauma?

DM: A year at least, another two or three of recuperation, no idea what sort of psychological harm might have been inflicted. How aggressive is the Magestrix’s timeline?

DN: The Magestrix wants it done right, how about our current crop of Ebon Magistrate?

DM: They have been fully augmented and should be ready for action in two weeks or so.

DN: Good release them to Commander Alera, she will have a big assignment ahead of her soon.

4th Bienniel Meeting of the I.A.I.W.M. on Arcturus
Don't miss the party

07/18/3065 Location – Malcheema City, Arcturus, Federated Commonwealth

Herman Bruin of Arcturan Arms walked up to the podium, waving his arms gallantly

Thank you all for coming, we at Arcturan Arms are pleased to have you as guests at the Richard Marsden Conference Center here on Arcturus. For all those who are watching on the INN feed thank you as well for listening.

Arcturan Arms has had a splendid run of luck over the past fifteen years, the Commonwealth has been generous and we continue to come up with new ways to defend ourselves from the Clan threat.


With the Truce of Tukayyid nearing expiry we at the I.A.I.W.M. have only been focused on one thing, growth. Last year the Archon-Princess granted us the license from TharHes to manufacture the Wolfhound and Luthien Armor Works gave us the rights to make Panthers for the Kungsarme.

I am pleased to inform the First Lord Christian Mansson that his nation will have the ability to get everything they need to defend themselves against Clan Ghost Bear and Wolf and more if necessary right here on Arcturus.

With Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner in charge there has been a massive need for new arms production and we are ready to fill the void. While the A.F.F.C. pulls everything they can from Defiance and Coventry our small but nimble facilities and engineers will work on the next clan killer systems and expand our market.

The D.C.M.S. has expressed a large amount of interest in our organization while Luthien Armor Works deals with internal problems and their League suppliers deal with their own problems.

The future is poised on 3067, may our next meeting on Arcadia be a celebration that we helped save the Inner Sphere from the Clan Menace.

Thank You for attending and I hope you have a good evening

Marquee Exhibits

Paradiso Armor Works
Mobius Tank (LGR, 45 tons)
Prowler PA
Scorcher Light Mech (Stinger Variant with the new heavy flamer and ERSL)
Sledge Combat Small Craft
Heavy Flamer (new weapon, weighs 2, Heat Damage 7/5/3, Range 2/4/6)
ESRM (new weapon, weight as streak, 3 dmg per missile, 4/8/12, 60 missiles per ton)

Arcturan Arms
Commando 4A – Upgraded 3A with level 2 components (XL, FF, ES)
Crossbow 7B – Upgraded 6B with 2 LRM-20 and a Large Pulse Laser

Ford Dynamic Solutions
Hollander II – 40 ton Hollander with Max Armor, Gauss, 2 ERML, SHS, XL 200 engine
Thorn II – 20 ton ESRM6, ERML, ERSL, ES, FF, 140 XL

Battle on Derf, Part 4
Shadowleaf Pass

Vaska crouched in the undergrowth dressed in his camouflage poncho, the constant drizzle was shrouding the Shadowleaf Pass currently visible in his Rangefinding Binoculars graying everything out. The rest of his combat group were out of their battlemechs as well. Their Mechs were powered down in a glade on the other side of this forest under camouflaged nets.

He checked his remote sensor feed, the enemy Mechs had taken the long way around the Stalker, a wise move on their part but according to plan. Vaska signaled to return to the Battlemechs and prepare for battle. They crept back through the forest and toward their mechs utilizing the chain link ladders to get back in the cockpit and power up.

Vaska climbed into the Crusader’s cockpit, taking his charcoal grey neurohelmet from its rack it had been freshly painted with Red jaguar’s claws across the crown of his head, just like his 12 years as a Warrior before being put in the Watch. The old warrior felt the familiar sensation of interface and powered the Crusader up. All systems were green.

Ash we have visual on the hostiles, Sabre Star stands ready to attack

Aff, Vaska, All Jaguars, Claws Out! destroy the enemy!

Vaska’s Crusader walked out of the forest taking position on a ridge with a good firing line. His star advanced on the Titanfellers in the valley below.

The mechs broke off running to engaged the enemy with missile and laser fire. The Titanfellers dropped into their Triad supporting formations anchored by a Zeus, 7 on 5 was poor odds for the Spheroids even with their heavily upgraded machines.

The Crusader, Crab, and Rifleman laid down heavy fire of all kinds while their Battle Hawk and Commando star-mates got in close. The Titanfellers held strong quickly disabling the lights with an abundance of pulse lasers before advancing on the the heavier Battlemechs.

The Titanfeller’s Crossbow, Lancelot, and Dragon advanced shedding armor and trading ammo to bring down the clanners. The Zeus supported with its long range weapons and suffered massive damage in the process. The Phoenix Hawk , Javelin, and Wolfhound from the Point Triad moved into flanking position aiming particularly for the Crab.

The Dragon’s gyro was damaged by the Rifleman’s autocannons and it collapsed into the muddy grass out of control and cracking the cockpit, ringing Mechwarrior Holm’s bell. The Lancelot was destroyed by the Crusader’s close range weapons its bullet ridden wreckage was still steaming and leaking coolant, the Phoenix Hawk lost its main gun and a leg, Vicki managed to get it to stand again but just barely. The Javelin lost its left leg to the Crab’s ERPPCs, and the Wolfhound was destroyed by the same Crab. The Crossbow suffered an ammo explosion, the feedback knocked Mechwarrior Harper out and blew off the Mech’s right arm removing its final weapons. The now “unarmed” mech crashed into the muddy ground and didn’t rise.

The Zeus managed to bring down the Rifleman with a kick but suffered catastrophic damage in the process. The Crusader lost arms and ran out of ammo before being legged by the Dragon’s overcharged PPC. The Crab was outright destroyed by the combined might of the Point Triad’s lasers its steaming remains rested awkwardly on a small rise in the valley.

20 klicks North a different battle was going on, Ash’s Star was engaging the rest of the Titanfellers Mechs and Captain Brekard.


04/09/3065 18:26 Location – Prospero Geothermal Power Station

Force Sergeant Dubaku sat in the Karnov as it neared the Geothermal Power Station, the sun was beginning to set in the distance a welcome sight for the commandos. The doors opened well before they were about to land and the Assault commandos ran off the ramp with their satchel charges, laser rifles, and man-portable plasma rifles at the ready.

They moved silently to the power station in squads, sweeping and clearing the facility took about an hour before they placed their charges. The Marians had left some booby traps but they were amateurs in comparison to the Ebon Magistrates’ Delta Force. The facility was crippled it would take a lot of effort to restore it back into service.

04/09/3065 19:03 Location – Prospero North Airfield

Hector Roman piloted his Boomerang keeping a close eye out for hostile forces below and above. As he neared the coordinates he could see that the lights were going out, the Magistrate commandos had just blow up their power plant so that made sense, it didn’t make his job any easier though. Switching to Light Amp mode he could begin making out some more features below including the hostile forces.

Commander Arachne, Prospero North has been reinforced since this morning, current force estimates following

Hammerhands, unknown configuration
Jagermech, JM6-H
Hunchback, unknown configuration
Commando, COM-4A
Stinger, unknown configuration
3 Outrider Wheeled Tanks
2 Pugio Rocket Trucks
4 Light Autocannon Turrets (2 UAC/2), currently idle

I have no idea where the Hegemony fighters are, they might be in their hangers or back toward Port Atrea.

Battle on Derf, Part 3
Two if by Sea

04/11/3064 08:18 Location – Homestead Station, Derf, Jade Falcon OZ

Vaska and Ash had occupied the Falcon’s supply station. He monitored the deep space sensor feed that once belong to the Falcons. Using it he identifying the raider’s dropships, a Triumph and Fury.

Vaska, What are these vessels capable of?
Likely a Trinary equivalent Commander
Good perhaps we have finally found a worthwhile combatant, make preparations

04/11/3064 14:22 Location – Titanfeller Drop Zone Upsilon 75km NNW from Homestead

Captain Brekard ‘s Battlemaster was the first to step off the Hardball into the misty rain that had just begun. A Thug and Zeus followed behind as the fifteen Battlemechs of the Titanfellers disembarked and organized themselves leaving muddy footprints in the sparse grass near the landing zone before gathering into their Triads. Lieutenant Yao’s hover strike team had landed on the other side of the station about 72 kilometers away.

CB: Alright Titanfellers move to engage, Vicki you take point, Yao circle and provide support as needed

Vicki’s Phoenix Hawk and its partner Wolfhound and Javelin rushed ahead followed by the rest of the company quickly disappearing into the mist.

35 minutes later, halfway to Objective 2-4

Vicki looked over her sensor readouts as her mech continued to walk through the wilderness. They were approaching a large pond surrounded by a temperate forest, this was the most direct route, the surrounding area was very hilly, not a problem for her and Holm but Henrick’s Wolfhound was not a mobile as its lancemates.

She called for a pause using her mech’s hands rather than the radio, signalling her lance-mates to envelop the area. This was an obvious ambush point and her experience in the Chaos March gave her a sense Deja Vu, this seemed like ambush country.

She switched the Beagle Active Probe to its high power mode, as the readouts came in it reported a magnetic anomaly consistent with a high powered fusion engine powering up under the water’s surface.

LCV: Point Triad Scatter! Captain we have an Assault mech
CB: What! Ambush, clearly these are not Falcons. All units stay vigilant, watch for ambushes and traps

The Phoenix Hawk, Javelin, and Wolfhound moved away as a Stalker emerged from the pond, water cascading off the ovoid body of the Assault Battlemech. A pair of scintillating blue-white pulses cut through the rain leaving a trail of steam aimed at the Wolfhound. The lasers cut it’s left arm straight off before the torso was impacted by two dozen missiles. The Wolfhound was thrown into the muddy ground like an angry child would throw a rag-doll.

Before being dropped he fired his own laser but it only boiled water, Vicki’s two lasers impacted the Stalker in the head and left arm, boiling off the surface water on the whole mech and burning off its armored canopy but only scorching the arm’s thick plates.

The Point Triad moved to disengage and kept a healthy distance, Vicki’s P-Hawk took several hits but nothing that can’t be fixed. They were ordered to shadow the Stalker keeping out of range to ensure it stayed in that area rather than engaging the main force.

Captain Brekard made a call to split the other 12 mechs toward alternate flat lands but felt that was what the enemy commander wanted.

Selene pt 1

11/18/3063 Location – O.C. Selene above Niops VIII (Boreal), Niops Association

The K-1M Drop-Pod M.J.V. Eos’ Dawn 3 begins its docking sequence to the small orbital construct. The gas dwarf Boreal’s deep blue atmosphere fills up the view-screen as Lieutenant Commander Alera completed the sequence.

Selene, we are docked. Prepare for entry

Affirmative Echo-Delta Three, everything is green, N.M.B. is en route

Alera walked back into the Cargo Bay, Three soldiers were at full attention their hands on their Ebony laser rifles guarding the “cargo”, three medical pods, one of which bore the Sword of Blake while the other two were emblazoned with the Black Bird (Ebon Magistrate).

Doctor Madhavi, how are our passengers?

They are well Commander, your network is exquisite. I must commend your team on their professionalism. I didn’t think you could snag Mr D.S. here

Madhavi touched the pod marked by a Sword of Blake

It was a difficult extraction I unfortunately lost five agents and two operatives acquiring him, the Foreign Affairs Corp does what it can with what we have

I will speak with General Eliiot when we are finished here, if you can interdict such a sensitive shipment I’m sure we can furnish you some more funding to support your operations

That would be appreciated. Doctor, if I may, who is he? and why did the Blakists want him so badly?

I am afraid that is classified Ultraviolet Commander


As their conversation concluded, the three soldiers walked toward the load-master waiting near the cargo bay door.

He opened the bay door which split horizontal revealing a large air-locked receiving dock where three vac-armored soldiers, a pair of heavy duty flatbeds, a manned cargo exoskeleton, and five red suited medics.

Doctor Madhavi went and spoke with the leader of the red suits and signaled both sets of soldiers and the cargo exoskeleton to pick up the pods. The fractional gravity (0.62 g or 6.07 m/s^2) made these large and heavy pods (nearly 1 MT, a piece) much easier to move and secure and they were finished within ten minutes.

Commander Alera and Load-master Rafael walked alongside Doctor Madhavi and the olive skinned Dr. Talib Narinder of the Niops Medical Bureau through the construct. It was a maddeningly plain and antiseptic facility, all white walls except on the “floor” and “ceiling” which were bright green and light grey respectively, it did however smell of lavender which was a pleasant surprise, much better than the “sweat and sour” smell of most drop-ships.

They arrived at a heavy bulkhead guarded by a pair of Niops Association Militia Marines and watched by the ever present security cameras that she had just begun to notice. This facility was as well guarded as the Mirror Palace in Crimson which began to make her uneasy.

The Marines opened the bulkhead but stopped the non-medics from entering, several N.M.B. personnel took over the pods from the Marines and the security detachment departed. Another N.M.B. person this time dressed in a Grey Jumpsuit with Purple Stripes arrived from one of the side corridors.

Greetings Commander, I am Corporal Sajjad, I’m afraid Dr. Narinder has such terrible manners especially considering this facility would not exist without the Magistracy. Welcome to Orbital Construct Selene, let me take you for a tour while they conduct their business

Battle on Derf, Part 2
Picking the bones

04/07/3064 Derf Zenith Jump Point

Captain Brekard and the Titanfellers were on the hunt, the Triumph “Hardball” and Fury “Fastball” were burning toward the location of a Jade Falcon supply depot. LIC had informed them that the Falcons were utilizing the low profile system to avoid “pirates”. These pirates must be something if they needed to move emergency caches to a mostly abandoned system but the Titanfellers were up to the challenge.

The two dropships departed toward Derf II at 1.2g’s trying to make good speed toward the target, they were in enemy territory after all.

04/09/3064 06:18 Location – Outside Homestead Station, Derf, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

The three Freeborn in front of her were a despicable lot, their Star Captain was now goo in the Conjurer after its head was smashed. The Trueborn Solahma Warriors refused capture and needed to be shot. As she walked in front of them the Freeborn’s eyes were fixated on her karambit as it whirled around her finger, worried expressions on their faces.

I am looking for recruits, loyalty is top priority. We are one unit there can be no deviation.
So I am going to ask you some questions privately if you answer correctly and I trust you all will be well, otherwise

Each one of the Freeborn is taken aside and interrogated by Ash before being returned to the holding area.

You all did good, I believe you are sincere however, you violated by Loyalty clause. That is inexcusable so prepare to defend yourselves

Ash gripped her blade and quickly dispatched the three Freeborn. They were so easily cowed by her that they would revoke their Falcon loyalty, such timidity would not be tolerated.

Vaska broke in through her radio,

Commander we are detecting a pair of drop ships in-bound, looks like Spheroid raiders, they have refused to identify themselves and will be here in three days

Vaska get the Techs to bring the salvaged Battlemechs back online. These raiders should supplement the meager cache the Falcons left for us. This might yet be a successful venture.

The Battle of Derf pt 1
Opening Shots

04/04/3064 02:17 Location – Orbit of Derf V, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

The Merchant jumpship Smoke and Mirrors emerged at a non-standard jump point in the orbit of Derf V. It has two drop-ships attached a Broadsword and Confederate both of which quietly boosted away from their jumper as its solar sail unfurled to capture the light of the G7 yellow dwarf.

04/09/3064 05:42 Location – In orbit around Derf II, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

Ash stood in the center of the Broadsword Ember Mech bay looking over the latest reports, the drop-ships sensors detected the Falcon’s supply depot. The Spheroid Watch had given her good intelligence but that didn’t mean the Falcons would go down easy. Her force was becoming more patchwork by the day this raid would keep the fight going.

Vaska inform the Vanguard, we drop in ten minutes

The Ember and Vanguard burned out of the grey clouds in the night sky. The two drop-ships touched down at separate points landing in the soft grassy plains around Homestead Station. Ash’s Linebacker walked off first covered with Jan’s Elemental point followed by the rest of her Star.

While advancing the radio blared

I am Star Commander Kayin of Clan Jade Falcon, Identify yourself and your forces so that you may face our steel talons with honor

Ash was tempted to respond but silenced the radio

All forces this is Ash, The Falcons seek an honorable fight don’t give them one. Leave nothing but corpses, understood, we take everything

Nine status lights blinked green, satisfied she ordered Jan and his elemental point off her mech to support the Confederate’s infantry group for the final approach.

Ash’s Linebacker advanced rapidly engaging an Incubus and Howler, laser fire and missiles bridged the gap. Amman’s Scarecrow crippled a Conjurer before curb stomping it. The Pirates lost an Ice Ferret and Vapor Eagle but claimed a Phoenix Hawk C and a Crusader C as isorla. The Conjurer was salvageable but needed a new head.

Ten minutes later the Falcons had been routed. Jan’s Elementals tore through the lesser solahma infantry clearing the route for the technicians to access the depot. Vaska accessed the facility, took inventory and reported that it wasn’t the huge haul they were expecting. They cleared it out in two trips and then moved to salvage the Falcon’s mechs. The Pirates’ infantry had gathered up the Falcon Mechwarriors for Ash to deal with.

Ash's War

February 3062

Ash sat quietly with the rest of the Falcon Undercaste as the CJFM Wandering Roost Buccaneer drop-ship landed on the windswept world of Wotan. She walked off with the rest of them but evaded the Falcon Patrol and boarded a train to the city of Oslo. The city was partially underground built into the remains of mines that dated back to the Rim Worlds Republic. Ash and Vaska had made contact with the Dark Caste on-planet through the pirates they had co-opted so they knew where they needed to go.

Upon reaching Oslo’s main train station the Jaguar Watch operatives evaded the large Falcon Patrol and Watch security cordon and eventually made their way into Oslo city proper. While heading through the labyrinth of poorly lit tunnels one of the Spheroid under-caste separates herself from the crowd. She begins trailing the Jaguars and others join in, Ash notices them and tries to shake them fearing the Falcons had one of their brief moments of competence to discover her.

Ash and Vaska turns a corner and immediately beset upon by four armed figures, Ash and Vaska both draw knives and went back to back to defend themselves. One of the the figures steps forward hands open,

You are not from around here, who do you work for? Combine, Bears, Nova Cats…

Ash flashed a snarl at the mention of the Nova Cats betraying more than she intended.
The speaker stopped for a moment shocked as she processed it, Ash saw a perfect opportunity to strike but chose not to. Regaining composure the speaker dropped into a defensive stance suddenly very wary.

Jaguars!…What are Jaguars doing in Falcon Territory? Your clan was destroyed on Huntress!

Ash grew weary of this Spheroid’s questioning preferring to know her purpose and get it over with she had important work to do

Perhaps we should start with some identification, yes we are Smoke Jaguar. Who are you?

My name is Amna we wish to bring down the Falcons for the Commonwealth

Very well I am Ash, we share common cause for we seek to ground the Falcons as well

Is that so, perhaps we might be of assistance then if you would accept it

It would be of assistance if you leave us, we have much work to do here before we rejoin the others

Very well Jaguar Ash, we will find you when ready


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