Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Attack of Fairkeep Mission Briefing

02/15/3062 06:15 Location – Combat Field Base: KINGBREAKER, 8km SW of Fairkeep

The 21st Magistracy Gendarme deployed along the northern arc of the 4km Exclusion zone manning checkpoints all the way back to the main highway. They were widely dispersed in order to not attract the attention of Commonwealth forces but to respond if anyone tried to leave.

The 17th Magistracy Gendarme and Detachment-81 (The Mercs) had marched up through the pass and established a Combat Field Base in the woods outside the city. The 17th consisted of police commandoes and more experienced soldiers from the ready reserve. They were also supported by seven Longswords (4 Torches and 3 Blitzes) from the Special Executive of Justice in addition to their Nomad armored transports.

Commander Roxane, Lt. Commander Baker, and the Merc Command Team stand under a camouflage net looking over a map.

Cmd. Roxane “In light of the recent offensives from the Commonwealth the Liao Coordinator has suspended all Rules of Engagement. Our intelligence tells us that 7th FEDCOM, 3rd Battalion has forced the civilians out of the city so if it moves go ahead and shoot it.”

LCmd. Baker “I can verify that, we have spoken to Fairkeep residents in the Comstar refugee camps, 3rd Battalion forced everyone out then put a minefield around the city with only two ways in or out. By Boat or via Highway N-882, by all appearances the highway checkpoint has been abandoned recently and the area around it has likely been mined or booby trapped.”

Cmd. Roxane "We have instituted a 4km Exclusion Zone around the city to keep us out of artillery range. There are three Sniper pieces, two Thumpers, and three Arrow 4 batteries located near the airport. Unless something has changed in the past two days there are two aircraft we also need to worry about, a Forger Tactical Bomber and a Dark Crow Fighter.

Based on reports we suspect there is probably a company of infantry and mechs scattered throughout the city. The reports are sketchy though, we cannot verify any of it and Sierra Company reports they detected four cargo aircraft making two trips last night so they might have been able to reinforce their positions. Expect anything to happen."

LCmd. Baker "Speaking of Sierra Company was hit by a commando raid last night this destroyed most of their ammunition, their battalion supply deport was damaged as well so they have only enough ammo for six salvos with everything. Their four Thumper and two Sniper pieces were undamaged during the attack and are ready to fire.

I am working with the Ministry to get an active satellite link overhead so I can spot for targets and provide communications support. When you are ready to go I will call it in and we should have an overflight within ninety minutes."

Cmd. Roxane "You mission is rather simple mercenaries destroy 3rd Battalion’s heavy weapons so my command can enter and secure the city.

Everyone is dismissed, form up and get ready for action"

Dawn Rises

02/15/3062 02:28 Location – Aboard On Rising Tide 20km West of Brightstone, Nashuar

Commander Naomi Roxane had seen the growing red smear on the horizon from far away but was unprepared for the full horror. Brightstone was still burning hours after the Arcadian raid as they neared the smoke was quickly becoming unbearable for everyone.

Her Task Force:LIGHTKEEPER consisted of the 17th and 21st Magistracy Genderarme Battalions and they were quickly moving to relieve the now nearly destroyed Strike Group Echo. Her first objective was to make contact with Commander Thoms and Lt. Commander Baker, she did so and sent the L.C.A.C.s out toward Narik Harbor to pick up and transport the 62nd Supply Corps’ wreckers and heavy cargo haulers to the North Harbor.

The On Rising Tide deployed the L.C.A.C.s before moving to final approach where CTF:LIGHTKEEPER were greeted by a weary garrison. Commander Roxane walked off the ramp with her unit close behind; all of them were using wet shemaghs and balaclavas to filter the hot, smoky air. Commander Thoms and most of his unit were similarly dressed due to a shortage of filter masks. The two units met at the end of the wharf,

“Commander Derrance Thoms of Strike Group Echo, I am Commander Naomi Roxane of Task Force LIGHTKEEPER. By orders of Major Archal your command is detached and my unit will assume command.”

“:Commander Roxane, I cede control of this command to Task Force LIGHTKEEPER, Strike Group Echo stands ever ready behind you and the rest of the Magistracy”

The two exchanged salutes, formal command exchange would have to wait until there wasn’t a firestorm behind them. Commander Thoms went to assist the 137th Canopian Medical Corps’ evacuation operation making sure he was the last one to board On Rising Tide.

The 17th helped the 62nd Supply Corps load their transports onto L.C.A.C. Gold before shuttling them across the harbor. Brightstone was to be abandoned until the blazes died down; and she was eager to leave the hell-scape behind.

Infantry units of the 1st MAC were being deployed to take over the Southern Canal Zone freeing up LIGHTKEEPER to support the attack on Fairkeep and finish off the Commonwealth forces.

02/15/3062 03:35 Location – Field Base Echo-42, 22km NNW of Shu Wei Village

The 17th, 21st, and 62nd arrived at Echo-42, Charlie company was relieved and put on convoy duty to regroup with their unit. The remaining Strike Group Echo Mechs and Tanks joined the convoy as well. Sustainer-71 was loaded with the rest of the salvage and the Canopian techs returned with their fallen vehicles.

Commander Roxane came in over the comms, “Mercenaries I am now your commanding officer, we are going to take Fairkeep and get rid of the Commonwealth forces in this area.”

Night of Discord, Part 3
Attack on Sierra Company

02/15/3062 01:21 Location – Lake Fairchild, NNE of Fairkeep, Nashuar

Blitz Team 17 had boarded zodiac rafts rowing them silently across Lake Fairchild toward a small stream leading from Imperial Ridge. After reaching their destination half the team stashed the boats and the other half began ascending the promontory via the pitons already in place.

The unit ascended in silence lit only by moonlight invisible against the rock until they crested the ridge. In unison the whole unit drew their “Sandman” suppressed sub-machine guns and begun creeping toward the Canopian position deploying a recon drone in the process.

The drone was fitted with the most advanced tech that the D.M.I. could fit into a 20 Kilogram package. It hovered silently beaming a night vision video feed to Lt. Dayaram searched in a grid pattern over the Canopian position looking for its target.

“Major we are in position and have spotted their ammo trucks”

The Major had been forced to return to his Zeus “Olympus” when the ops center was packed up. Its command console picked up all the remote sensor readouts and I.F.F. relays in the area. “Sergeant Loren, move the Mechs into position against Imperial Ridge” and keying in another channel “Captain Norton move your vessels to firing range”.

Three mechs, a Griffin, Wolfhound, and Battle Hawk moved North while the Mikos Assault Ships moved within bombardment range. This drew the full alert of Sierra Company’s armor group (a Pike, two Bulldogs, three Mongols, and six King Scorpions) and artillery battery (two Snipers and four Thumpers).

Blitz 17 saw the Canopians moving into their intercept positions via the drone feed. The Canopians had just a a platoon of soldiers and a King Scorpion to defend the side facing them. The unit moved into position, searching for remote sensors or serious obstacles but found none. The enemy didn’t have time to prepare a secure perimeter.

Blitz team crossed the wire without much trouble and dispatched the sentries guarding the ammo depot with knives and bursts of suppressed sub-machine gun fire. The satchel charges were placed on remote detonation before Blitz 17 was moving against the artillery.

While on their way they were detected by Sierra’s soldiers engaging them in a brief firefight. The Lieutenant detonated the bombs and his team shot their way outside the perimeter; quickly moving back to their fast rope positions.

The dull thump of ship’s guns, artillery, and tank fire resounded over the lake as the Canopians and Commonwealth opened fire on one another. The exchange lasted several minutes before the Commonwealth disengaged with minimal damage, Blitz team was back in their boats with their dead and wounded slowly rowing back to Fairkeep.

“Major, Mission Success”

“Excellent work Lieutenant but I need your team to get on a plane out of here, you have been reassigned to First Battalion”

Night of Discord, Part 2
Attack on CFB:Echo-42

02/14/3062 23:14 Location – Field Base Echo – 42, 22km NNW of Shu Wei Village

Star Corporal Germain of Charlie Company was on patrol with his fire team, he didn’t like this position one bit. The Field Base had been probed by Compact infantry throughout the day and now they had to guard this growing scrapyard as well.

At least the Mercenary tanks were operational and nearby, their insect-like silhouettes were moving between the work-spaces and scrapyard. Hammerhead gunboats floated silently nearby almost invisible in the dark and still canal, searchlights occasionally activating to illuminate the far side as their crews moved to inspect the far shore.

The horizon to the west was glowing red as a massive firestorm engulfed Brightstone, the radio descriptions they heard described it as hell. His senses own senses were overwhelmed, the work-lights ruined his night vision, he couldn’t hear anything but pneumatic tools and portable generators or smell anything other than acrid smoke. He didn’t even see the Commonwealth soldiers crouching near his position until he turned to see a knife stabbed in his neck.

A Canopian machine gunner in a portable watch tower nearby saw it and opened fire “Contact, we have enemies in the wire” Soon afterwards the Canopian work lights were hit by Sharpshooters and parachute flares launched from Commonwealth mortars illuminated the battlefield in a bloody red light as smoke rounds landed in the field base separating the Magistracy squads from one another. That was followed swiftly by airburst rounds falling on their positions.

Caught unawares but acting quickly Canopian infantry began sweeping and clearing the base in fire-teams looking in and around the scrapyard for hidden forces. The base was attacked from the far side of the Canal as well, Hammerhead gun boats fired their autocannons and machine gun into suspected enemy positions denying that valuable fire support to the main fight.

The Mercenary tanks advanced and fired their weapons into the fields as friendlies used used them as cover against Commonwealth machine guns. They couldn’t be everywhere though, several dull thumps originated from the scrapyard as satchel charges detonated. Soldiers engaged in close range combat, tracers arced between machine gun nests, small fires were set and grew larger.

The techs and Mechwarriors were in a secure perimeter, RED HORSE team had pulled the portable shelters and barricades into a horseshoe configuration shielding them from the worse of the withering fire. The mercenaries jumped into their mechs and powered up, this show of force caused the gunfire to settle down. Sporadic mortar fire continued through the night but Kingfisher scout VTOLs showed up from Brightstone Spaceport to chase out the Commonwealth forces.

Night of Discord, Part 1

02/14/3062 17:23 Location – Fairkeep Operations Center, Fairkeep, Nashuar

Major Moss stood in the middle of his command room looking over recon reports, the Mercenaries had taken the field in force preventing his rapidly diminishing unit from attacking and reclaiming that salvage.

Meanwhile the 14th Mechanized kept a close eye on them from their woodland bunkers but stood no chance while the Merc units escorted the tech teams. A recon plane kept an eye on the Canopian unit to his Northeast, a Canopian unit that he couldn’t attack without weakening his force to an unsafe degree and inviting an attack on his position. He had seriously thought the breakthrough to the South would lure them away but that didn’t happen, clearly he underestimate their resolve.

The only positive thing was that the techs would be busy and require constant guard for at least several hours. He called out to Lieutenant Wilburn and his mech group

“Lieutenant take the mechs and do a presence patrol. Do not engage, just show the flag and keep the mercs busy and off-balance.”

Meanwhile he called up Supply Sergeant York at the battalion supply depot,

“Sergeant I want all our excess equipment packed for transport and on trucks within 4 hours. Do the same with our unneeded personnel, if you need drivers grab some. Keep the runway clear, I will be sending for Planetlifters to do the heavy lifting.”

Major Moss turned to his signal team leader Corp. Oldin,

“Corporal get me 1st Battalion in Wong Lu”

“A Captain Jaxon on the line for you Major”

“Captain Jaxon this is Major Moss of 3rd Battalion, I need airlift to move our excess equipment and personnel to your position”

“Major I don’t think I can grant clearance for that, I will get Colonel Sullivan as soon as he returns”

“Captain, I need these aircraft right now. We are in immediate danger of being encircled by enemy forces. A convoy is being prepared and is coming to your position whether you like it or not. If you don’t want our excess equipment is of no consequence, if you don’t send us those Planetlifters I will have to blow our ammo depot up when the Canopians come.”

“Alright Major I will send two Planetlifters within the hour”

“Corporal, I want everything classified packed up and on a truck or destroyed before that convoy leaves”

“Yes sir”

02/14/3062 19:57 Location – Fairkeep Operations Center, Fairkeep, Nashuar

Major Moss had Captain Wilson of the 14th Mechanized, Saber Company, and Lieutenant Dayaram of D.M.I. Blitz Team 17 in a covert briefing while his signal team were packing up most of the classified electronics forwarding all comms through the Major’s command console in his Zeus.

“Alright men there are two major forces arrayed against us, we can’t fight them on the field but Mechwarriors and Armor crews die of bullets and need to sleep like the rest of us.”

“There is a company of infantry and a platoon of tanks protecting the Canopians to the South, they will get no support from Brightstone considering it is burning to the ground as we speak. Captain Wilson you will launch quick raids and probing actions to keep the defenders off-balance, blow up some of the salvaged mechs and shoot some mechwarriors if you can but don’t get tied down. Keep your light mortars shooting flares and airburst rounds at their position make sure they don’t get any rest.”

“Lieutenant remember when you put those pitons on Imperial Ridge? I want you to launch a raid on the Canopian unit there, the scout plane identified them as an artillery and air defense company. That means there are ammo trucks somewhere close by, blow those trucks up, wreck their pieces, and kill some soldiers then get out. I will maneuver the Nikos ships and use some mechs to draw the defenders out of position. That should buy us time before we are taking artillery fire within the city.”

“Roger sir”

02/14/3062 21:37 Location – 3rd Battalion Supply Depot, Fairkeep, Nashuar

Sergeant York and his quartermaster platoon had just spent four hours packing everything onto fourteen trucks, six escort vehicles, two Karnovs, and two Planetlifters. It was intense he had to pull a platoon from Rapier Company to get it done. “Major this is Overland-One we are ready to depart to Wong Lu”

“Roger that Overland-One you are cleared to leave”

With that the twenty vehicle convoy departed from Fairkeep heading north in darkness along the highway to Wong Lu.

02/14/3062 22:16 Location – 14th Mechanized, Saber Company south of the Chu Lin Gap

Captain Wilson and Saber company slowly marched across the mountains toward the Canopian field base, they pulled six light mortars and four semi-portable machine guns from the weapons flown in from 1st Battalion, their original support weapons having been destroyed by enemy jets earlier in the day.

The captain set up three mortar team and four machine gun teams breaking the rest of his forces into 5 man fire teams. Their recon team had not detected any remote sensors and linked up with 1st St Ives Legionaires already in the field. Saber crouched in the rice fields around the enemy base drawn to their work lights and the sound of technicians.

Valentine's Day Offensive

02/14/3062 18:42 Location – Brightstone, Nashuar

Halo squadron detected the enemy far way from the city and were monitoring them as they approached. Commander Thoms stood in his command van in full battle rattle looking at his troop dispositions and remote sensor readouts. The digital displays showed the time of arrival of the Nightriders pursuit company, one hour, and Fast company, 10 minutes.

On the line the Canopians started up their tanks and moved into their final positions ready to face the enemy while infantry double checked their weapons and artillerymen loaded their pieces.

The first approach was cautious, the Arcadians moved around scouting for weak points and trying to move the defenders out of their hard positions. Then they coalesced on Gold Line leading with heavy missile fire while the Clint and Commandoes moved in with PPC and missile fire. Unfortunately for the Canopians those missiles were infernos, the opening salvo disabled one of the longspears as the tank was covered in flames.

The Clint got hit twice with the 105mm guns damaging its PPC and almost punching through its center torso, the Commandoes got hit with 57mm rounds and missiles from the Mongol.

The next wave was the Javelin and Wolf Trap, fearful they might break through Commander Thoms moved his reserve up to fortify Gold Line taking his personal command to Blue Line. While the commander was en route Blue Line was hit with the Phoenix Hawk and the rest of the force, the attack broke the line and the Canopians dispersed to more tactical positions.

Arcadian gun trucks were pursued by Canopian gun trucks on surface streets and tanks played hide and seek with mechs using the city as cover. The mechs suffered ambushing infantry, booby traps, and airbursting artillery responding with infernoes and laser fire.

The fighting continued street by bloody street extending the full length of the City from Zhong Hei Industrial Complex all the way to the gates of the Narik Industrial Harbor. The fighting continued for a half hour after wgucg the City of Brightstone was ablaze with multiple five alarm fires and no fire department.

In the Industrial Complex a careless shot hit the gas depot flattening the area and killing Canopian and Arcadian forces with equal ferocity. Secondary explosions and fires from industrial structures fueled the firestorm.

As the city burned the Arcadians disengaged heading to the Spaceport for their exfil pursued by Guardian and Kingfisher aircraft. The Wolf Trap took down both Guardians with its autocannon but the whole force suffered missile and bomb strikes. A Commonwealth Union picked up the remnants of the unit (the Wolf Trap, Phoenix Hawk, and four of the gun trucks) just as the Nightriders were at their heels.

With the city rapidly being consumed by fire Commander Thoms ordered the Canopians back to their base to escape the hungry flames. The fires were so intense that the Nightriders couldn’t even approach the city safely, they returned to their units via a Cappellan dropship at the Spaceport.

The Canopians medevaced their casualties to Great Bay but the winds were so intense the Karnovs had to abort the evacuations of the rest of Strike Group Echo from the Harbor. The On Rising Tide was sent out with a relief force within hours to evacuate and replace the depleted command.

Brightstone burned all night, 64 Canopian soldiers died with another 108 wounded (67 of which were serious). This left 164 Canopians soldiers most of which were walking wounded and 202 support staff in the city (about 60% of the original garrison).

The team used portable pumps and commandeered fire apparatus to create a water wall to dampen the heat and smoke heading for the Harbor. This likely saved the Harbor facilities which otherwise would have been consumed by the flames.

All the medium tanks were destroyed and most of their working light tanks had to be abandoned while escaping the blaze; most had been destroyed (6 out of 8), the gun trucks were likewise heavily damaged (8 out of 12 were unsalvagable).

Throughout Nashuar the 4 R.C.T.s (1st and 3rd, 7th and Arcadians) battled it out across the surface. 1st MAC lost about a company of mechs and tanks while the rest of the 3rd Fusiliers lost a company (making it two companies of casualties today). The rest of the 7th RCT lost another company (making it two companies lost in a day) and the Arcadians lost about as many (roughly 16 mechs and tanks).

The cities of Blackmoor (a 7th RCT stronghold to the East) and Lin Mao (a 1st MAC stronghold in the South) were heavily damaged by airstrikes and artillery along with hard street to street fighting. More and more civilians were displaced to Comstar refugee camps to evade the fighting and for protection. The attacks sparked up the latest run of offensives after the long rainy season and all forces were fully engaged in their theaters.

Paradiso Armor Works Promo Video III
MULE Series continued

The MULE (Modern Utility Logistics and Engineering) series of vehicles continues with the Engineering and Utility lines.

The Engineering series consists of the Bridgelayer, Minesweeper, Minelayer, Hostile Environment Transport, Earthworker, and Wrecker series.

Cut to a larger desert training area with Enrique wearing Tan Fatigues and walking along a raised path while tanks and mechs maneuver

The MULE Bridgelayer carries a heavy bridge allowing nearly any unit to cross rivers or other obstacles. It carries four Talon Grenade Launchers to cover its advance and retreat on an active battlefield

The Bridgelayer drives through a cloud of smoke and deploys its bridge over a trench which is then crossed by a pair of Longspears

The MULE Minelayer can cover slightly more than a half kilometer with a variety of mines in four minutes, enabling you to deny your enemy ground.

The MULE Minesweeper uses a front-mounted mine flail or its rear mounted Harpoon 6 Short Range Missile launcher loaded with mine-clearing munitions to breach any minefield quickly and safely.

The Minesweeper powers up its flail and explosions show the effectiveness of it, the vehicle then turns around and launches six missiles destroying more mines

The MULE Hostile Environment Transport is a remarkable new design that is finally ready for use. It can be sealed against any environmental hazard from extreme heat and cold to space or hostile environments.

The patented ZOX™ Air Independent Propulsion allows its Paradiso Magna 100 I.C.E Tri-Fuel engine to keep going where others fail using Liquid Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide and allowing for nearly 12 hours of continuous use.

It can transport fourteen people or 2 tons of cargo and is heavily armored with either an integral N.B.C. Positive Pressure or Closed Cycle Rebreather system.

The Tactical Earthmover variant includes a bulldozer blade with a rear mounted back hoe and increased armor protection. Utilitech has long been known for our fine industrial vehicles and this is one we are proud of.

The Wrecker variant includes a rear mounted twenty ton lift capacity crane and a transport bay capable of being configured as a tool locker or passenger bay.

The Utility series includes the Command Post, Expanding Van

The Command Post variant consist of a standard MULE vehicle and a folding radio tower attached to the right side. Inside is the Hard Target™ Communications system capable of monitoring 15 remote sensors, operating four drones, satellite communications, and electronic warfare with appropriate software modules.

The Expanding Van configuration has comfortable if sparse quarters for four soldiers. While not up to par with a five start hotel It beats sleeping in tents or under the stars.

Paradiso Armor Works Promo Video II
The Utilitech MULE Logistics series

The video opens up to a Latino man in a tan suit walking along the beach.

“Greetings, I am Enrique San Marco, President of Paradiso and CEO of Paradiso Armor Works and Utilitech Industrial.

Now you may recognize me as Anton Marik on Bloodlines or maybe from a Forbes article about my life, but more likely you know me due to my long history with industry.

Well I am coming to you from Caponde Beach, a part-time training area for my crack contract garrison and volunteer defense force to show you something new.

When I founded Paradiso Armor Works in 3042 I made it the goal of that company to solve problems sort of a continuation from Utilitech. That is why I build companies on efficiency and cost effectiveness with techs and crew in mind every step of the way.

Considering you are watching this video you are likely a Supply Sergeant, Quartermaster Officer, or Procurement Agent for a large firm. Either way we have a cost effective combat support solution for you.

With pleasure I would like to introduce you to the MULE series of vehicles

Thirteen tracked vehicles crest over the sand dune in unison with the ocean glimmering behind them. Several of the vehicles move off but some remain.

All Modern Utility, Logistics, and Engineering vehicles or MULE for short are built using as many of the same parts as possible. All of them run on rugged tracks supporting their 20 ton chassis and are powered by by a Paradiso Magna 100 Tri-fuel Engine allowing them to reach 83 kilometers per hour.

There are three model series available for purchase

The Logistics Series, consists of the Cargo, Chow Wagon, Escort, Medical, Independent Cargo, and Freezer series.

The Cargo series have a ten ton internal cargo bay capable of accepting inner Sphere standard containers, Utilitech Synco™ 5 ton liquid storage cylinders, or loose palletized cargo.

Utilitech manufactures a wide range of Synco™ liquid-gas storage cylinders, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and build thicknesses depending on your desired cargo. Everything from Ammonia and Liquid Petroleum Gas to Cryogenic Hydrogen and Jet Fuel has an appropriate and industry standard tank variety available to you.

The Escort variant is equipped with four LFN Lindbald Machine guns, one on each side with increased armor. You can rest easy knowing that the MULE escort has your back, side, or front. These machine guns are operated behind a heavy duty bullet resistant window and bump turret allowing superior situational awareness while ensuring safety.

A MULE Escort speeds along the beach its four machine guns ripping through a series of targets while travelling at high speeds

The independent Cargo is useful in small operations, it has an integral material handling crane capable of lifting ten tons while having a roomy seven ton cargo bay. It can carry and off-load its payload without requiring additional vehicles or personnel or assist dedicated material handlers.

The Independent Cargo can be configured as a technical workshop by installing tool lockers into the frame, most Paradiso Armor Works heavy weapons are easily lifted with the medium weight crane already built it.

The MULE Chow Wagon is a personal favorite of mine, not only is it easily customizable depending on local tastes and capable of feeding 150 men for a week on its own internal Icebox™ Refrigerated storage with a built in LP storage tank but it comes with an Oriente Express Espresso machine.

Enrique shows off the stainless steel commercial-grade kitchen of the Chow Wagon and draws a cup of Espresso before moving on

The Freezer configuration includes a Utilitech Synco™ liquid-gas storage cylinder, a chiller, re-circulation pump, and four BM-3K Coolant hookups with an additional seat for a Coolerman. It is capable of simultaneously pumping into two heavy battlemechs within two minutes of deployment. If the tank runs out it can simply be rolled off using the dump mechanism and replaced within a minute.

Two Paradiso Defense Force mechs, a Thunderbolt and Awesome, walk up to the vehicle and are hooked up and cooling within a minute, steam rises off the Freezer’s relief valves as it cools the mech using water

For you actual people we manufacture a Medical variant including a full field surgical theater and paramedic equipment as well as storage for supplies and room for the medical staff to ride along.

Paradiso Armor Works Promo Video I
Welcome to the Long War series of Medium Tanks

The video opens with a montage showing various tanks firing their weapons and maneuvering around a sand quarry, near and distant explosions blast your senses.

Narrator: “What you need is more Firepower”

The scene blurs our as the P.A.W. logo (A bow horizontal on top with a sword and spear crossed below)

The shot opens on a Latino man wearing a tan suit with stunning beach vista in the background

“Greetings all, I am Enrique San Marco, President of Paradiso and CEO of Paradiso Armor Works.

he puts away an umbrella drink and stands up before turning over to a massive yard of vehicles with large industrial structures in the background

I am pleased that you have decided to view our tape and am certain you will find something of interest from our Long War product line. Through my nearly thirty years in Industry, I have found that many solutions are simply lacking for budget-conscious combat units. Everything was simply larger, flashier, and more expensive so I came upon a solution.

He walks to an elevator which opens onto the tarmac below where dozens of tanks fresh from the factory are being warehoused

That solution was to go back to basics; When we unveiled the Longspear Main Battle Tank in 3042 everyone laughed at us. They thought there was no way this tank could be a game changer.

All it took was a couple of foiled pirate raids and then people started to pay attention. After watching this video I am sure you will find that Paradiso Armor Works has a tactical combat solution right for you."

Narrator: "It all started with the Longspear Main Battle Tank, a simple but robust design composed of a Mydron Class X Autocannon with eight and a half tons of Starshield A armor. The first six Blocks used imported weapons and equipment but now everything is made under license on Paradiso to ensure quality is up to par.

While lacking anti-infantry weapons this tank was designed to work with infantry and fellow armor according to combined forces doctrine. The latest Block 18 designs use the Paradiso Power 180 Tri-fuel I.C.E. with the proprietary Lucid Dream Comm and Catseye Fire Control systems giving it great situation awareness and long legs.

The Longspear has no variants nor does P.A.W. intend to change that anytime soon, the standard design has been left unchanged but updated since it was first made."

Cut to montage of the Longspear firing on the move over a sand dune firing its cannon at a distant target which then explodes. That explosion fades to reveal the Mongol tank as it begins to maneuver around the dusty plain.

Narrator – "After the Longspear P.A.W.’s next best seller is the Mongol Fire Support Tank, the base model is armed with six Delta Dart 5 Long Range Missile Racks but everything else is the same as the Longspear including the electronics. These missile racks can keep firing constantly for nearly two minutes.

The Mongol has two variants the Mongol Short has four Harpoon 6 Short Range Missile launchers packing a mighty close range punch and the Mongol Rampage has fourteen Death Blossom 15s for a staggering 210 rockets giving the Rampage a truly terrifying first strike potential."

Cut to a montage of the Mongol Long firing its missiles and saturating an area with explosions while a Mongol Short launches missiles in a simulated city and a Mongol Rampage launches its full volley creating a massive smoke cloud which then cuts to the Longsword tank.

Narrator: "The latest tactical vehicle in the line is the Longsword Close Combat Tank, this tank uses paired Mydron Snakekiller Lightweight Autocannon Vs and four Death Blossom 10s to own close range. Everything is common with the other tanks and in fact all of these tanks are merely turrets that can be changed out with the proper tools and training.

The Longsword has two variants the Longsword Torch and Blitz combine the Snakekillers with a pair of Flame Tech 135-K Flamers in the Torch or a pair of LFN Linbald Machine Guns. They are the perfect vehicle for forested or urban combat against infantry and fellow armor. The Longsword’s secondary weapons can be changed in any Block 7 or modern within an hour, allowing you the customer to adapt it to any close combat situation."

Cut to a Montage of the Longsword launching its fourty missiles while firing its guns at a target building while a Longsword Torch moving through a simulated town sporadic gouts of flame firing out to deal with “targets” and a Longsword Blitz fires its Cannons and Machine Guns utterly destroying a platoon of targets on an open gun range. The picture cuts out to a strange looking tank with no gun but with a massive grappling hoist.

Narrator: "That is not all P.A.W. has recently added a new design, the Ranger Remote Armored Recovery Vehicle. This modified Longspear turret contains the remote operation equipment and three Talon Grenade Launchers capable of firing various grenade payloads around the vehicle but typically smoke.

The main feature is its Heavy Lift Hoist capable of lifting and dragging a damaged P.A.W. Medium Tactical Vehicle from the field safely while under fire. It does this by connecting to the control suites (Lucid Dream and Catseye) and synchronizing them to the remote users. Firmware 17.5.3 allow the remote system to synchronize with all standard communication protocols while 15.8.7 units must use the older SMCS (Secure Military Comm Standard) 109.21 protocol common to P.A.W. Tactical Vehicles."

Cut to a video feed being streamed to an operator you watch as the operator aims the lift hoist at a damaged Longspear, the unit connects before grappling the tank and dragging it along to safety.

The Longspear is dropped off and you can see all six of the P.A.W. Medium Tactical Vehicles lined up in a phalanx wedge position. The camera fades out into the setting sun of Paradiso before returning back to Mr. San Marco

“I hope you have enjoyed our little informational video, please contact your local licensed P.A.W. dealer for our catalog which contains more information, we certainly welcome your business and have a good day”

Defense of Brightstone

02/14/3062 16:21 Location – Narik Industrial Harbor, Brightstone, Nashuar

Commander Thoms had a lot to do and not enough time. Once he heard the warning a full recall was issued pulling back all Canopian soldiers in the hinterlands. Everyone had drilled for this possibility and that made it easier but not by much.

Light Gun Battery 78 had been deployed in the stadium, RED HORSE teams were emplacing the field guns and constructing barricades. Alpha, Bravo, and Delta companies were busy constructing fighting positions and deploying their support weapons in concealed positions.

The 52nd Support Corps were preparing aid stations and had commandeered another Karnov already on-station from Battalion HQ. Their Quartermaster detachment was staging ammunition and preparing litters behind the lines next to the reserve unit.

The lines were built around the few tanks in the city two Longspear tanks, a Longbow tank, and two King Scorpions. Four regular Scorpions and convoy escort trucks formed a reserve while Infantry held smaller roads with their support weapons. It was the best Commander Thoms could hope for, perhaps it would be enough.

Meanwhile at the Spaceport, 40 km South of Brightstone, the two remaining Guardian jump jets of Halo squadron had landed to a mess of ground crew on the tarmac. Star Corporal Adams and his crew had pulled the few bombs they kept on hand (this was only an auxiliary support field) and had everything fueled and armed within a half hour.

“Commander this is Sergeant Tunil of Halo squadron we are armed and ready”

“Excellent Sergeant stay on standby until you hear otherwise”

“Affirmative, Halo out”

02/14/3062 17:34 Location – Arcadian Fast Company, SSW of Brightstone along the Inland Sea

Captain Dakarai Rain raced along Nashuar 795 in his Phoenix Hawk. He had decided to stick to the Inland Sea and avoid the terrain in the 8th Prefecture while giving his wheeled trucks an advantage. With him were two Commandoes, a Javelin, a Wasp, a Thorn, a Clint and curiously a Wolf Trap along with some light missile carriers and gun trucks all were blitzing along the highway passing abandoned checkpoints on their way North.


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