Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Pearl Island Proving Grounds - San Marco Productions

04/11/3063 08:15 Location – San Marco Studios, Isle de Azul, Paradiso

Rodrigo Cortez looked over the shot lists for this week, three scenes and they needed to be tight. The Paradiso Defense Force and various visiting commands were very heavily using the Proving Grounds during the Arms Expo for training, demonstration, and simulation. It was quite impressive he had never seen the island as booked as it was and of course he would be under the gun to get these scenes down on the first take.

“Marisol, please get me the list of visiting combat commands especially Mercs and Arena fighters.”

“Certainly señor”

She returned with the printed out list of visiting commands that he might tap for his productions.

“Oh Julio Esteban Arrigos is here, didn’t he place in the Noisel Martial Olympiad three years ago. Then if I remember he did a stint on Solaris as a Class 4.”

“Yes that is correct, his group is currently being represented by the Golden Warrior Co-Op out of Westerhand. A curious choice considering he could have gotten into any stable he wanted and didn’t need to become a real mercenary. El Presidente invited him personally, apparently he is a fan and I guess might want to offer him a contract.”

“That would be a waste of such a talent, see if you can get him to film a scene with me. He’s perfect for one of the shoots I need to make.

Try these guys too, Mercs Unleashed, what a terrible name. What are they unleashed from?
Doesn’t matter see if you can get me their agent; they have just the right kinds of equipment I need. It would save me a trip to Colonel Gutierrez asking for some more of his Proving Ground Cadre, I swear the man has it out for me."

“Ok? so, ah… how should I phrase this message?”

“Come on girl, tell them I want them to be in the MOVIES! Everyone wants to be famous and they probably want to get paid. If they are good I might just offer them a retainer. If they stick around that name is going to have to change though. I’ll get Pedro from marketing on it later. So figure it out and get me another coffee, this one has gotten cold.”

“But Sir, you ordered an iced coffee.”

“Well then get me a hot coffee.”

Marisol walked out of the room towards Craft Services figuring out how she was going to ask two group of battle hardened mercenaries if they would want to be movie stuntmen.

This was starting to become one of the strangest internships and it had only just started. She was wondering how her friend Camila was doing in the El Presidente’s office, surely that would be better than some crackpot movie producer’s office

Behind Closed Doors

03/27/3063 08:38 Location – Presidential Palace, Amarillo Island, Paradiso

Enrique San Marco, Word of Blake Precentor Aidyn Wiskol, Weher Haus, and others held a meeting prior to the Arms Expo, the Precentor had been sent from Gibson to advise their partners in adjacent provinces on actions that would please the word. The men sat in the President’s office overlooking the beaches. The Expo would start soon and attendees were trickling in.

Representatives from the Taurian Concordat, Magistracy of Canopus, Marian Hegemony, and agents from various arms brokers or merc headhunters were attending. That was good, operatives from ROM would also be in attendance undercover to recruit new blood for the organization.

Precentor Wiskol opened the meeting, “Greetings all, may the blessings of Blake be upon us all. The Word continues to spread to all corners of the Inner Sphere but it needs force of arms to get past some of the unbelievers. The militia is growing but we have much work to do still. How goes things on your end?”

Enrique responded speaking in his usual calm and suave tone “Honored Precentor, Paradiso Armor Works has worked out production deals with the Taurian Concordat and Arcturan Arms. I have begun assembling my portion of the components for the Fallen Stars enclave, when Mr. Fischer arrives we will finalize the plans.”

Wehner Haus of Wagner-Klein Capital had his own presentation for the Precentor "Honored Precentor, W.K.C. has been working on your ambitions toward Skye, our operatives have a target list of infrastructure and lynch-pin opinion leaders that would be of interest.

Additionally we continue to support the separatist groups that weaken the Confederation and influence people in the greater Commonwealth to be more receptive to the Word. Your analysts have proven invaluable and we are honored to continue serving Blake."

“Excellent work all, I am afraid I have much to do but we will meet frequently as this Expo continues. I have several new organizations that we seek to influence, have a good day gentleman.”

OP:SILVERBACK: Contract Meeting

01/2/3063 15:42 Location – Plum Shore Villa, Outside Harlech, Outreach

The Command Team of Mercs Unleashed (Morgan, Donovan, Ejay, Lily, and Markus, I guess) answered a mysterious note left in their old COMSTAR message account from Westerhand. It was suitably cryptic and thus could only come from two people in the whole Sphere.

“We would be honored it you would meet us a Plum Shore Villa on Outreach for tea and to celebrate new beginnings.”

The team drove up in the WM-800 Armored Mobility Vehicle, a souvenir from Nashuar and the only comfortable ride they owned. Surprisingly the parking lot was full with vehicles for such an exclusive venue, a well dressed valet parked their car and a Hostess invited them in. The Hostess escorted them to a private room where a tough looking Capellan man stood before leaving them.

“Greetings we are pleased that you decided to accept our invitation. Do come in.”

The man opened the door and as they passed through closed it behind them, before them was a large low table set up for a large dinner and a group of familiar faces. Kiang Shi Fang sat while her advisers stood around the table all immaculately dressed in fitting with this upscale establishment, and likely a group of Capellan Secret Police were hiding somewhere nearby.

“Greetings Mercenaries, please sit; I have a proposal to offer you.”

The Capellans gesture to a spot along the table for you but there are more place settings than people at the moment. “Don’t worry we have more company coming”

Shortly after she said that Felicity Grey and her WILDCAT sub-commanders arrived from another door that was almost invisibly set into the fine woodwork of this room.

“Is everything good Ms Grey, I believe you have met the Mercs Unleashed team as well”

“Yes we checked the building and road, no one followed them here. I am happy to see them again we had a great time last we worked together.”

“That is well, please sit.” Felicity and her team took their spots filling up the table.

“We have a joint proposal for you but it is improper to discuss business while eating, surely you are in no hurry.”

In a bid to be polite and not get shot in the back you continue the curious and uncomfortable dinner, being extra sure to taste your food and make sure they didn’t decide to poison you for some reason. Drinks and plates of fine cuisine were served until all had eaten their fill and some.

“Alright now for business, Ms Grey and I have been working a delicate issue. We are looking for an Arms Smuggler. This man assisted the Thuggee in the Black May attacks and has been responsible for arming hostile factions in the Chaos March. However we have not been able to track his movements or find his base of operations. We do know that he will be on Paradiso during the Arms Expo, Ms Grey will you continue.”

“As mentioned this Arms Smuggler, named ”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: sullivan-rodrigo-bane_ has been responsible for arming various hostile militias and governments and has personally tried to kill me. I seek to return the favor, we know that he will on Paradiso because we have managed to tie him to Enrique San Marco’s Paradiso Armor Works and Utilitech Limited.

However, due to political reasons neither I nor the Shonsa have been granted proper clearance for this operation. Because of that we need a convincing cover story and you might be able to provide it to us. As a relatively large mercenary unit with money in the bank you would naturally be inclined to accept the El Presidente’s invitation to the Expo."

Chen Jun sets up a small holographic projector on the table as Kiang Shi-Fang stands up to present it, “This is our target”, a 3d render of Sullivan takes up the screen as do a series of video captures of his operations taken by Zhangzeng de Guang, ARC Team WILDCAT, and Magistracy/Cappellan Armed Forces units, "He has a substantial bounty on his head from the Confederation and the Magistracy due to his history with the Thuggees, Marians, and Toyama Faction.

However, he is a Taurian and the Director has not given me a proper kill order to deal with him as he serves a useful purpose to the Concordat government as an Anti-FedSuns terrorist, however we still have a problem with him. You have no such limitations though, past experience has shown that if given a target your can deal with it promptly.

So this is the deal, our group shall join your command temporarily, we can fabricate the necessary papers and then we shall take you to Paradiso where you may do whatever you wish while we work. Once we have a lead on Sullivan’s base we will attack it to draw him out and then destroy him. It will not completely cripple those he works with but we believe the potential intelligence he has on our enemies is worth this operation.

You may keep whatever you salvage from the field and I can ensure that the CCAF will find a use and pay for it. There is nothing up front and we cannot offer you any additional combat support other than ourselves."

Aftermath:Battle of Sidewinder Valley

Angelique and Doctor Forrest were pulling the pilot out of the Devastor when Arun Shayama walked out of the Bull Ox Transport he had been riding in to see the wreckage. The Titanfellers’ Command Mech had arrived finally only to see he had missed the fight although he was watching over the recovery operation. Titanfeller techs were recovering the Awesome and Thunder’s components while rescuing their pilots from the hostile atmosphere.

One of the Detroit Conestogas pulled up with the Undertaker close behind to recover the still fearsome if powered down Devastator. The diagnosis was good it only needed a torso rebuild and engine repair but the weapons were fixable. Elsewhere the infantry and other tech team recovered Claude Nishi’s remains. The fight had just been to much and he didn’t make it, the cockpit was a complete mess and needed a quick look over to make sure it would function properly.

Terry powered it back up and walked it off the field under guard from the Titanfeller’s Wolverine. Most of the Titanfellers pilots made it although they did call in the medics and a salvage team to get the Lancelot’s pilot out to stabilize him. Commander A9 assisted Celfina’s Rifleman to its feet and they were able to make it out under their own power.

In space the Osiris, Redtail, and Leopard CV recovered all the pilots although Madeline and Tai didn’t make it, leaving Fight Lead Alina Kunimoto as the senior pilot. Major Christian Moss had received a recall order anyhow so the cease fire against the Loki defenders was fortuitous. His jump-ship and drop-ships and those of the 92nd Armored Task Force which had just jumped into the system were re-tasked to Tancred Sandoval.

New Years Address


Archon-First Prince(ss) Katherine Steiner(-Davion) addresses her subjects from New Avalon

“People of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance I know many of you are concerned about the unlawful and unwarranted invasion of the Draconis Combine by Jame Sandoval. It concerns me as well, despite by attempts to hold him back he continues to pursue his paranoid fantasies. To that end I have stripped him of his title as Duke of Robinson and given it to his son Tancred.

Tancred will form a task force to bring his father in for house arrest on New Avalon. I have assured him that the former Duke will suffer no other penalties besides the loss of title. Until James Sandoval is in custody the state run jump services to the Draconis March will be reduced and certain worlds embargoed due to their collusion with the Ducal troops.

In order to bolster security in these uncertain times I have ordered that several regiments of Lyran Guards move to replace the garrisons on some Federation border planets in the Draconis and Capellan Marches. This swap will include moving some Federation Combat Teams to the Alliance’s Cavanaugh Province. These moves are non-negotiable and have been heavily thought out so any deviance from them will be treated harshly.

Additionally, I have ordered that the Alliance and Federation Military-Industrial Complex by 20% this year. This idling will not threaten our security against the clans but will reduce the free weapons on the marketplace. This will be in addition to an agreement with the Coordinator and his temporary shutdown of Luthien Armor Works due to investigation with Anti-Kurita sympathizers, the same organization that provoked the Ghost Bear and former Duke Sandoval.

Additionally I have approved a large development package for the Federation’s Periphery March and the Alliance’s Timbuktu and Melissa Provinces. For to long these areas have suffered from backwardness and poverty. This development package will include comprehensive education and health care as well as provisions for direly needed infrastructure so that they may feel a larger part of their parent realms.

Worry not Federation and Alliance subjects, I have your best interests at heart, enjoy the New Year festivities."


Meta Effect

Level 2 and 3 weapons and equipment (except core things like Endo-Steel, Ferro Armor, and XL engines) will require an availability roll and suffer a 10% increase in BV unless brought though House Quartermasters.

Shock and Awe pt 4

Aboard the FSS Guilty Conscience

Captain (LCmd actually) Aaron Cook watched the battle unfold, unable to help his dropship was not in any position to help the escort fighters as it struggled against the gravity well of Zavijava.

“Damn, Ensign break through this jamming and get me in contact with the Osiris and Redtail so they can assist in Search and Rescue. Gunners I want tracking on those fighters if they vector to engage us finish them off then focus on the gunship.”

In Space

The remnants of KINGBREAKER squadron maintained their superior thrust and pushed cautiously to turn the tides of the battle and save their friends and colleagues aboard the dropship..

KB-1 engaged Joker-2 with its weapons causing major structural damage. KB-2 engaged Joker-1 with its lasers critically damaging the Thunderbird’s avionics package, forcing the pilot to rely more on manual controls as hydraulic fluid and fuel leaked from the Aerofighter. KB-3 engaged Joker-3 with everything but missed as it had incurred heavy damage during the fight.

Joker-1 and the Gunship engaged KB-1 as they passed one another the combined firepower of their lasers punched through the Slayer and slagged it. Joker-2 engaged the remnants of KB-1 but it was too late its squad-mates had already destroyed the fighter. Joker-3 engaged KB-3 with its lasers, one struck right through the cockpit of the Stingray the others ruined the Airframe.

KB-2’s Sabre disengaged; bleeding velocity and returning to the ground. The hostile fighter squadron bled off their velocity as well having suffered critical system damage. The Sabre’s superior speed prevented them from closing with weapons.

The Gunship continued towards the Leopard CV which was forced to move out of position. After several minutes of high-g maneuvering it turned back before getting into weapons range delaying Search and Rescue.

Back within the BLACK ROCK facility

Captain Brekard was strapped inside his running mech following the lights toward the hostile force, the soldiers that were manning the turrets had abandoned their posts to get back into their vehicles.

“Titanfellers get the lead out! All forces move at max speed, the enemies are fully engaged in the field.”

Combat vehicle tires squealed as they moved under and past his King Crab. He came upon a merger where a Starslayer and Thunder were threading through the tunnels. A Blackjack, Hunchback, and Archer were running further ahead, the Javelin was long ahead keeping pace with the wheeled vehicles.

Within SIDEWINDER canyon

Commander Weber’s group was engaged in a war of maneuver with Commander A9 and his force. She knew that friendlies were on the way and the enemies had no more backup, not from space or the ground. Her force just needed to keep them out long enough for Henrick’s bomber squadron and the Captain’s portion of the Titanfellers.

“Henrick, what is your status”

“Commander we are moving at full speed, ETA forty seconds. We are standing by for targeting.”

Bridge of Lies - Friend of my Enemy

Felicity Grey and ARC Team WILDCAT spent two weeks tracking down leads on Herotitus concerning their unknown assailant. The Assassin (“Amida Kunlao”) arrived on-planet several weeks prior to their return, that alone was concerning but it was of course possible that her guild’s intelligence led her to that world for the same reasons WILDCAT had chosen it.

A woman matching her description had been seen in places that Commander Grey would likely frequent (clubs, bars, and spas in town) and used a dead-ended Free Worlds League account for her expenses, staying at a hostel during her time there. WILDCAT checked it out and didn’t find anything besides additional generic clothes and a knife. The knife though was identifiable; it had been handmade and Felicity recognized the smith’s marks, it was from Astrokaszy.

WILDCAT and the RFT Ivana Naruu made plans to head towards Astrokaszy, as it was on her way to the Hegemony she was able to expedite a Ministry Merchant Jumpship to get her to Astrokaszy for “mission critical investigations”. WILDCAT went down in disguise and engaged in “vigorous” intelligence gathering until they found out which assassin’s guild had been hired for the kill. It was the House of Broken Dreams, an organization that recruited primarily from brothels before training them in a black site in the desert.

WILDCAT launched a raid on the facility rescuing some of the women and killing the leadership before checking their files. The hit had been placed bySullivan Bane in retaliation for the loss of one of his largest shipments to the Marian Hegemony. Felicity had been engaged in a shadow war with him for several years now, not only was he a Taurian but he was working with the Hegemony against the Magistracy. Honestly she was surprised it took him this long to hire a professional assassin to kill her, she had tried to kill him several times all of which he narrowly escaped by sheer luck.

WILDCAT launched a major operation to track his movements, Commander Grey and Bane were both heavily involved in the arms trade so she was able to tap into some freelance sources to find out where he had been. She had to expend a lot of political capital to get a Scout-class jumpship dedicated to her team for the duration of the investigation ( MGJ Tara Madeira ).

The Investigation continued all the way throughout League space, Sullivan Bane’s dropship ( CRFT Starskipper ) had been all the way up to the Isle of Skye, back through the Chaos March, and dipping back down to the St Ives Compact and Disputed Territories. By this time the fact that Wei’s nerve gas depot had been raided was told to her through a Maskirovka contact and she was just as interested in finding it as they were. If Bane had been transporting that gas there is not end of trouble he or rather those that supported him could cause.

That led her to Zaurak

Bridge of Lies - Enemy of my Friend

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04/13/3062 01:28 Location – Mask Safehouse, Erinyes, Zaurak, Disputed Territories

Kiang Shi Fang and Chen Jun stood in a small empty room, their prisoner Mr. Q was locked up in a shipping container next door but he hadn’t regained consciousness yet.

“What is you initial report C.J.? We don’t have a lot of time.”

“Maam, we have secured six five liter canisters of the nerve gas, Matvey has tested it and confirmed that it is from the Wei depot. Patime is looking over the electronic warfare equipment, we will probably have to bring it in for thorough analysis.

Everyone else is scouring the city; we are working to bring in his people. Patime believes that he is a little fish but that doesn’t mean that one of his acquaintances can’t lead us to the sharks."

“Excellent work C.J. get some rest I will take this watch, I don’t want to shock him with the antidote. We have had mixed success with this new mixture.”

Kiang Shi Fang watched the CCTV feed of their prisoner the light amp camera inside the container peering through darkness. The serum should wear off in an hour or so; the Maskirovka Chemical Division had been gutted during the purges under Sun-Tzu so she was dealing with less experienced dosers than before whose work was imprecise at best.

She made tea careful to keep an eye on the display screens of both her prisoner and the Black Fan secret police forces as they raided every potential lead in the city. It was a welcome change to not have to deal with authorities, Zaurak had no one she needed to answer to and she was in complete control.

It took a few hours but Mr Q finally woke up, he was tied up in the middle of the container, he yelled a while at the darkness before Kiang Shi Fang decided to reintroduce herself. She walked in the darkness of the warehouse and silently opened the container before turning on the lone lightbulb revealing herself.

Summary of Investigation as written by Kiang Shi Fang, Maskirovka

Mr Q (Qiang Shou Zhou) of Zaurak, a minor arms dealer, was initially very uncooperative requiring the use of several nervine enhancers and stress positions. The interrogation still took two days to complete, he had apparently been trained and equipped with counter-agents of unknown manufacture.

He came into possession of thirty litres of Urbstyrc-A Nerve Gas from the Wei Depot, numerous small arms and explosives, some heavy arms, and unknown electronic warfare items (Lot# JKI-2017) several months ago.

These items “fell off the dropship” of one Content Not Found: sullivan-rodrigo-bane apparently from a shipment he delivered for Thuggee cultists. Follow-up discerned that they used Zaurak as a distribution point and over the last three months moved most of the material off-world. How Bane came into possession of this material is still unknown and a topic for further analysis and investigation.

My team continues to canvass the city rounding up factors and brokers of interest and we deployed SIGINT and ELINT equipment to analyze all comm traffic in Erinyes. Currently we have gathered several dropship tail numbers and various dates but patterns will require more detailed analysis. Additional nerve gas or uncontrolled agents have not been found in the inventories of other arms dealers but my team is pursuing other leads to ensure that these agents are back into CCAF control.

Advert - Biennial Meeting of I.A.I.W.M. on Paradiso

10/2/3062 Holo-boards and pop-up ads throughout the Sphere

Greetings interested customers and vendors, I Enrique San Marco am proud to announce that the 3rd Biennial meeting of the Interstellar Association of Independent Weapon Manufacturers will be held on Paradiso. We are pleased that the organizers of the event chose us to host and they will not be disappointed; this event is set to be the biggest in a decade.

Not only will Paradiso Armor Works and Arcturan Arms announce their business reports and new product developments. Both companies and the Board will be working with any interested parties for any kind of business development. Large venture capital firms including Wagner-Klein and Castro-Dieros will have representatives on hand while several larger independent factories will have engineering design teams present throughout the two month long event.

If you are interested contact I.A.I.W.M. offices on Outreach, Galatea, Westerhand, Pinard, or Port Moseby. Serious candidates only, I.A.I.W.M. reps will give you a ticket based on our internal metrics for vendors or potential customers and their agents. Passengers and Freight will get priority collars on New Haven Shipping Vessels to and from any of those planets on a first come, first serve basis.

Shock and Awe pt 3

Lina Kunimoto (KB-4) saw that her squad-mate Madeline took major hits in the last pass, her fighter was leaking coolant and her air-frame was heavily damaged.

“KB-1! KB-1 you are drifting, please respond!”, she was concerned but there were still to many Jokers around for her to think about it right now.

“KINGBREAKERs, I am assuming squad command, focus on the fighters and try to avoid that gunship’s primary weapons.”

KB-3 and KB-5 engaged Joker-1 with the Stingray’s PPC and a variety of lasers scoring hits on frontal armor and punching holes in its left wing. KB-4 pushed the flank and engaged Joker-3 with her autocannons and lasers scoring hits on the same. KB-2 engaged Joker 2 with its lasers hitting it in the front and right wing.

The Gunship engaged the drifting Slayer (with Madeline blacked out in it) but only hit with some missiles and lasers, it was forced to evade friendly fighters. Joker-1 and Joker-3 engaged KB-4 scoring multiple hits across the entire Aerofighter savaging its right wing in particular. Joker-2 engaged KB-5 burning away armor along its front and right side.

Madeline woke up to her squadmate’s chatter and missile impacts, something was burning in her cockpit she put it out with a emergency extinguisher and looked over her sensors. She had been out for a nearly a minute and she noticed coolant leaking out from one of her wings, her heavy autocannon was heavily damaged and exposed from its cowling but her lasers were still online.

“KB-1, squadron continue pursuit, I am pushing to catch up”

After taking serious damage KINGBREAKER squadron was scattered and lost distance, the Jokers continued toward the dropship gaining distance. Madeline and her Slayer Aerofighter hit Max Burn to catch the squadron which continued to maneuver jockying for shots on the hostile squadron.

KB-3 engaged Joker-3 with its PPC and Large Laser, Joker-3 evaded the PPC but took a laser strike to its front. KB-5 engaged Joker-1 with its Large Lasers but was in a bad position while closing scoring only one laser strike. KB-4 engaged Joker-2 scoring a small hit to the Eagle’s left wing and nose.

The Gunship and Joker-2 engaged KB-3 with but KB-3 managed to break contact suffering only some damage to the left side and front. Joker-1 and Joker-3 engaged KB-5 invisible laser strikes burned away armor throughout the front and wings of the Outworlder’s Hellcat

KINGBREAKER flight pushed their damaged Aerofighters into high gear, leveraging their superior thrust while trying to stop the hostile flight. Madeline finally caught up with her squadron as they closed in short range with the Loki Aerospace units.

The Gunship turned putting itself in a perfect firing position, its point defense lasers burned holes along Madeline’s fuselage before the 220Kg gauss slug ripped through the airframe like paper. It sent the Slayer into a tight fast spiral that nearly caused her vectored thrusters fired in careful harmony bringing her back to a stable flight path but nearly caused Madeline to pass out again. Regaining control she and Paula (KB-3) engaged Joker-2’s Eagle with medium lasers scoring hits along its front and left wing. KB-3 and Joker-1 were locked in a tight dogfight carefully adjusting their vectors to score hits on one another, Joker-1 managed to avoid most of the fire but suffered hits to its right wing and nose while scoring hits against the Stingray’s left wing and nose.

KB-5 and KB-4 engaged Joker-3 scoring multiple hits across the Hellcat’s fuselage. Joker-2 managed to score a killing blow to KB-5 while it was engaging his wingman melting the craft to slag as fuel and coolant leaked from the stricken Hellcat.

Even with the loss of the KB-5 KINGBREAKER squadron continued to keep tight to the Loki attackers. “Come on squad, we can’t let them get within weapon’s range of our people”

KB-1 engaged Joker-2 scoring hits to its frontal armor and right wing, KB-2 appeared from below firing its lasers at Joker-3 hitting the underside of its right wing. KB-3 and KB-4 engaged Joker-1, KB-3 was running hot so it had to hold its PPC but hit with several lasers severing coolant lines running to its left wing and the autocannons impacted the front armor.

The Gunship managed to score another perfect firing solution its lasers cut through both wing armor and its heavy gauss slug punched through KB-3’s front, forcing the Stingray’s attitude thrusters to fire preventing Tai from passing out. While in its uncontrolled spin Joker-3’s large lasers burned frontal armor and blinded some of his sensors.

Joker-1 engaged KB-1 burning more of the Slayer’s frontal and right side armor, Joker-2’s lasers burned through Lina’s Shilone knocking her out of the fight as well, her Shilone drifted leaking coolant and fuel as her reactor died.


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