Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Five Way Talks pt 2

Part 1

03/22/3064 15:28 Location – Coalition Hall, Coromdir, Aurigan Coalition

The marathon talks to deal with the Coalition’s seemingly intractable problems had deteriorated as the High Lady was unwilling to make the concessions necessary.

High Lady, The situation on Mechdur has deteriorated so far that even if when we deal with Count Toure’s rebel forces there is a hard limit to what can bring that planet around. The Arms factories there are your largest government asset and your realm’s best route to salvation.

Lady Aveline, the Coalition Arsenal is the thing that makes the realm defensible without its production we are at the mercy of any faction that would victimize our citizens.

With all due respect High Lady that has happened anyway and you asked us to take over, that will require concessions on your part. The Magestrix supported your initial leadership against the Espionosas but she will not give you an unlimited lease on the Genderarme or MDC.

The Concordat’s support is similarly not free, the TACD is not free and has not been serving its primary purpose by aiding your citizens. The Protector grows weary of this although his current concern is still finding and bringing to justice the people that resulted in the death of Jeffery Calderon. I will not leave these discussions without giving him something worthwhile.

Confederation facilities are interested in acquiring some Coalition assets in exchange for our financial support to stabilize the region and perhaps the transfer of some mercenary commands to garrison at risk worlds. Unfortunately the problem still remains that the Coalition’s independent worlds are weak you need to consolidate and abandon or evacuate your more marginal colonies.

The Word of Blake and League representatives nod their heads in agreement but have nothing else to add. High Lady Kamea wouldn’t have much leverage with so many demands on her office.

Combine Surplus SALE!
Courtesy of Ghost Bear

To Mercs Unleashed Requisition Officer

From Tang Wei Xiang, Westerhand Agent for The Interstellar Association of Independent Weapons Manufacturers

Greetings Mercenaries, I am writing to inform you that we have a major offering in the works for commands like yours.

Due to the Combine’s recent conflicts they have released a quantity of Wolf Trap mechs and chassis onto the market through the IAIWM. The DCMS had stopped procuring these mechs several years ago but they have a large quantity of lightly used ones and the lines were mothballed but not destroyed. These are heavily discounted and will be traded for League manufactured items.

We would like to know if you would be interested in purchasing any mechs or chassis?

They have proved to be rather popular thus far and we don’t know how long Luthien Armor Works will continue their discounted price. If you are satisfied please inform us. The IAIWM has been exploring bids to acquire the Wolf Trap tools and manufacturing rights from Luthien and we continue to appreciate your business.

Sincerely, TWX

Details enclosed

Wolf Trap WFT-1 856 BV

Bare Wolf Trap Chassis 485 BV (6/9 XLE, 45 Ton Endo Steel, SHS, Missing RLAA, RHA)

Current Events
Q1-Q2 3064

Interstellar News Network, Round the Sphere

Greetings INN Customers, I am Martin Humbert, right into the news

Tops News today, Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion has arrived on Tharkad in preparation for the Whitting Conference on Marik in August.

She has left the Federated Suns of her Realm in the capable hands of Countess Ivona Reba, a long time friend, ally, and Prime Minister of Ways and Means. The Countess will not live in the palace and shall remain in the Greenbriar estate former home of Count Gregory who was removed during the Ardan-Sortek coup attempt

Jackson Davion continues to be General of the Armies and has shown no will to remove the Crucis March forces that have been stationed in the Draconis and Capellan Marchs under orders from the Archon-Princess.

Simon Gallagher has been given the Duchy of Kentares to replace the late Duke that was ousted in a coup against Katherine.

Yvonne Steiner-Davion has taken the title of “Grand Duchess of the Periphery March” rather then her previous title “Princess of New Avalon and Duchess of Greater Camelot”. Her aides have informed INN that she prefers the title and enjoys the current responsibilities given to her by Katherine.

On to the Lyran Alliance side of the Sphere, General Nondi Steiner is expected to be allowed to retire to Gallery. General Adam Steiner is the leading contender to succeed her based on insider information.

Despite Katherine’s decree to reduce exports of war materiel Coventry Metal Works and Defiance Industries continue to turn out equipment based on their latest market information. This has caused some alarm in the League but most of the material is supposed to be used to reinforce border world militias rather than assigned to prime combat units.

Onto the League, Alys Rousset-Marik and Therese Brett-Marik have been unusually outspoken on the League’s association with the Word of Blake. Captain-General Thomas Marik has remained silent on the matter and has continued to allow the Word of Blake to operate the League’s HPG grid.

Every major power has begun sending delegations to Marik to start negotiations and set the schedule for the Whitting Conference. Top among them is the looming Clan threat especially for the Combine considering their recent war with the Ghost Bears. The topic of transborder militants based on the Black Dragon Society and Thuggee’s recent attacks on Combine and Federation targets. The League’s growing warship fleet will warrant discussion with the Alliance and Combine to keep the Sphere in relative peace.

There are musings that the League will sponsor the Word of Blake and the Confederation might sponsor the Concordat or Magistracy for entry into the Star League much like Rasalhauge.

Meanwhile in the Combine Coordinator Theodore Kurita has reached a detente with Duke Tancred Sandoval and Archon-Princess Katherine Steiner-Davion. COMSTAR and SLDF forces are expected to reinforce the Combine garrisons damaged during the Black Dragon Affair, Combine-Ghost Bear War, and the Draconis March Incursion at least until the DCMS and LAW can secure the Combine.

Five Way Talks pt 1
Peace in our time?

03/19/3064 11:52 Location – Coalition Hall, Coromdir, Aurigan Coalition

The Trinity Alliance, Word of Blake, and Coalition government continue to have problems resolving the Coalition’s problems. The five parties have each sent a representative
Lady Aveline from the Magistracy, Mr Prent from the Concordat, Mandrinn Wen from the Confederation, Precentor Coromdir Jadran, and Baron Patrik from the Free Worlds League to speak with the Coalition’s Leader High Lady Kamea Arano.

These five way talks had unfortunately not gotten a lot accomplished due to a variety of intractable problems.

Recent pirate attacks continue to harry the Aurigan Defense Force, Aurigan Interior Ministry, Taurian and Canopian Peacekeepers and Word financed mercenaries throughout Coalition space. The sustained tempo of these operations has been suspected to be FEDCOM sponsored despite a lack of evidence much like the Protector’s statements concerning the New Colony Region.

Massive economic problems loom large over the Coalition their industries suffered from decades without investment due to the Confederation’s own economic problems. The newly formed Trinity Alliance and a wealthy League might been the solution but there would be a cost.

The only thing up for discussion was how high would it be?

Briefing - Assault on Tavonian Ridge

04/03/3064 04:58 Location – Grid Tango 89, Mechdur

Mercs Unleashed had set off from their forward operating base where they had been stationed for the past two days while the Word and Organic Tech Teams replaced their ammo and armor.

Boomerangs Green and Orange and their ground crew had been hauled into position by a Word of Blake Aurochs to provide updated intelligence on the target area. The Mercenary Battlemechs marched onward across the broken and desolate landscape seeing the ruins of the previous civil war around the factory town of Tavon as Iron grey clouds formed on the horizon.

The impending storm would make things more difficult for the scouts but they have trained for this kind of flying. That still didn’t mean it made the Mechwarriors feel better about their situation.

Intelligence Officer Illonka and Tactical Officer Olston had opted for a attack using the impending storm as cover, her fuzzy image appeared on the Mechwarrior’s view screens as she started the on-march briefing.

Alright Mercenaries your ETA is three hours to the target area, I have been in contact with recon flight, the Boomerangs are in position and will launch in two hours giving you a better picture of what you are walking into.

We gathered from the rebel POWs that the next person in chain of command is Major Aiylok, he is an experienced combat commander and operates an old Warhammer 6K Battlemech dating back to the Taurian Colonization times. It wasn’t on the table of organization because it was under repair at the factory complex; apparently it was rushed into service and is likely not one hundred percent.

A Clint, SRM carrier, Po, and Trebuchet round out the new reinforcements all hastily brought back into service before the rebels abandoned the factory complex. The rebels have repaired the Enforcer as well but your previous engagement have had a major effect on morale and technical readiness.

Current maps indicate that Tavonian Ridge is home to a disaster evacuation center for the now regular megastorms that ravage the surface. The hardened bunkers have been disconnected from the main grid and so are running on emergency power which has disabled their fixed defenses. Rebel POWs claim that their artillery has been put into concealed positions and spotted on approaches. They have also indicated that minefields will be in use, this is their last stand so be cautious.

Spotlight on Oasis III

CBN special feature on the Taurian Agency of Colonial Development’s flagship Oasis III Mammoth class dropship

Greetings I am Bryan Ayers of the Concordat Broadcasting Network here with Director Andrew Konzel of the TACD. Behind us (pans up) is the Oasis III a Mammoth class dropship and the flagship of the Taurian Colonial Support Fleet.

Director this is an incredible feat of Taurian engineering why was it made and what is it capable of?

Thank you Mr Ayers yes the Oasis III is the next step for the Colonial Support Fleet, it started with the Oasis I a converted Mule, then moved on to the Oasis II a converted Jumbo, now it has moved on to the Oasis III one of the largest cargo carriers in the Sphere. This dropship is capable of supporting a city by itself and carries enough food, water, and fuel for extended colonization efforts to more effectively bootstrap our many disparate colonies.

Impressive Director I hear you would be interested in giving us a tour of the vessel.


The first two cargo decks are dedicated liquid storage and processing, this vessel is capable of pumping, treating, and holding enough water to sustain a built up city or jump-start a new colony. The third deck contains storage for industrial earth-moving and construction equipment, the fourth supports temporary living quarters for workers and colonists and the fifth normally contains enough starter seed, fertilizer, and other agricultural goods to sustain a colony of 20,000 people for a year.

Right now we have been using the fifth to house the TACD workers on site during the Mechdur operation and we brought along additional supplies on the third deck. Citizens of the Concordat know that your tax dollars have been spent wisely we are the Agency of Colonial Development appreciate this opportunity to show our skill and professionalism in the midst of this crisis.

Fascinating, thank you for your time Director, once again this is Bryan Ayers with the Concordat Broadcasting Network.

Kapetyn Oddball

Several months ago on Outreach

Mercs Unleashed had completed their assignment on Hell’s Paradise and returned to Outreach, as per their contract Chief Tech Arun Shayama and his tech teams left to reform Mahindra Mechanical Technologies the company that Mercs Unleashed had acquired as their technical support contractors. Happy to be back on Outreach and not living out of a dropship Arun and his techs got back to work. Mercs Unleashed may not be their owners now but they were currently the largest and only customer until he could attract new clients and expand his operation.

Thus as Arun was looking over the customary ridiculous work orders he noticed one that was at least reasonable in its audaciousness. A newer Mechwarrior Bellario had submitted a design plan that was workable, crazy but workable. Having served in the AFFC and knowing details on the mechs Herold felt that a Panther that ran as fast a Jenner was a truly terrifying prospect for any Mechwarrior. It would easily outclass the Wolfhound that would oppose it in that fight.

Fortunately there were no production level extralight engines rated for that while the Combine focused more on their heavier mechs and ignored their light classes. What they didn’t know was that Brigadier had begun production of a Hermes 245 XL engine that could serve the purpose and he wanted Mahindra to make it for him.

All of the components would be fairly standard the “illegal” Draconis March invasion of the Combine had actually provided the secondary market with a large number of salvaged Panther 10Ks. Brigadier had yet to find a large number of customers for their 245XL engine so they were eager to sell it to Mahindra.

Now it just left the techs with a long, long modification time to strip the chassis to the bones and add everything back to the proper League standard instead of the cursed DCMS standard that was the bane of all non-Combine technicians.

Thus the Kapetyn Frankenmech was born, Mercs Unleashed tried it on the course and sent the data to Mahindra and other mercenaries started to get interested as well.

New Addition

05/18/3064 14:38 Location – DAT Resource Area 18, Dainmar Majoris

A tracked vehicle (a DAT Desert Rat Mk III) trundles across a scrub desert, A Mining complex is visible in the distance. Inside it are Lady Ruby Deepwater and Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Factory Director Endra McGavin. The two woman had begun an exploratory tour to get the licenses and support of M3 to build a combat vehicle factory on Dainmar Majoris.

Lady Deepwater we at M3 appreciate your long-term interest and investment in our organization.

Thank you, Director McGavin we foresee difficult times in the near future and feel it is our duty to support the Canopian defense and make a little profit on the side.

Yes, we had been considering how to increase our Manticore tank production moving missile carriers and the Pike here would be a mutual benefit. You have abundant resources and have wisely invested in your people. If you will invest forty percent in the cost and provide the labor we have a done deal and I will inform management immediately.

Those seem like reasonable terms, I would prefer that we get it done in time for production to start early next year. I have a large quantity of people that need jobs in this area. By the way would you consider extending a supply and garrison contract to the mercenaries based in this area.

Certainly it would be unwise for us to not properly defend the factory, Detroit and Dunianshire have front line MAF units guarding them so that would be a trivial step. As soon as we get to work I will extend the offer.

After Action Report

04/04/3064 06:18 Camp Mu 48, Mechdur

In keeping with their terms offered to the rebel forces Mercs Unleashed has cordoned off a portion of the refugee camp for their own purpose. Count Toure, Baron Welsi, and their supporters have been impounded in a rapid shelter behind a hastily erected chain-link fence.

Sgt Parro and Blue Team was on watch for this shift, the rebels had been beaten but were at least not trying to get out realizing their cause was perhaps lost.

“You know I heard that the Count tried to take out Donovan’s Devastator with a burning tree and stripped the chest armor of the Wolfhound with a single LRM volley.

That’s hardcore I wonder if any of them would be interested in joining our group? The Word is paying the bosses well so I bet were are going to get some new equipment that will need pilots.

I’d rather they give us a bonus for doing all these long term missions, it is so boring nothing ever happens. I’d rather we be bored back on Dainmar at least Dust has some good bars. This planet is depressing"

Mission Briefing: Lake Takonia Power Distribution Complex

04/01/3064 10:48 Location – Northside of Lake Takonia, Mechdur, Aurigan Coalition

Mechwarriors the Boomerang recon flight showed that Count Toure’s men are more heavily dug in then at the Waterworks. The region is heavily forested and a small portion of the woods have been set on fire by what I assume are inferno rounds.

There has been a lot of motor travel up the highway so it looks like the infantry has bugged out or at least their vehicles. You will need to displace the rebel forces so the TDC can come in and manage the power grid downstream toward the refugees.

Our battle armor squads and the Word of Blake Inquisitors will clear out any infantry stragglers in the complex.

Hostile Disposition
Archer, Hunchback, Centurion, Shadow Hawk, Wasp, Hatchetman, 2 Marsden IIIs, 2 Super Scorpions, Hetzer, Snapjaw AAA, 2 Light SRM Carriers

Friendly Disposition
Devastator, Marauder, Cicada, Longbow, Cronus, Wolfhound, Slayer ASF


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