Battletech Mercs Unleashed

After Action OP:CRYBABY

04/10/3065 09:12 Location – Marian Arms Experimental Weapons Station, Prospero Island, Marius’ Tears

Commander Weaver was en route to her objective in her Warhammer. The raiders had made an orderly retreat after killing or scattering the garrison forces including the late Legatus McGuire. Unfortunately a fellow Titanfeller, Mechwarrior Pascal, had been killed in the fighting and then like the vultures they dragged his Jagermech off the field.

Hegemony VTOLs and hover transport had already rescued the survivors and dropped in inspection teams, she and Principes Polmar were still en route although the vanguard forces had already arrived. The reports said the damage was extensive but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Hegemony engineering crews were trying to gain access to the sub-basements, the presumed Blakists had locked down a portion of the facility, laid booby traps, and welded doors shut.


A massive flash would have blinded Commander Weaver and Principes Polmar if their Mech’s hadn’t sealed the cockpits. They couldn’t stop the shockwave though every Battlemech in the command fell down and there was a mushroom cloud where the factory once was.

Andrea choked up, “NO! there were still some of our people in there!

Weavers Warhammer’s NBC protection system alarms rang constantly, it was a dirty bomb

Polmar had been knocked out during the fall as were most of the command,

Commander Weaver’s Warhammer struggled to rise only to look upon the devastation. The nuke had taken off a portion of the mountain and stone rained down around her sharp pieces of basalt clanged off her cockpit.

There was nothing left

Acquisition Option

To whom it may concern

Greetings I am Constantine Dios of Castro-Dios Capital Management, I have been informed from my Canopian connections that you are interested in acquiring a Mule Dropship and additional technical support for your mercenary company. We happen to have a client who lost their primary contract in the Lyran Periphery March, tragic really more politics than their professionalism. Below is their list of assets with a price and payment plan, unfortunately we cannot handle the deal piecemeal, our contract with DexTran is ironclad, they will not be split up.

DexTran Technical Solutions

Mule | 3014 Manufacture Date, Outworlds Alliance Licensed, Comes with 20 man Crew, 8 Mech Bays, 2 Small Craft Bays, 10 Light Vehicle Bays. 6 Heavy Vehicle Bays, 2 Command Bays, 4 Trauma Bays, Berths for 110 extra passengers, 4400 tons of cargo space, 50 10 ton Cargo Containers | Price – 12200 BV

3 Extra Repair/Salvage Teams, 2 Manufacturing Blocks (Workshop – Assembly Bays), Upgrades to Base Infrastructure | Cost – 2875 BV

2 Combat Service Teams, 2 Administrative Blocks, Upgrades to Base Infrastructure | Cost – 1000 BV

2 Saviors (2 Field Repair Shops in each), 2 Undertakers | Cost -2190 BV

5 MULE Cargo, 3 MULE IC (Light Field Shop in each), MULE Command Post, MULE Expanding Van, MULE Medical, 2 MULE Escorts, MULE Chow Wagon | Cost – 1420 BV

Semi-Portable Factory | Weight – 750 tons | 1000 BV Annual Capacity, costs 2000 BV to increase by 500

Active Licenses
GM 120, GM 150, GM 180, LTV 160 Series Fusion Reactors

Martell Medium Laser, Magna Small Laser, Magna 200P Small Pulse Laser

LFN Linbald Machine Gun, Zippo Flamer (Vehicle), 14.5mm Machine Gun Ammo

Death Blossom RL 10-15-20 Rockets, Rocket Ammo, Bical SRM-2, Federated Super Streak SRM-2

Wasp (1A Type 3) Chassis, Wasp Gyro, Rawlings 52 Jump Jets

Cost – 4000 BV

Total Cost – 23,685 BV

Payment Options, assuming no money down
3 year plan – 7895 BV
5 year plan – 4737 BV
10 year plan – 2370 BV

OP:CRYBABY IV: Attack on Marian Experimental Arms Factory

04/10/3065 07:58 Location – Raging Bull in Orbit around Marius’ Tears, simulcast to FOB:Gamma 3 planetside

Commander Arachne was looking rather chipper on the view screen. Already dressed in her battle suit she looked over recon reports from the Ebon Magistrate Observation Teams overnight.

Mercenaries we have confirmed that the Titanfellers have reinforced the garrison on planet without alerting you to the fact. Clearly they thought we wouldn’t notice their mercs adding steel to the weak willed Marians. They have spread out through the island and have set up quick reaction forces within range of any points of interest. I suggest that you keep your Aerospace fighters on combat air patrol and not close air support unless things are dire.

Captain Brekard’s main force is guarding Port Atrea, His XO Commander Weaver’s force have moved to reinforce MHAF Prospero along with Principes Polmar, and the Legatus is in command of the installation’s defense. My scouts haven’t seen the installation’s fixed defenses come online but they have seen engineering crews trying to get to the geothermal power station but a few sniper rounds sent them packing.

Force Assessment
1 Crusader, CRD-5M, Legatus of iii Legio | 1 Jagermech, JM6-DD?, Titanfellers Markings

1 Centurion?, Unknown configuration, presumed Loki, likely Gauss

2 Centurions, CN9-A |1 Trebuchet, TBT-6N, 2 LRM15, 2 MPL

1 Clint, 5U?, Titanfellers Markings | 1 Firebee, FRB-3E, LL, 2 SRM-4

1 Hammer, HMR-3M, 3 LRM-5s | 1 Javelin, JVN-11A?, Titanfellers Markings

1 Battle Hawk, BH-K305?, Doesn’t match records

2 Snapjaw AAA, 2 LB5X | 2 Longspears, AC-10

2 Mongols, Unknown configuration, presumed Rocket Variant (14 x RL15)

2 Pugios, 6 x RL15 | 5 Motorized Infantry Platoons with Field Guns

Your forces on planet will attack from the other side, the objective is to blast through the hostiles and clear a path for the commandos to fly in and disable the factory buying us time to deal with Marian aggression elsewhere.

You won’t have time to salvage the field we don’t have the HELLCATs to slow down their quick response forces and will get overwhelmed. If you can’t carry it don’t bother grabbing it.

Get ready gentleman we drop in two hours

Tightbeam Transmission

04/10/3065 02:18 Location – Aboard MIM Diana Nanae in orbit over Marius’ Tears

Commander Arachne was still awake, the previous days events had a negative effect on her, an unfortunate side effect of her neural implants. She was wondering the bridge when a transmission flashed over the console. The Officer on Watch printed it out on transparency for her to read.

Raiders, this is the Titanfellers. We have reinforced the Marian Garrisons on Prospero Island, an attack on any of us is an attack on all.

You have been warned

Captain Thomas Brekard, Titanfellers Commander

Did the Mercenaries get this transmission Ensign

No it was microwaved to us, the prisoners must have informed the Marians that this vessel was in command.

Good, its better they not know until I tell them

Battle on Derf, Part 8
Closing the engagement

04/11/3064 16:08 Location – White River Pass, Derf, Jade Falcon OZ

Ash ran along the mud flats cutting the firing lines of her foes, this Captain Brekard was an able Mechwarrior but she was Smoke Jaguar. The inferior Thug could never get a clean shot at her, he was not the real target anyhow. She moved the targeting reticle over the Battlemaster until it turned scarlet and pressed the firing stud.

Her lasers cut through the thick armor plates of the assault mech’s center of mass. His shot was more accurate it sheared the right arm of her mech clean off, the now useless hunk of metal landed sixteen meters behind her, her omni’s gyro compensated and she continued her attack.

Mechwarrior Dolven piloted his Phoenix Hawk C which rapidly closed in a death spiral with the Titanfeller Starslayer. Several fortunate shots had removed his main gun but he was still a threat especially to the heavily damaged spheroid. The two pressed ever closer bringing even the smallest lasers into the fight. Both of them strained their Battlemechs to their limits, eventually they both gave out and that portion of the fight was concluded.

Mechwarriors Hendriks and Lorn engaged the spheroid Griffin and Shadow Hawk. Hendrik’s Kit Fox was brought down by a Binary laser cracking the engine shell but he extracted a heavy toll. Lorn’s Conjurer was pressed on two sides by spheroids as she backpedaled along the mud flat, the Griffin was downed but the Shadow Hawk finished the job and her Conjurer ended up lying in a shallow pool as her gyro failed.

Mechwarrior Logan piloted his Storm Crow expertly keeping his much slower opponents at a comfortable distance. A PPC from the Warhammer eventually connected with his cockpit and he was vaporized, his mech hung slack and switched back to maintenance mode without direction. The Archer’s bins had run dry and the Warhammer was in no condition to continue the fight so they stood by while the center scrum resolved itself.

Back in the center, Ash dropped the Thug once more, it flailed as it’s gyro failed to stabilize and didn’t rise again as Lieutenant Carmen hitting her head on the control console and blacked out. Ash’s Linebacker had been seriously damaged but it continued the fight, she took out the Battlemaster’s Right Arm as a hit to the Gauss Rifle caused a capacitor overload.

A volley of missile sliced through the Linebacker’s armor damaging the mech’s engine shielding and pushing Ash to the operational limits of her machine. She could not be beaten by Spheroids, she had fought Jade Falcons and survived the Annihilation of her clan, she would rather die.

She got back on the radio,

Captain Brekard. I challenge you to a melee Trial to settle this battle right now. The winner shall claim the field and the losers shall withdraw with no further hostilities.

Captain Brekard sat in his Battlemaster cockpit contemplating the challenge, his mechs were torn up and there was a Stalker approaching, his Aerospace fighters might be able to bring it down but it would be risky.

There was no way they would be able to withdraw safely to the dropship without pushing it to far. From what he had heard Clan Mechwarriors weren’t keen on martial arts preferring their mechs to their bodies so this might be a simple challenge.

Ash, I accept your Trial, we will fight it right here on this battlefield in ten minutes

Battle on Derf, Part 7
Tightening the noose

04/11/3064 16:02 Location – White River Pass, Derf, Jade Falcon Occupation Zone

Captain Brekard and his unit engaged the Jaguar’s Claws across the field, The Archer and Griffin engaged the Storm Crow and Linebacker. Artificial lighting shot across the gap and invisible laser fire impacted on the rain soaked war machines creating large quantities of steam adding to the already degraded visibility.

The Starslayer and Phoenix Hawk C engaged each other along the flanks exchanging laser fire. The pilots engaged in a deadly spiral around a copse of evergreens. The trees around them blackened from the missed energy weapons.

The Griffin and Shadow Hawk engaged the Kit Fox and Conjurer on the other side of the pass each maneuvering aggressively to hold their position and protect their unit’s centers. The Shadow Hawk’s Binary Laser cut deep furrows into the_ Kit Fox’s_ armor plating, a beating that the smaller mech couldn’t withstand for long. It responded with its rapidly firing autocannon the report ripped across the valley. It’s barrel glowed cherry hot and steamed aa it cycled another105mm round.

The Griffin kept pummeling the Conjurer trading its armor for time while its lance-mate dealt with his opponent. The Conjurer was not at one hundred percent having been brought online just a short time ago but it’s lasers and missiles exacted a heavy toll.

The Center line was a massive scrum with the Thug and Battlemaster attempting to box in the agile Linebacker piloted by Ash, The Warhammer and Archer moved to deal with the Storm Crow .

Brekard’s Battlemaster fired its Gauss Rifle at the Linebacker, the shell created fierce whorls in the fog and a few rounds struck home nearly bowing the clan mech over. Ash responded by firing on the Thug before kicking it’s legs out.

The Thug unable to bring both of it’s Binary Lasers to bear fired one as it spiraled down which missed, vaporizing a patch of mud sixty meters away before falling with a massive splash and the horrific sound of bending metal.

Nearby the Warhammer trudged through the growing mud flat in a vain effort to catch the more mobile Storm Crow which backpedaled furiously as to maintain advantageous range. While the Warhammer was heavily armored the forty missiles each cycle’s cumulative effect were visible in the heavily pockmarked armor.

It’s partner Archer attempted to corral the Storm Crow with mines but there was always a way out or they failed to engage in the soft terrain. Eventually he gave up on that tactic and they were forced to get more creative to deal with their agile opponent, that or outlast his ammunition reserves.

Battle on Derf, Part 6
Don't go in there

04/11/3064 16:11 Location – Homestead Station, Derf

Lieutenant Yao of the Titanfellers Auxiliary Star had arrived at their objective, the facility was located on the shores of a large lake which his unit’s hovercraft had just crossed. There were signs of combat but they were several days old. Laser burns and bullet holes were clearly visible on the faded green and weather-beaten warehouses. The Jade Falcon Ensign had been cast down and trampled, clearly the garrison had lost as they would never allow that if Warriors were around.

Their battle armored troops split up into teams of five, tucked within the wedge were regular infantry also in five man squads. Yao had been ordered to dispatch his heavy hovertanks to harass the hostile Stalker threatening the main mech forces. From the reports over the Battlenet they were in for a serious fight, he dispatched skirmish tanks to aid Bravo Squad, Alpha Squad would have to wait for their limited Aerospace assets for assistance.

His troop’s reports came in over the command unit, there were plenty of supplies but none of it was worth salvaging. Some ammo, a crate of small lasers, a few crates of clan laser rifles were all that was found. Even the command room didn’t have any useful intelligence.

Sergeant Reel came in over his suit’s radio, “Lieutenant we have motion in the facility moving to investigate,” Yao saw through his Command Screen the POV from the IS Battle Armor suit. He opened the door with his suit’s massive claws but then an explosion and the feed went dark.

His subordinate radioed in, “Sir they’ve booby trapped the facility. Bravo squad is moving to evac.” Multiple explosions were heard over their feed over their feed which went dark. Clouds of black smoke rose from the facility into the rain laden grey clouds above.

Alpha and Charlie squads were being ambushed by conventional infantry with heavy weapons. Their suit’s machine guns chewed through them while their heavy armor shielded the standard infantry who were performing watching their backs. The Titanfellers’ technical staff picked up the loot to get it clear of the facility.

When everyone was clear Yao’s Maxim launched incendiary missiles into Homestead Station burning it up and occupying any remaining clan forces. The Maxim, Maultier, and Aurouchs quietly powered back across the lake to regroup with their dropship Fastball.

Outback Fury pt 1

06/04/3065 Location – Fort Westerly, Castle Verdant, Minette, Federation Outback (Periphery March)

Fort Westerly was a fairly new construction they had just installed most of the communications equipment that had been ordered years ago. Lieutenant Allerston, Aide de Camp to Major Holm’s, advisor to Grand Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion, walked briskly with an arm full of reports. He looked concerned as he approached General Tolsten’s map room saluting the General’s staff of Field Officers along the way.

The Lieutenant was let in and snapped a parade quality salute to the former Commandant of the Point Barrow Academy and current Commander of all the Periphery March’s militia forces.

Excuse me General, fresh reports from the frontier just came in over H.P.G.

Can’t you leave them with the staff Lieutenant

I’m afraid not sir I have been ordered by the Grand Duchess to bring them to your direct attention.

Fine place them on the table over there

The Lieutenant did as ordered then returned to attention

You are dismissed Lieutenant, Inform the Duchess I will address them immediately

Allerston left immediately saluting along the way out

General Tolsten looked through the reports, several Outback Ranger posts had been hit, total losses of personnel and equipment. The words “Liquid Rage” had been left behind but no bodies had been discovered. The Militia forces had never seen a pirate band called that from the Tortuga factions so it was either rogue mercenaries or freelance pirates. Very good freelance pirates

Selene pt 3

11/31/3063 Location – O.C. Selene in orbit over Boreal, Niops Association

Commander Alera was having difficulty adjusting to living on the station. There were almost no space stations left in the Inner Sphere that were mostly used to made Endo Frames. Sajjad and her had become fast friends considering he was their escort throughout Selene. She couldn’t shake the fact that he moved a lot like her fellow MIM operatives. What need would the Association need for covert operatives? They had only just opened themselves up by the slightest bit but most of their business still went through the Magistracy.

Regardless she had been informed by Doctor Madhavi that her next assignment was coming through with the M.J.V. Glory Rising which had just jumped in system. Her time here had been productive there was a new set of Magistrate operatives that were going to be tasked with this assignment. She was eager to get off this station, even with her experience in covert operations something felt wrong about this place.

Doctor Madhavi, Colonel Nicole Menzi a senior FAC commander, and Alera’s new task force were waiting in a secure briefing room, Alera and Sajjad were the last to arrive.

Right to the point operatives, your next assignment is an undercover bodyguard operation.

Isis Marik was last seen heading to the Outworlds Alliance with a young boy, we want you to gain her trust and ensure that no harm comes to her or that boy. Additionally we want you to gather intelligence on the Outworlds Alliance.

The Magestrix would like to open channels with them to ensure we don’t run out of allies should we need them but needs more data not filtered through the interplanetary news networks to ensure such an opportunity would be beneficial.

Back to the primary task though, we think the boy might be a Y-chromosome match to our mystery man. If the kid is not a match however neither of them might be of no use to us.

Your cover will be a Magistracy Development Corps Medical Detachment you will join the rest of the group in the Confederation on the border with the Commonwealth. The Niopians will be sending a pair of agents with you during the operation. The Directorate would like to see how we do long term missions, I trust you will teach them everything you know.

To repeat, Find Isis Marik, gain her trust, test the boy, and gather intelligence. This is the sort of operation the Foreign Affairs Corps are designed for; your drop-shuttle leaves in two hours. Any questions can wait till we are underway

Battle on Derf, Part 5
White River Pass

04/11/3064 15:38 Location – White River Pass, Derf, Jade Falcon OZ

The Titanfellers moved cautiously through the broken terrain. This whole encounter was unlike anything experienced fighting the Jade Falcons, normally they were eager to issue challenges and fight it out. However it was eerily comparable to the time they had spent in the Chaos March fighting Capellans and that was worrying.

Captain Brekard’s Battlemaster had just cleared a rise and was looking through the gray haze of drizzle on the valley below. He was followed by the rest of the Alpha Group as they worked their way around the restrictive terrain.

Commander Weber of Bravo Group broke in over the Battlenet. her force was under attack by a star of Clan Battlemechs with grey and red markings, definitely not Falcons.

Another star of similarly painted mechs appeared out of the forest on the opposite end of the valley and radio message came through.

I am Ash, Who dares to stand within striking range of the Jaguars Claws?

Captain Brekard and the Titanfellers are here to claim the Falcon’s cache and oppose any who would stop us, If you wish battle then you have it

Alpha Group (Battlemaster, Thug, Warhammer, Archer, Starslayer, Griffin, and Shadow Hawk ) advanced across the muddy river valley toward Smoke Star (Linebacker Prime, Kit Fox B, Conjurer, Phoenix Hawk C, Stormcrow D ).

Missiles streaked across the open plains followed swiftly by energy weapons and auto-cannon shells. Missed shots erupted in explosions and steam clouds as the forces exchanged fire.

Lieutenant Yao’s strike team reached the objective, it was an eerily undefended warehouse but there were signs of battle on the walls.


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