Battletech Mercs Unleashed

Hanger Fatigue

05/12/3062 16:27 Location – Camp Venom, Brightstone Spaceport, Nashuar

Hanger GX-879 was a den of activity in addition to the merc techs the Canopian techs and transport crews were busy. Two Planetlifters from Regimental Refit arrived with four mech chassis and transported them to the hanger. The Crusader and one of the Riflemen were activated by Canopian mechwarriors and walked onto Leopard Axis-6 to join the 3rd Fusiliers already in orbit. A major operation was underway and any combat-ready mechs were welcome.

The Canopian techs were also being pulled back leaving Detachment-81 to their own devices with the Twin Sabers security team and a Leopard Axis-2 as the only allied forces on-planet.

Codie walked into the mech hanger and looked over the new acquisitions, four bare skeletons and actuators with no weapons or armor.

“Man it is times like this where I hate being salaried”

Vanjay “Well at least we will have easy access” that elicited a giggle and laughter

Mission Briefing - Black May

05/08/3062 10:28 Camp Venom Intelligence Office, Brightstone Spaceport, Nashuar

Lt Commander Baker and her support team were monitoring everything like they always did, one of the analysts was monitoring a feed from Unity City listening in on the Planetary Assembly and Commonwealth Command Staff. Her feed went dead unexpectedly she tried to bring the signal back. Soon afterwards everything out of Unity City went dark, this caught LCmd Baker’s attention and her team went into high gear.

They checked everything and found that the Network Node from Unity City went dark, then their Satellites started to blink out. Checking groundside sensors they discovered something that sent a chill down their spines. The network attacks matched a Charybdis Electronic Warfare Suite like the ones used by the Fourth of June that caused so much trouble from MIM less than a decade ago.

LCmd Baker informed Cmd Roxane who put D-81 and Axis-2 and Axis-6 on Immediate Alert. The phones still worked and LCmd Baker confirmed what they suspected, Nashuar’s Planetary Network was under attack and so were Commonwealth and Capellan forces. Unity City was home to the largest Compact and Comstar Garrison on the planet and the largest displaced persons camps.

“Stand by for Ignition” Axis-2 and Axis-6 started up and the techs began their final checks on the battlemechs in the Leopard’s Bay. Taxing out onto the Tarmac the ground crews and ship crew started down their checklists.

“Opening Intakes” the Leopards’ intake doors opened and the fusion powered turbojets started to ingest the air providing basic handling thrust.

“Raise the Blast Shields” The Leopards taxied to their takeoff spots and clamshell style blast deflectors raised out of the tarmac to redirect the superheated steam.

“Nav Deck online, Flight Path in AR” The Nav Computer crunched the numbers to provide a perfect parabolic shot to Unity City for both ships.

“Flight Deck online, prepare for takeoff” The Flight team did their final system checks and all crew had to get into their acceleration chairs, the mechwarriors in the bay just have to hang on their own way.

“Open Circuit, Throttle Up” With a final push of the system tons of water and air were passed through a superheated coil wound round the fusion reactor heating the material up to thousands of degrees celsius before expelling it out the rear. Brightstone Spaceport was engulfed in a boiling cloud of water vapor whose plume was taller than a 20 story building and the Leopards were in the sky.

11:15 En Route to Unity City

“Detachment-81 we have confirmed that Unity City is under attack by unknown forces. Sporadic reports claim everything to terrorist car bombs, aerial drone attacks, extensive cyber-sabotage, and chemical weapons use. The Camp Stalwart Military Complex is home to the Nashuar Home Guard if their units are hijacked there will be massive casualties.

Your objectives are simple, secure the Camp Stalwart Military Complex and prevent its weapons from being used on civilians. We are sending a pair of Longswords and a company of Gendearmes via Airlift to assist the Home Guard but they will arrive later we need you there now. I have communicated with the Civil Emergency Board via unofficial channels they are aware of you and will cooperate but you cannot issue orders to them."

Debriefing - Black May

03/08/3062 15:13 Location – Camp Stalwart Military Complex, Nashuar

After the mercenaries took care of the enemy mechs the UCAP personnel regained control of the compound clearing of some Thuggees still in the compound. 1st Sgt Rowley had maintained control of some portions of the complex but was unable to save the Senior Commonwealth Command Staff and Planetary Assembly. They were overtaken by the nerve gas during the opening attack, some outlying staff managed to survive the gas and 3rd Fusilier Combat Medics were treating the casualties. The emergency response managed to save the refugees, the UCAP and Home Guard forces took moderate casualties but are grateful for the assist. A Canopian medical convoy arrived to lift some of the burden from the Unity City medical services.

Long Term

The assist by the 3rd Fusiliers and their mercenaries won over the Home Guard. The loss of the Senior Command Staff and networked assets of the 7th RCT and Arcadians caused major disruption to their continued operations. The Joint response against the Thuggee’s destroyed them and damaged their heavy combat assets.

Sun-Tzu Liao and the CCAF took advantage of this disruption to strike deep, TDF forces backfilled CCAF positions and broke against the AFFC and SIMC defenders till St Ives was taken. Hardliners continued to fight until Candace Alliard-Liao and Sun-Tzu Liao signed a pact which ended the war and allowed Candace to retain control of the St Ives Commonality.

The Liao attempted to retain the mercenaries in their service and MIM/TMI contacts tried to keep you guys around but you are now on Outreach.

Empty Vessel

04/12/3062 02:52 Location – Erinyes, Zaurak, Disputed Territories

Kiang Shi Fang and her team continued their exhaustive search for everything about Mr. Q and his peers. There were a few more leads that needed chasing but nothing compare to what was offered. A professional night owl Shi Fang was awake when Mr. Q contacted her with a time for the next meet. She had two hours to prepare, not that she hadn’t already searched out every little warren and den of infamy on this miserable dustbowl of a planet. Mr. Q was pushing her very close to the limit, their jumpship was due to arrive in six days or they would have to wait another month or so before they could book passage off-world.

04/12/3062 05:00 Location – RatHole, Zaurak, Disputed Territories

This terrible place was used for a variant of animal fighting with the huge rodents native to Zaurak, the Munchers were built like badgers and fought like them with incredibly sharp teeth, they ate every piece of their prey including the bones. The Hole was empty now, Mr. Q and a pair of local gangsters were here; no doubt they were going to lead her on a merry chase once more.

She wasn’t wrong Mr. Q and his crew walked her and her bodyguards through the tight passageways around The Paveway near the spaceport. The gangster opened the door and revealed several large canisters and some bizarre looking technical equipment.

“What is this Mr. Q?” She waited a moment before shining her flashlight on it for a closer look

“Well you were looking for force multipliers, this is the best stuff. The Canisters contain Urbstryc-A nerve gas and those containers contain sophisticated electronic warfare equipment capable of jamming or intercepting microwave and radio transmission. I have the equipment necessary to utilize both of them as well.

Now these will cost you but considering how well funded your group is I am sure we can make a deal."

“Yes what do you want for all of this”

“20 million c-bills total of gold, platinum, and germanium”

“We can work something out” Kiang Shi Fang signaled her crew who silently dispatched the hired thugs as she restrained Mr. Q injecting him with a quick acting sedative. He was out in moments

“Get everybody on containment, call up C.J. and tell him to prepare, we have a guest”

Something in the air
It must be spring

05/07/3062 22:48 Location – Warehouse VKT-503, Unity City Wharf, Nashuar

A group of black clad figures gathered in the poorly lit warehouse filled with crates and some vehicles. These figures gathered around a cleared area with a powerfully built man,

“Brothers and Sisters, I know you are eager. I know that our Mistress has grand ambitions for this attack; she wishes to strike fear in the heart of our enemies. I am not the Avatar of Kali like her but I know that tomorrow is our best opportunity to forward her work. The Enemy will not know and gathers nearby; we are already prepared, tomorrow we will strike.”

The Whole Group chants in Unison, “Their next breath will be their last, Death claims all!”

05/08/3062 06:30 Location – Cape Stalwart Military Complex, 42km ENE of Unity City, Nashuar

Sergeant Trev Rowley had only just walked out of his car when PFC Polk ran out to him,

“Sarge, everyone is assembled for the VIPs”

“Thank you Private, I will join you all momentarily”

Sergeant Rowley had spent all night shining his class-A uniforms up for the Nashuar Planetary Assembly and Commonwealth Command Staff. A Commonwealth team came in last night and had kept him up late making sure everything would go smoothly for the meeting tomorrow. Thirty-Two Dignitaries including the entire Planetary Assembly and most of the 7th RCT’s Command Staff were flying in this morning and everything needed to be on point.

He entered his office and noticed it was rather hot, someone must have changed the thermostat overnight. He changed it back and went out to meet the Assembly, the office should have cooled down by the time he was done.

The VIP’s arrived via a Zanadu Airliner at Cape Stalwart with the entire Nashuar Home Guard ready for inspection. Everything went well and the Home Guard went back to their normal duties after a brief rest. Sergeant Rowley returned to his office which was still uncomfortably hot and changed into his BDU, he picked up the phone and rang facilities.

“I understand Sergeant we been having problems with the climate control throughout the Complex, probably a burnt out Thermocouple or something dumb. We have called Unity City Refrigeration for service they should be arriving soon.”

The contractors arrived and Sgt. Rowley escorted them to the maintenance level. The pair got to work and “fixed” the problem attaching several hoses, wires and plugged a diagnostic computer to it. They checked some things and ran a computer program to “debug” the system. After a few moments they unplugged it and faced the Chief..

“You should be good now Sarge”

“What was the problem?”

“Someone reset the settings, we reinitialized them and recharged the system”

“Recharged the system? The whole thing worked fine yesterday, there is no way those canisters could recharge this system. Whats going on?” He reached for his radio

“Judgement Day” The one worker had him from behind with a garrote in an instant

His training kicked in and he shifted his weight throwing the attacker to the ground. The main worker pulled a heavy wrench from his tool kit and everything slowed down. Before he knew it Sgt. Rowley pulled his sidearm put six rounds into the wrenchman and four into the man on the ground.

It wasn’t enough, the wrenchman was mortally wounded but still dangerous and coming. Rowley evaded slamming the man into the wall behind him, bones cracked and pipes burst; before the man recovered Rowley slammed the pistol butt into the man’s skull deforming it.

Still in shock from the unexpected encounter Rowley dropped his sidearm and slumped down against the wall. His shoulder burned, he must have hit something hot; reaching down he felt that his radio had broken during the encounter; that was not helpful.

Snapping back to his senses he stood up and recovered the sidearm, something bad was going down and he needed to tell the others, he reloaded his sidearm and began running to the security office.

Meanwhile at the Security Office
Hwar Nijong had spent years as a sleeper agent, he worked his way up and finally hit the big leagues. Yesterday he got a message through his Handler, “Wait for the signal; do as they say” He received the message a few minutes ago and had killed the security team in the office and initiated a lockdown. He patched the various subnets through the office and opened the port to an external user handing over his username and authorization.

Hard Choices

04/10/3062 01:16 Erinye, Zaurak, Disputed Territories

Kiang Shi Fang and her group had spent a month on Zaurak. During which time they had chased more false leads than she could count. There were to many false positives when looking for criminals in Zaurak’s Badlands. This lead was different though; something felt off as they went to the meet (at the Bar called Meeting Place, very unimaginative on this planet).

The Mask group walked into the bar in twos and threes to avoid attention, they spread out to strategic points around the bar and waited. Shi Fang was last in with her trusted adviser Patime Chen.

She walked up to the bar and gave the proper code phrase to the barkeep along with a roll of Renminbi, he looked around and signaled one of the serving girls to guide the pair into the back.

Inside was a man sitting at a metal desk his head was covered in a shemagh and he was wearing loose clothing, goggles, and gloves; standard badlands attire that everyone on Zaurak wore. A light-bulb lent an off yellow light to the rather industrial and empty looking room. Shi Fang walked up and the man signaled her to sit which she did.

Mr. Q – “Greetings, I am Mr. Q. I hear you are looking for something special what do you have to trade?”

Shi Fang – “Yes, we have goods but not until we see the merchandise”

Mr. Q – “Ah of course a discerning customer, you will not be disappointed with my selection”

He hands her a comm-pad with a catalog on it, stands up and beckons them to follow him.

Kiang Shi Fang knew that her team would track her and she still had Patime with her so why not, she paged through the catalog while trying to discern where he was leading her. They walked through the warren that is Erinye and stopped at a gated tunnel. Mr. Q produced a key and opened the gate for the trio to enter.

Mr. Q – “This is my display location but there is much more perhaps these will pique your interest.”

He turned on the lights and dozens of crates filled with Small Arms, Explosives, and Heavy Weapons, everything you would need for a real army. Mr. Q’s catalog was equally vast but still didn’t reveal what she wanted.

Shi Fang – “This is all very nice but I am looking for force multipliers my group cannot overcome our challenge with force of arms alone.”

Mr. Q – “Ah yes a small but well funded group, I might have something of interest for you, give me a few days to bring it in, I will contact you”

Shi Fang – “Yes that would be best, I will of course purchase these items to show you that we are quite serious”

Kiang Shi Fang returned the Comm-Pad with several dozen items selected on it, The Mask could certainly find a use for them. Purchasing them from a known arms smuggler would add deniability for future operations.

New Disposition

02/16/3062 04:58 Location – Lock 14, 8th Prefecture, Canal Zone, Nashuar

A daring paratrooper raid by the 131st Airborne Infantry on Locks 14 and 15 managed to isolate the Nikos ships forcing them to surrender, the vessels were boarded and moved to Narik Industrial Harbor for reuse by Canopian forces.

02/21/3062 08:14 Location – Camp Venom HQ, Brightstone Spaceport, Nashuar

Commanders Roxane and Baker stood over the folding table with Detachment-81’s command staff and Twin Swords Private Security.

“Alright this is our new disposition of forces, Sierra Company and a portion of 81’s force will garrison Fairkeep to provide heavy support. The rest of the 81’s mechs will remain stationed here, Command has authorized a pair of Leopard Dropships to be stationed at the Spaceport full time to provide quick reaction forces.

Major Kiran your Twin Swords forces will be responsible for base security of the Spaceport and Harbor, the 17th and 21st will establish checkpoints and operating bases in the following places to root out irregular forces in this area. We will clear the Commonwealth out of this area then move on the support 1st Battalion."

02/28/3062 10:14 Location – Camp Venom HQ, Brightstone Spaceport, Nashuar

Star Corporal Jeran and Commander Roxane looked over the inventory sheets from Narik Harbor the engineers had to clear the debris from the blaze in order to get things semi-functional

“We lost so much material in that blaze, The Strategos has informed me that the St Ives Lancers have been causing problems in the rear. They have delayed our supply dropship but according to MIM the Commonwealth forces are equally starved of parts.

Corporal I need a full inventory assessment"

“Yes Maam”

The Corporal looked over everything and brought the Tech Sergeants before returning to the commander,

“So you’re saying we can only bring maybe four or five of these mechs back to combat effectiveness!?”

“Yes Commander, we don’t have the proper parts to rebuild and rearm all of them, we came here without enough spares. Some of the artillery and tanks from Fairkeep are salvageable and we seized the assault ships but our mechs are heavily damaged.”

“The loss of a company of mechs by the 1st Battalion is going to make it difficult for them to hold the northern areas.”

“I understand Maam, but the 1st MAC has been footing the burden for our repair parts and they are running low with the problems behind the lines.”

“Those Mercs have an extra mech and some parts; we can probably work something out with them. I will talk to Command and see if we can work something out until then they are our most cohesive force so make sure they are kept in top shape. Our allies might depend on it.”

Black May Prelude

03/18/3062 07:15 Location – Displaced Person Camp 501, 6th Prefecture, Nashuar

The Mule dropship IMV Samarang burned out of the rising sun, landing 14km Southwest of Camp 501. Ping Yefram and his team drove their Pit Bull truck out to meet it along with several other civilian trucks. The group met up with the Dropship captain which directed them to the containers of food, water, industrial and medical supplies.

Ping’s cargo was very special though he met with the captain and exchanged a badge. Captain Anjung directed Ping to their container which had a crewman standing nearby with a concealed sub-machine gun.

Ping: “May our enemies face the judgement of Kali

Anjung: “Their next breath will be their last”, he motions to the guard and reveals several large containers marked CWA/US-A (Chemical Warfare Agent Urbstryc-A).

The containers were loaded into the Pit Bull marked as refrigerant and the men headed west toward Commonwealth held territory. Ping and his team discussed their final preparations to remove the Thuggee’s enemies in one decisive blow when the time was right.

He pulled up several hours later to the gates of Camp Tariwon, the Nashuar Home Guard’s main base and was stopped by one of the NHG guards.

Identify yourselves

I am Ping Yefram with Unity City Refrigeration and these are my new techs

You got papers?

The three men all presented their papers, they had all been cleared by the NHG to work on the base’s HVAC systems.

What were the Home Guard going to do test his refrigerant?

They were going to wish they had.

Mysteries of Wei

03/14/3062 02:54 Location – Erinye, Zaurak, Disputed Territories

Ever since the Death Commandos had taken Wei nearly a year ago the Maskirovka was looking for the missing nerve gas that the planet had once stored. They had pulled everyone running non-essential operations to pursue leads across Confederation and Compact space.

Kiang Shi Fang and her small team had decided to start in Erinye. This city was a rough place, even for seasoned Mask operatives but ripe with opportunity. It was very close to Wei so it is possible that whomever had stolen the nerve gas might have it stashed here or they could find a lead with some knowledge on the subject.

Of course it could all be a fool’s errand, the nerve gas could be anywhere in the Inner Sphere by now.

Shi Fang departed the Buccaneer dropship IMV Over and Under, Erinye was the central rail hub on Zaurak and supplied all manner of goods to factories and mines that were fronts or facilitators to the underworld here. The mines were of particular interest; chemical warfare containers could be easily stashed there.

The group checked into a small hotel used mainly by remote factory owners and administrators while they were conducting business with the brokers and factors in Erinye. Papers were shown and Yuan was exchanged to the satisfaction of both parties and the Mask agents got to work. Sticking together they began the long investigation of every broker, factor, and merchant in the city.

Assault on Fairkeep Report

02/15/3062 16:21 Location – Fairkeep, Nashaur

The Griffin’s pilot ejected from his badly damaged mech, the Catapult self-destructed and its pilot ejected. Major Moss and his unit escaped to the south covered from the water by the assault ships. The remaining artillery units were abandoned and their crews got under cover.

After that Commander Roxane and her group advanced through the cleared path and entered the city. The Merc technical teams (Junk Dogs) came forward under their cover. The 21st swept through the city in a loose arc with their tanks and soldiers advancing cautiously to avoid ambushes.

The Commonwealth infantry and battle armor forces surrendered after the Canopians burned a building down “for safety” with one of their Torch tanks. The units trapped under the buildings were rescued by the Gendarme and evacuated to the Brightstone Spaceport under guard.

02/24/3062 07:14 Location – Camp Venom, Brightstone Spaceport, Nashuar

The 3rd Battalion Prisoners, 7 Mechwarriors, 24 Tankers, and 84 Infantry were housed in a secured facility at the Spaceport. A MIM team was working its way through them one at a time asking various questions. Some of them were classified as “Interesting” and got airlifted out to Regimental HQ (including 3rd Battalions XO and their Infantry commander) most were just random grunts though more useful for exchange than of any intelligence use.

Detachment-81 returned to their standard quarters and the Canal occupiers had to fully abandon Narik Industrial Harbor due to structural damage. The Gendearme had reestablished the checkpoints in the hinterlands keeping an eye out for 3rd Battalion. Regimental Airborne Surveillance was watching for the Nikos assault ships.


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