Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Bad Blood pt 1

02/14/3064 21:42 Location – Chateau Deepwater, Lexington, Dainmar Majoris, Magistracy of Canopus

The arrival of Mercs Unleashed on the planet was rather tame, they had arrived for a brief respite after transiting the Confederation to take contracts in the Rimward Periphery and Thaddeus had a work crew preparing their new base already. He had hired local techs on their behalf to replace the MMT techs that went off their two year contract back to the Federated Suns supplemented by the few techs that were not contracted through MMT.

They were welcomed by Kalisandra, Ruby, and Stannus with a marvelous feast of the premium local fare.

Meanwhile on the Danais-dropship, MMV Alessandra Cul on final approach to the planet

The crew of the Alessandra Cul ran regular transits across Magistracy space split between cargo and various passenger accommodations. They had been quite busy recently with the troubles in the Coalition as Word, MAF, Gendearmie, and MMC personnel had booked passage. The Captain and her brother (also a Dropship Captain but further along in the transit) were swamped with hauling personnel and materiel there but they didn’t complain the Word paid handsomely.

This dropship was no exception there were 50 passengers and many hundreds of tons of relief aid headed to Mechdur from the League although they were to pick up fresh foodstuffs and fuel on Dainmar Majoris. There was only one Blakist passenger though, the ship’s steward had been informed to wake her when they were beginning their final transit.

“Excuse me. ”/characters/lady-amethyst-deepwater" class=“wiki-content-link”>Adept Deepwater we are beginning final approach, we should be at Lake Endric Starport in thirty minutes"

“Thank you please radio Adept Anero at the Lexington HPG to meet me there”

“Of course Maam”

Paradiso Armor Works Promo Video IV
Hot New Products

“Greetings all, I am Enrique San Marco, CEO of Paradiso Armor Works, I would first like to thank everyone for their continued support of my company. As you might know Paradiso hosted the latest meeting of the Interstellar Association of Arms Manufacturers and it was a fabulous success. Based on feedback and part of our commitment to expanding the defense market in the wake of massive shortfalls in Materiel we at PAW have come up with new technologies leveraged with our research groups.

Opening shot shows Enrique in a hot air ball, he pulls on the burner and it shoots a blue flame out into the mass

As you may know modern flamers burn fuel and send the superheated air towards their target. Although we have a history of our Longspear Torch variant using these weapons I always felt they we lacking in efficacy. To that end my research group contacted Flame Tech, a division of Fusigion Heavy Weaponry, to come up with a better method of fire delivery.

Landing the balloon on a beautiful beach Enrique looks out at a Marsden III and Locust 1M with a different weapon set

Our Flame Projector takes the Ammo-based Flamer to a new age, the Flame Projector weighs two tons and is designed with replacing common SRM 4 or LRM 5 racks in mind. Its fuel pumps and turbo-nozzles can launch a glob of modified hydrocarbon based on Inferno fuel up to 180 meters away, twice as far as the super-heated air of a traditional flamer.

This 100 kilogram charge burns just like inferno fuel and the closer you are to the projector the more gets on the target. Even if you miss the fire still goes somewhere so if there was such a thing as incendiary artillery this would be it.

(Stats, Wt 2 tons, Damage 7H / 5H / 3H, Range 2 / 4 / 6, 10 shots per ton, follows inferno heat table)

The Marsden III twists it’s turret delivering a 10 second burst of fire to a prop building nearly two football fields away. The Locust walks up and burns up a series of bunkers set up in the hill before six figures hop off of it.. The figures walk back towards the camera and Enrique.

Paradiso Armor Work has prided itself on a long tradition of thinking outside the box and this is no exception. The Paradiso Prowler Armored Exoskeleton (PaPAE) has 100 Kg of armor, enough to stop a burst from a LFN Linbald 12.7mm machine gun. It has an integral thermal camera that feeds to the trooper’s visor, magnetic clamps built into it’s elbows and knees allow it to ride Vehicles or Battlemech.,

The suit is environmentally sealed for use in NBC situations with 12 hour endurance of its power pack and rebreather. It’s armored and sealed cargo pack is capable of carrying 10Kg while still moving 23 km/h but with no integral weapons the wearer will simply have to carry a rifle like a standard trooper.

It is an excellent system that is easily trained on rather than the more complex suits with jump jets and other gizmos. The first production batches have already been sent to the Magistracy Gendearme for use in the Aurigan Reaches and we will begin processing orders as they come in.

The power armored troopers hop back onto the Locust, which while shifting as the hop on maintains its balance before running at full speed down the beach. It circles back and the troopers hop off it again and wave to the camera



Our task force landed on Hell’s Paradise and disembarked a portion of the mercenary forces under our command to launch an initial strike. They soundly defeated the scout platoon of mechs that was sent before moving on the secure an LZ for the rest of their forces to unload.

While we were unable to secure the bridge the enemy lost most of their force in the engagement. The mercenaries only lost one mech, I did have several KIAs of WILDCAT commandos while on a high risk mission to secure the bridge. They were unsuccessful but the mercenaries forded the river and pressed the attack against the indigenous forces. We were forced to reroute further north were we faced minimal infantry resistance.

The mercenaries engaged the bulk of the indigenous forces in a pass on the way to the communications station. The hostile forces didn’t stand a chance and were destroyed, once the mercenaries secure that position we began launching RF finder missions to take out any remaining high power transmitters. The indigenous people scattered to the hills, we managed to locate the blakist agents in change but they were killed in the fighting.

When the smugglers landed a WILDCAT/Merc crew secured the dropship, the smuggler was killed in the fighting unfortunately it would have been useful to interrogate him. Our aerospace forces secured the merchant jumpship FWLS Hernan K Loudin.

We destroyed whatever we couldn’t carry out of system; Commander Grey dropped the Mercenaries off across the border in Loric and let them take merchant traffic back to Outreach. Shonsa Shi Fang took the seized dropship and the Mask vessel out via the Circinus Federation bringing it back to the Confederation via a circuitous route which Commander Grey later followed.

The mercenaries exercised a clause in their contract to purchase a Trojan class dropship formerly owned by Thuggee operatives. The dropship had fortunately been cleaned of the blood; twice. It is due to be delivered to Outreach by their estimated arrival time in January.

UCM Channel 5 - Voice of New Avalon
"Eye of the Sphere"

11/22/3063 Location – UCM Building, New Avalon City, New Avalon

CB – "Greetings everyone welcome to Eyes on the Sphere I am Corrine Belame, with me today I have Divya Sahni, Sasha Malair, and Diana Allegin.

We also have a special guest Archon-Princess Katherine Morgan Steiner-Davion, Your Serene Highness it is a pleasure to have you with us today"

KSD – “Thank you I am pleased to be here as well, you may call me Katrina if you’d prefer no need to stand on ceremony.”

CB – “Now Katrina we have had your sister Yvonne on a long time ago before she left New Avalon. What did you want to speak with us about today?”

KSD – "Thank you Corrine, well I wanted to talk about a new set of programs I am working on, The Next Generation Initiative. Now this initiative will be a fundamental shift in how the Commonwealth will be ruled.

I have proposed to be more inclusive with the Inner Sphere and Near Periphery. As you know previous generations have long neglected education and jobs training while looking down on our neighbors. To that end I intend to adjust the military-industrial complex of the Commonwealth states and move funds into development of the Spinward and Anti-Spinward Regions."

SM – “Your critics have accused you of collusion with Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao and Coordinator Theodore Kurita on things that have destablized the Cappellan and Draconis Marches. The Brotherhood of Cincinnatus, Wolves-in-Exile, Kell Hounds, and Free Skye have increased their activities grabbing headlines along the way and the Trinity Alliance has strengthened the Confederation after decades of decline. Why would you draw down the Commonwealth militaries in an increasingly dangerous Sphere?”

KSD – "I would like to correct you on that, the Inner Sphere has always been a dangerous place. I mean Luthien Armor Works has been partially idle for most of the year with no end in sight while they deal with internal troubles. The Combine just fought off an attack from Clan Ghost Bear and an illegal invasion from the Draconis March. The Coordinator’s daughter was assassinated by the same terrorists that killed my brother Arthur. The Free Worlds League has shown no aggression since Guerrero the fault of an ill-advised action made by my brother Victor despite a recent row with my great-aunt and the death of the Captain-General’s sister.

Now the Combine annexed the Lyons Thumb after a Skye force attacked them. I have lodged a complaint with the Coordinator over that and I’m sure we will talk about it on Marik during the Whittling Conference.

To the critics its not like the military budget of the Commonwealth states has shrunk dramatically most of it will be invested in better aerospace assets, the Mjolnir and Avalon class Warships have been coming on-line breathing new life into our stagnant aerospace forces. We already have so many mechs in the hands of noble armies and federal military forces and more tanks than we can count. The people of the Federation and Alliance have never been safer despite a looming clan threat, a threat that will be dealt with by the Second Star League in unison."

SB – “Onto a different topic, your rule has not been without controversy the executions of Eric Dresari and Thomas Bradford and multiple invocations of Noble Laws to cast down their peers have chilled your relationship with many planetary rules. You have had strained relationships bordering on rebellion with Dukes Tancred Sandoval, Robert Kelswa-Steiner, and George Hasek. Why do you keep looking for trouble?”

KSD – "Oh I like interesting challenges really. Each of them is a challenge; like most men in power they don’t like being told what to do. It was tragic what happened to Dresari and Bradford but I cannot have nobles taking up arms against the AFFS or LAAF without penalty. That is no way to rule an interstellar empire.

James Sandoval the former Duke of Robinson launched an invasion into the Combine out of the blue, Duke Tancred was empowered to deal with the fallout, I didn’t tell him what to do besides rein his father in, I think the lingering effects will be minimal

Duke Hasek was sponsoring terrorists and hiring mercenaries through shell companies to fight the CCAF. His private forces took up arms against the federal forces I sent into the Cappellan March to secure strategic assets there, I don’t want to fight him but I won’t be undermined by a March Lord with an axe to grind,

Duke Kelswa-Steiner was stirring up seperatist elements in Skye the same ones that forced my brother Peter into exile and provided reason for SLDF peacekeepers to be deployed to the Lyons Thumb. His imprisonment was the least punishment for such actions.

Opinion polls have shown that my actions against the more abusive nobles in the periphery and the expansion of the Federation Marshal Service and Alliance Border Guard to deal with the bandits there has been a popular move, Filtvelt, Alarion, Timbuktu, and Woodbine all stand to benefit greatly from that expansion. The Federation and Alliance require checks and balances to ensure peace and prosperity."

DA – “Now excuse me you don’t have to answer this if it is to difficult but you have lost two brothers while one is missing somewhere in the Sphere. How are you and Yvonne dealing with it?”

KSD – “Well I can’t speak for Yvonne but I am dealing with it as best a possible, Victor’s loss was terrible I felt awful for months but he died heroically while defeating the Smoke Jaguars and liberating their occupation zone. Arthur was worse though it brought back so many terrible memories of my mother’s death, it was even on a live feed. I had nightmares.”

DA – “Is there anything you would like to say to Peter?”

KSD- “Peter I’m sorry that you felt you had to leave, but it is just us now, Victor and Arthur are gone. You don’t have to hide we can make things better between us.”

CB – "Heartfelt, I am sorry you had to relive some of those terrible memories. We just have a couple more points of discussion more in keeping with this program.

In a rather unorthodox approach you have publicly stated that you have a cordial relationship with Magestrix Emma Centrella despite her alliance with the Confederation and her daughter’s relationship with Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao."

KSD – "I have; it amazes me that having a friendly relationship with another state is considered unorthodox. How far have we fallen that we don’t even bother to talk to one another.

I have great respect for her, she has done astounding things. She even sent me a Daimar Majoris dancing horse, most people don’t know this but I have hobbies like any other person. I love equestrian sports and Nolan, the horse, has performed magnificently.

Now I have to think of something she might like, perhaps we will speak on it during one of the side-bars on Marik."

CBN Broadcast - Special Report Aurigan Reach
"Poisoned Well or Growth Opportunity"

Greetings Citizens of the Concordat, I am Bryan Ayers of the Concordat Broadcast Network with a special report on the Aurigan Reach.

As many of you know the Reach has been shaky since the twenties but we have a long history with its citizens. Many were former Concordat colonies that were left behind after the Taurian-Magistracy War and while the Protector worked a deal with the Canopians to jointly develop the Fronc Reach we never forgot about the Aurigonians. They were doing relatively well for a while and produced an abundance of trade with Capellan and Taurian border worlds especially Paf, Girondas, and Larsha.

The Aurigan Defense Force and Aurigan Information Ministry under House Arano worked with Taurian and Canopian forces to clear the area of pirates although some remain and still threaten planets in the area. The more pressing concern however is the economic collapse of the Reach, many of their planets were marginal and recent years have been tough.

Pirates damaged water purification plants on Guldra, Artru, and Panzyr, the biodomes of Bringdam and Enkra have begun failing despite their maintainers best efforts, poor harvests on Coromodir and mismanagement of Mechdur’s mineral resources have brought hard times to the Reach.

The growing insecurity of the Aurigan Reach has forced the Taurian Border Force and Confederation Frontier Police to begin evacuating expatriates from the Reach. The Consulates recommend that you leave but have not instituted a mandatory evacuation order. The Border Force is offering limited aid but they have a five month operating budget right now so if you are going to leave they insist that you do it soon.

The Canopian Consulates are to be used for any other Inner Sphere or Magistracy expatriates seeking return to their home regions and have been reinforced with Magistracy Gendearmes. The Word of Blake will continue to operate the Class B HPG on Coromodir and Class C HPGs on Itrom, Guldra, and Mechdur until told otherwise although they have reinforced their garrisons.

AU pt 5 - Word and Empire

Interstellar News Network, 3062-3063, Keywords – Word of Blake, COMSTAR, Marian Hegemony

Word of Blake gains control of Titan’s Shipyards and begins to expand them

COMSTAR restarts the Gunslinger program at Focht War College and attempts to bootstrap military industrial infrastructure on Tukayyid. The slowdown in Luthien Armor Works allows them to begin construction of the Star League Arsenal Alpha factory complex. Precentor Martial Alexander Cocus keeps a close eye on the construction while he performs his duties throughout the Sphere.

Star League Director of Intelligence Jerrard Cranston founds the SLDF SIS Academy on Tukayyid to formalize the rebuilding of COMSTAR ROM after the loss of Terra. The Academy completes its construction this year with a full roster already in training.

The Marian Hegemony conquers the Illyrian Palatinate, the victorious Julius O’Reilly returns back to Alphard where his father Sean attempts to kill him. Julius and his legions kill his father’s men before finishing the job. Julius O’Reilly is named Caesar of the Marian Hegemony and announces reforms returning some matter of sovereignty to the Lothan League and Palatinate.

SLDF Commanding General Hohiro Kurita leads portions of the Com Guards to defend the Combine against Clan Ghost Bear. The Com Guards are put on high alert in the event of a larger invasion that might threaten the truce. He links up with his mother who is commanding the Ghost regiments assigned to the defense.

AU pt 4 - Marik Trinity

Interstellar News Network, 3062-3063, Keywords – Free Worlds League, Magistracy of Canopus, Chaos March, Circinus Federation, Free Rasalhague Republic, Aurigan Reach

The Free Worlds League massively expands Illium Shipyards increasing Warship production to combat clan aggression.

Unidentified attackers raid portions of the Magistracy, Aurigan Reach, and Marian Hegemony. The appropriate authorities increase reserve strength to combat this aggression and blame others for the assaults.

Small skirmishes between Cirian and McIntyre factions in the Circinus Federation break out due to Calvin’s perceived weakness.

A mysterious vehicle wreck is recovered from Helios by a team of lostech prospectors, the vehicle has a bloody hand print symbol painted on it but matches no known database. It is assumed to be an unknown pirate band perhaps the same one that attacked from that area recently.

The long struggling Aurigan Reach collapses Taurian and Capellan paramilitary forces rush to secure their expatriates before leaving the area. MIM confirms reports of a heavy raids by an unknown pirate band on industrial targets in the area. Several key political and technical personnel have been reported missing and assumed abducted.

Emma Centrella expands the Canopian Institute of War to included armored infantry courses. She also opens the Danai Centrella Memorial Wall of Honor in memory of the sacrifices of MAF soldiers in conflicts outside the Magistracy.

Zhanzheng de Guang terrorists are killed by a mysterious adversary on Fletcher, Sheratan, and Hall, reports differ on who might have killed them but the Dark Fox pro-Suns terrorist group or Thuggee cult are the most likely culprits. Grainy found footage from one of the cells is inconclusive but shows a portion of a savage attack by the unknown assailants.

AU pt 3 - The Combine Wars

Interstellar News Network, 3062-3063, Keywords – Isis Marik, House Kurita, Draconis Combine, Lyons Thumb, Kokuryu-Kai, House Sandoval, Yvonne Steiner-Davion, Draconis March, Outworlds Alliance

Isis Marik accepts an invitation from her friend Omiko Kurita to live in the Winter Palace on Luthien.

Coordinator Theodore Kurita orders an investigation into Luthien Armor Works regarding suspicious activity and missing equipment. LAW is running at a lowered capacity during the investigation as Chandrasekha Kurita’s businesses which supply many components miss deadlines due to “capital improvements” forcing them to idle a large portion of the Combine’s Military Industrial Complex.

Forces in DCMS colors attack the Draconis March, they are repulsed by Arthur Steiner-Davion and Tancred Sandoval. The Coordinator says that these forces were rogue elements and that he had no intention of attacking the Draconis March.

Arthur Steiner-Davion is assassinated by a bomb during a speech, the Kokuryu-Kai claims responsibility. His body is not recovered but his funeral is attended by his sisters and Tancred Sandoval but his brother Peter doesn’t show.

Omiko Kurita is assassinated by a poison dart while praying in the Winter Palace’s garden, Coordinator Theordore Kurita locks down Luthien and launches an exhaustive manhunt to find her killer.

Duke James Sandoval launches an illegal invasion into the Draconis Combine seizing a large quantity of planets against the unprepared defenders. Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner condemns the attacks and invokes the Laws of Noble Conduct and Review to remove the Duke’s authority. She gives the title to Tancred and orders him to stop the illegal aggression of his father before he goes to far.

The Alshain Avengers launch an unauthorized invasion of the Ghost Bear Occupation Area, the Ghost Bears launch a massive counterattack into the heart of the Combine. The DCMS has to massively reshuffle their units to deal with the two invasions as well as dealing with the restive and newly annexed Lyons thumb. Tomoe Sakade the Coordinator’s Wife is put in charge of the defense.

Isis Marik is spotted in the Outworlds Alliance with a small unidentified boy she then drops off the Radar.

Chandrasekha Kurita’s primary holding company Combined Solutions, inc purchases large stakes in Outworlds Alliance companies.

AU pt 2 - Lyran Interests

Interstellar News Network, 3062-3063, Keywords – Lyran Alliance, Nondi Steiner, Arc-Royal

Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner(-Davion) announces large investments in infrastructure to the Anti-Spinward provinces of the Alliance long neglected by previous Archons. She also announced that the Commonwealth’s Military-Industrial Complex was to reduce production to satisfy the requirement for State forces only and not to export.

Duke Eric Dresari of Kentares IV and Duke Frederic Bradford of Coventry strongly condemn the Archon’s recent abuses of power decrying her unfit for the Archonship. In response she ordered their planets to be occupied by the 5th Donegal Guards (Kentares) and a weakened Coventry Province Militia under Duke Bradford was replaced by the 1st Coventry Jaegers.

Duke Eric Dresari and his Draconis March Militia attacked the 5th Donegal Guards and were destroyed. Duke Dresari was stripped of powers and executed for treason.

Clan Wolf in Exile received information from Heimdall about Clan Wolf Watch being forwarded intelligence reports from the LIC and their agents being provided safe haven in the Alliance.

The Lyons Thumb is annexed by Coordinator and First Lord Theodore Kurita after mercenaries attacked Isle of Skye forces, their resulting counterattack against DCMS peacekeepers in the area was the final straw. No public announcement has been made by Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner.

Coventry explodes into conflict as the CPM, mercenaries hired by Duke Bradford, the Coventry Metal Works Self-Defense Force, and Coventry Military Academy Cadre defy the Coventry Jaeger’s and the Archon’s decrees. Opposing them are the 1st Coventry Jaegers and Kristen’s Krushers, a Marik Mercenary unit. The short tempered commander of the Jaegers crashed into the CPM’s milita academy and foolishly attacked the Krushers who withdrew from the planet and their contract with the Alliance. The Coventry Jaegers were soundly destroyed and Task Force-11A under General Maria Esteban regained control of the planet for the Alliance, the Duke died in the process.

Kristen’s Krushers raid Gallery resulting in them being declared rogue by General of Armies and Duchess of Gallery Nondi Steiner. Kristen’s Krushers worked their way back to Arcadian before being attacked by the LAS Yggdrasil and 2nd Donegal Guards. They are rescued by the 6th Marik Militia and FWLS Santorini.

Large numbers of pirates have been attacking the Anti-Spinward side of the Lyran Alliance, the LIC reports they have not found any evidence of pirates attacking Marik planets on the same side. The recent growth of the Marian Hegemony has been blamed for the increase.

Skye Separatists attack the Lyran Guards and Alliance Paramilitary Police, the resulting crackdown exposes a fissure in the units. Police reports indicate that The Brotherhood of Cincinnatus, a Steiner First veterans organization implicated in various criminal activity before might be working with Free Skype to weaken Alliance governments in the Bolan and Skye Provinces.

AU pt 1 - The Capellan March

Interstellar News Network, Years – 3062-3063, Keywords – Duke George Hasek, Taurian Concordat, St Ives Compact, Capellan March, Periphery March, New Colony Region

TDF forces continue to occupy the Joint Taurian-Canopian New Colony Region to deal with separatist agents. Reports allege that the TDF has taken to brutally and unilaterally jail people without evidence of “Davion subversion”.

CCAF military intelligence has found that mercenaries operating in the St Ives Compact have been employed by a shell company with close ties to Duke Hasek.

Duke Hasek has hired on a large quantity of mercenaries to garrison worlds in the Capellan March to combat Liao-backed pirates. These worlds are also home to the Capellan March’s Military-Industrial facilities which has recently been ordered to limit their Battlemech production by the Archon-Princess.

Archon-Princess Katrina Steiner(-Davion) reinforces her Lyran Guards and Mercenary units throughout the Capellan March but particularly at these industrial facilities to ensure that her decrees were followed. The Archon-Princess assures the people of the Federated Commonwealth that her bolstering of the forces is sufficient to withstand Liao aggression and has requested that the Duke stand down.

Archon-Princess Steiner(-Davion) expands her hiring of mercenaries in response to recent uprisings in the Periphery March. She has chartered more loyal militias in that area and sanctioned their purchase of military equipment. She has liberally invoked the Laws of Noble Conduct and Review much as she did with the former Duke of Robinson to cast down problematic nobles.

TDF Forces and Colonial Marshalls have fired upon one another for the first time in the history of the recent TDF deployment. The MAF has been sent to Detroit to garrison it and removed TDF troopers still on-planet. Localized reports of vandalism and isolated cases of deaths under suspicious circumstances between the Taurian and Canopian enclaves have a chance of escalating dangerously out of control.

Duke Hasek having been caught supporting an unlawful invasion in the St Ives Compact has been forced to withdraw his forces from the St Ives Compact.

The Capellan Peace Accord has been signed by Duchess Candace Allard-Liao and Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao formalizing the integration of the St Ives Compact back in to the Capellan Confederation and ensuring that the Duchess maintained her current position.

The Commanders of the 8th Donegal Guards and 8th Commonwealth RCT deploy to Kathil: under orders from the Archon-Princess they order the Kathil CMM and First Capellan Dragoons to stand down. The Militia and Dragoons refuse which results in a pitched battle.

The Archon-Princess mobilized the 1st Alarion Jaegers and 3rd Lyran Regulars to retake Alcyone after the 5th Davion Guards and 20th Avalon Hussars nearly destroyed the CMM there. She also orders several regiments of regular and mercenary units to seize control of the Capellan March much like she ordered the Draconis March occupied.


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